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IBM Web Sphere Portal References Government March 2009


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References of IBM WebSphere Portal customers, Government industry.

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IBM Web Sphere Portal References Government March 2009

  1. 1. IBM Accelerators for WebSphere Portal Accelerating Government Services with IBM WebSphere Portals – Government Customer Examples © 2009 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal What is Current Environment of Governments IBM's government customers are facing enormous challenges to deliver more convenient services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, there are many new complex public policy issues like security, privacy, and taxation appearing on the Web. Citizens are increasingly becoming Web savvy and expect the same level of service and access to information from governmental entities as they receive from private sector retailers. Governments must: Improve citizen access to critical knowledge through Web-based information delivery Provide better, faster service with collaboration tools that allow service representatives to walk citizens through complex online transactions Increase customer responsiveness by providing constituents with a self-service model for routine tasks, enabling employees to focus on critical issues Offer citizens a single, cohesive view of government that requires no understanding of complex agency infrastructures 2
  3. 3. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal Miami-Dade County Challenge: To make its services more accessible and convenient to citizens and businesses while lowering operating costs. Results: Benefits included a 50 percent increase in the number of overall portal visits; an average reduction of more than 25% in systems management costs; and faster detection and resolution of systems problems, improving availability How? Miami-Dade transformed its service delivery by breaking down silos between county departments and delivering services “horizontally.” Personalization capabilities enable the county to sense individual users’ needs and respond with the service they need. Things You Can Pay Online Your Water Bill , Parking Tickets ,Vehicle Renewal Drivers License Renewal ,Hunting or Fishing License ,Local Business Tax Receipt ,Real Estate Property Taxes ,Tangible Personal Property Tax, Traffic Ticket ‘s Things You Can Do Online Apply for County Jobs, Apply for a Library Card, Book your Golf Reservations, Buy Government surplus, Estimate Real Property Tax, File Business forms & Taxes, File Unemployment Claims 3
  4. 4. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal Missouri Emergency Resource Information System (MERIS) • Virtual Ops Center (VOC) Statewide Solution, 113 counties, for incident management, resource tracking, communications, and asset request processing during emergency or crisis situations. • Enhance operational capabilities in the functional areas such as asset management, situation reports, alerts and notifications, public health, critical infrastructure protection, volunteer management, donations management, collaboration, credentialing, directory services including skill sets, special needs tracking, damage assessment and document management. • This platform will provide a seamless tool for a unified approach for multiple jurisdictions conducting simultaneous operations during response and recovery to emergencies and disasters. 4
  5. 5. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal The State of Georgia’s Health Partnership Portal The Challenge Provide a single, electronic point of entry for all transactions for all state healthcare members and providers to conduct common transactions in a uniform, electronic, and easy-to-use manner. The solution needs to be flexible and scalable as requirements evolve over time. The Solution Healthcare provider/member-centric solution based on: Best in class middleware infrastructure utilizing WebSphere Portal Server, WebSphere Application Server, Tivoli Policy Director, DB2 Universal Database, and Interwoven Content Management IBM-led site branding, infrastructure/application architecture, design, development and implementation High Availability UNIX Infrastructure User Single Sign-on Disaster Recovery The Results Since the introduction of the Portal, the State has experienced nearly 100% availability and an increase in the provider community, facilities, members, and healthcare staff productivity and efficiency the capability for members and providers to adjudicate claims and view member eligibility online and find answers to routine queries on their own, when they need them. a portal that supports 100,000 registered users, 2.24 million sessions, 50,272 visitors per month, and enables processing of approximately 150,000 online claims per week 5
  6. 6. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal The State of Texas Health & Human Services Largest Health and Human Services Agency in the Country responsible for Healthcare of 25M Texans Provides Citizen Services including Medicare, Medicare, Childcare, Children's Medical Insurance, Disease Management, Bio-Terrorism et al Bi-Annual Budget: $54B Employees: 45000 IT Budget: 1-3% of $54B Bi- Annually (1995-2004 Data) IT Employees: 1500 across all HHS agencies 6
  7. 7. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal School Safety Planning Emergency Response Information Plan (ERIP) • A free, web-based school emergency planning tool for all Missouri Schools • Guides the development of a comprehensive multi-hazard emergency operations plan for every school in the State • Connects school administrators with local law enforcement in joint planning for school safety plans • Emergency responders will have access to school ERIP plans on line using the Missouri Emergency Resource Information System. ( RIS/MERIS.htm) 7
  8. 8. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal 2010 World Cup Futbol Games – Gauteng Province, South Africa CHALLENGE In the event of a large-scale emergency, the Virtual Ops Center (VOC) Solution was installed in the new, state of the art Disaster Management Center to coordinate police, firefighters, emergency medical services and government agencies, across the South African Province of Gauteng, in the fastest and most effective response possible. The existing communication systems lacked integrative and collaborative capabilities, requiring personnel to make numerous phone calls to convey critical information. SOLUTION VOC Solution is positioned for more effective emergency response with a resilient communications network that people can count on even when power and phone lines are inoperative. Implemented by IBM, the fully integrated, wireless rapid response solution enables seamless interoperability and data exchange, allowing VOC to instantly deliver critical information to responders across the region. BENEFITS 40 -65% responder productivity increase expected during emergencies Greater public safety Multidisciplinary integration serves as a model nationwide Fonte: 8 Government Marketplace Strategy and Solutions Overview GTS Forum 10-06_v2.ppt
  9. 9. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal United States Department of Agriculture Finding forms and information is simple by using the “I want to…” box, and the site is customizable by registering with MyUSDA. there is a menu called “Information For…” that organizes information based on the user. Users can access image and video libraries, radio broadcasts and transcripts of speeches, and the site can be translated into Spanish. The U.S. Department of Agriculture offers a variety of means for feedback, such as a general feedback from “Ask the Expert” and an email directory of all personnel within the department. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the site is the huge number of services offered, over five hundred and fifty. While the U.S. Department of Agriculture site contains a massive amount of information and services, it is well organized and provides a number of features designed to help people find what they are looking for. 9
  10. 10. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal Oxfordshire County Council Business Need: Apply for Jobs The UK government stated that, as a local Find and Renew Library Books authority, Oxfordshire County Council must ensure that its citizens and businesses derive maximum Get Permits benefit from the knowledge economy. Specifically, Book Appointments OCC needed to make all services available electronically and ensure that all citizens have Get Licenses access to the Internet by 2005. Get to Other Sites for National Services Benefits of the Solution: The IBM solution forms the basis of OCC's e- government initiatives, enabling it to meet with federal requirements. More to the point, the solution has improved the county's relationship with its citizens, allowing them to interact with the government and seek information over the Internet. At the same time, this self-service model saves OCC time and resources, enabling customer service contacts to focus on more critical issues. 10
  11. 11. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal Lotus Forms Success: Oxfordshire County Council Electronic Social Care Record System Oxfordshire County Council are required to keep Challenge social care records. They needed to reduced the cost and improve the accuracy of their system. Solution Lotus Forms deployed with WebSphere Portal and IBM Content Manager, integrated with the existing Anite back-end system. Benefits 1. Lotus Forms leverages the existing investment in WebSphere Portal, IBM Content Manager, DB2 Document Manager, Tivoili, WebSphere and Domino. 2. The proposed solution is based on open XML standards which simplifies development and storage. 3. Ease of integration with core Anite system. 4. IBM is recognised as a trusted vendor. 5. The overall solution was considered value for money. 11
  12. 12. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal State of Louisiana On-Line Services offered Questions? Ask Louise Agencies, Boards, Commissions Services Directory LEO: LA Employees Online For State Employees State Employee Webmail – E-Mail Notifications Unclaimed Property Employment State Government Directory Birth Certificates & Vital Records Secure Info Portal Hunting/Fishing License Park Reservations Travel Info & Traffic Cameras Maps 12
  13. 13. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal Centrelink – Australian Government Portal Has 6.5 million customers, or approximately one-third of the Australian population administers more than 140 different products and services for 25 government agencies ,employs more than 26,564 staff Staff Online Portal - Released August 2005 Advanced Search Engine, Currently 5000 views daily Customer Portal Access to 40+ Online Services, Advanced Search Engine Single Sign-On, Web Content Mgmt, Re-use of SOA Apps Personalization, News by primary benefit type Department of Human Services Portal Federated Identity Mgmt, Centrelink Services, Medicare Services, CSA Services, Aggregated News via RSS National Emergency Call Centre Portal Process-centric, Authenticated, AJAX Compliant, Rich Functionality. Performance, Scalability, Single Sign-On 13
  14. 14. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal Initial project: dozens of home-built legacy applications the Fire Dept is City and County of Honolulu planning to surface through the Portal. Xerox Docushare GIS-based Fire Dept application Property inventory system (legacy), .NET applications. On-Line Services offered – Building Permits – Motor Vehicle Registration renewal – Pay Traffic Tickets – Pay Utility Bills – Register a new business – City Job Opportunities P Series, Oracle DB, servicing their – On-Line Forms CGI ERP system • Voter Registration • Zoning, Land use permits 14
  15. 15. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal US Patent & Trade Office Things that can be done On-Line (Self Service) Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) Display issued or published patent application status. Access public application image file wrapper, including: patents, published application documents and applications to which a patented or published application claims domestic priority. Trademark Document Retrieval (TDR) Displays the electronic file wrapper of U.S. Trademark applications and Extensions of Protection, and U.S. Trademark Registrations. Displays information contained in the USPTO records regarding International Registrations and applications for International Registration filed under the Madrid system through the U.S. Patent Electronic Filing Electronic Patent Filing for Unregistered eFilers. Electronic Patent Filing for Registered eFilers using assigned Customer Number and a Digital Certificate for secure access to application documents. 15
  16. 16. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal Reducing customer service response time Housing Development Board (HDB) Singapore Business challenge: – With nearly 90 percent of its applications hosted on aging mainframe servers, HDB lacked the scalability and flexibility to accommodate growth and changing requirements Objectives: – Solution must provide flexibility to meet Business value: changing business environment – Reduced customer service response time from more – Improve customer service response time than a week to a few seconds – Automate manual and paper-based processes – The business to customer (B2C) and business to employee (B2E) portal supports access for 3,500 Actions: HDB registered users, of whom approximately 600 – HDB employed a service-oriented approach are concurrent users featuring a web-based portal centralizing lessee and tenant paperwork that streamlines – Users access 120,000 page views per month processes and workflows – Solution eliminates paper-based processes, captures 20,000 lessee and tenant documents per day and manages unstructured records, scanned images and reports 16
  17. 17. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Simplifying filing of more than 2 million returns already Business challenge With traditional paper-driven processes increasing costs and slowing response times, the NY State Department of Taxation and Finance sought “Through the use of XML data, to modernize its tax filing system through the use of e-forms. Because we have more flexibility in there are thousands of different types of forms to process and many fields defining new services and can are often left blank, the organization needed a consistent way to manage, more easily keep up with input and share data while accommodating form and regulation changes. changing tax policies.” Solution The organization adopted XML as its standard data platform for e-forms. —Jim Lieb, Director of To efficiently manage XML data, the agency uses IBM DB2 9 with Common Services, New pureXML™ capabilities within a SOA. This innovative use of XML enables York State Department of staff to store forms as-is without having to perform complex data Taxation and Finance transformations. This has helped greatly reduce the complexity of database design and the time and labor needed to update tax policies and forms. Agency employees can now more easily access federal tax records and support online filing. Benefits Reduces time and labor needed to update tax policies and forms with 2 million Web filings processed to date Projects 5 million more filings with addition of two more applications Decreases data management costs 17
  18. 18. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal City of Los Angeles Taxation Challenge 3.8mill customers, 10,000 forms 250,000 Business Tax Renewals Forms duplicates, no control Needed standard Integration Access, DB2, Oracle, MYsql Major returns due to tax calculation Benefits / Results Achieved Calculation in Form online Massive print reduction Overtime reduced $50k on ONE form Online Tax submission from $700k to $14m in 24 months Live since 2002 18
  19. 19. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal UK Land Registry – Portal on zOS Business need The Land Registry has undertaken a major initiative to change the property transaction process in England and Wales. Historically, the conveyance process has been highly manual and paper-intensive. Paper documents were transferred directly between conveyancers and mortgage lenders, resulting in a loss of clarity as to what tasks in the transaction had been completed. Solution implementation The Land Registry adopted IBM WebSphere Portal Enable middleware running on the IBM z/OS operating platform to serve as the backbone of its new conveyance processes, allowing partners to test connectivity to the new system and its authentication mechanism. The portal system will host the Land Registry's corporate Web site, beginning in 2007 and is support ingvarious applications through portlets, including a Chain Matrix application through which authorized users can view the status of property transactions in which they are involved Benefit of the solution The Land Registry anticipates that the solution will shorten its time to market for new products, improve availability and streamline its internal and external business processes. The WebSphere middleware offers a secure, flexible framework for the organization's new user-based services while utilizing Land Registry's existing framework 19
  20. 20. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal Borgersagsportalen (the Citizens’ Case Portal) The portal is also integrated with MS Office, and thus City of Odense (Denmark) with word-processing, e-mail, calendar, etc 20
  21. 21. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal Solution: WebSphere Portal, Workplace Web Content Management, and DB2. Qatar Government Portal Platform: AIX Citizens and Residents can do everything from paying traffic fees to finding valuable emergency numbers and information on police and fire safety. Businesses will benefit from the new e- services allowing them to register in Qatar, but will also have access to information and services on work visas, and business operating laws Visitors will find all the information needed when planning a trip to Qatar, from the logistical, such as tourist visas and accommodations, to the more exciting, such as cultural events, shopping information and adventure sports. Hukoomi is a one-stop shop for a wide-variety of government information and services, with even more content and services being added over time,quot; said Yousef Al-Naama, ictQATAR's integrated e- Government Program (i-Gov) Manager 21
  22. 22. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal DM wanted to replace its current e-service infrastructure. The IBM solution replaced the Dubai Municipality Portal existing Sun infrastructure with Websphere portal and Process server. Linux OS was used running on IBM x series servers. New Portal – new WCM and presentation layer Replacement Infrastructure – Global Server Load Balancing between two sites SOA Applications – 4 application areas Integration with back end system Integration with existing services (Sun Application Server, .Net Services, Sun LDAP) SOA Governance Model Replacement Service management solution to monitor and support SLAs – Tivoli ITCAM for SOA 22
  23. 23. Accelerators for IBM WebSphere Portal Dubai SOA solution, GBS Services Greater Deeper = Value for Clients Innovation and IBM Software IBM Tivoli Framework / Tivoli Enterprise Console/ Websphere Business Integration Websphere Portal 6.x - Websphere Process Oracle Database 10g – ITCAM for RTT/ Modeler 6.x Lotus Workplace Web Content Server 6.x DB2 Database 8.x Database(s), (WBI Modeler) Management 5.x Tivoli Monitoring for WEB, IBM Director Rational Software Architect 7.x Websphere Integration Developer 6.x Websphere Adapters for JDBC 6.x IBM Websphere UDDI Registry - WAS 6.x IBM HTTP Servers 2.x – Websphere Application Server / IBM Tivoli Directory Server Red Hat Linux Enterprise (OS) 3, Websphere Enterprise Service Bus Network Deployment 6.x – 5.2 (LDAP) ES Update 6 (ESB) 6.x Edge Components – Sun HTTP Server (Legacy Reverse Proxy) 23
  24. 24. IBM Accelerators for WebSphere Portal Thank you © 2009 IBM Corporation