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justAd - Rich Media Advertising Platform Overview


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justAd - Rich Media Advertising Platform Overview

  1. 1. Company Overview DVIR REZNIK, DIRECTOR OF MARKETING DVIR@JUSTAD.MOBI Copyright © 2013 justAd Ltd. | @DVIRREZNIK
  2. 2. TOC  The Problem  justAd Studio Customers  Partners  About justAd
  3. 3. The Market
  4. 4. The Problem The patient isn’t that healthy… It’s tough to see the banner paradigm being the main unit. It’s easy for me to say it sucks, but I don’t know what the better thing is. Most [banners] aren’t serving value. Today, these retargeting ads are creepy to me, the equivalent of tracking a guy out of a shopping mall to his car and jumping on top of his car... Online has to work in the context of what people are trying to accomplish. - G.M. O’Connell, founder of Modem Media, the agency that created the first banners in 1994
  5. 5. justAd The leading cloud-based advertising platform for creation and distribution of rich media ads on mobiles, tablets and multi screen campaigns.
  6. 6. justAd Studio Built-in tracking, reporting and analytics CPM and non-CPM branding and performance Pre-certified with leading media sources Drag and drop Mobile Landing Pages For rich media Facebook units Ad Formats Banner Expandable banner Interstitial Hover Interactive Video IAB Rising Stars Smart Tags - collective crowd intelligence to optimize results
  7. 7. Selected Brands
  8. 8. We work with
  9. 9. About Us  A veteran startup, founded in 2009  Offices in Tel Aviv (HQ) and NYC  Raised $4m  Strong team of creative professionals and web developers  Superior product, aggressive and flexible pricing and an amazing service  Our customers LOVE us.
  10. 10. Thank you +972-525-799899 @dvirreznik @justadmobi