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Lorneta Pitch Deck [en]

  1. 1. Effective advertising in place of paywalls www.lorneta.comfb.com/LornetaAds @lorneta_ads
  2. 2. lorneta.comWhat is Lorneta Project?Lorneta is quiz-like online advertising platform.It works as a gatekeeper for quality content. Consider it as a paywall –the kind that you don’t have to pay a penny to get an access. We standagainst classic way of thinking about paywalls.It is simple solution that connects different interests of three groups:advertisers, publishers and users.MissionTo build ecosystem based on understanding of relations existingbetween advertisers, publishers and users.
  3. 3. lorneta.comWhat kind of problems do we solve?Businesses suffer from ineffective forms of online advertisement.People in general are "blind" for most display ads – so money arespent for nothing.Publishers are in financial trouble because of lack of sufficient waysto monetize website traffic.
  4. 4. lorneta.comSolution no Correct? yes Question about an ad Answer 1 Answer 21. You can unlock content by pressing button with an answer.2. Correct answer gives you full access to publishers website for defined period of time, for example 12h.3. Under unlocked part of website there is an additional exposition of an advertisement’s reminder.
  5. 5. lorneta.comSolution 1 Widget locks part of an article 2 Correct answer causes instant access to article Second ad exposition apears under unlocked article 3
  6. 6. lorneta.comProductsAdWall Answer the question to read further.Basic variant of the Lorneta ad format.With this solution, we guarantee thatusers focus attention on your ad. Theanswer to the question of the advertisingmessage in this case provides access to aspecific section of the website. As part of After unlockingincreasing efficiency, we offer additionaldisplay „ad-reminder", which appears inan unlocked content.
  7. 7. lorneta.comProductsMiniSurvey Answer the question to read further. Do you have alergies?Tool for building quick, taking a few Yesseconds surveys. It gives the ability to I am not surecollect information from the market in Nonon-aggressive, minimalistic form. Inpractice, user during each subsequentcontent blockade (eg, intervals 12 hours)is presented with a question from survey After unlockinglist of a campaign. Collect feedback fromthe market, generate leads ask foropinions of profiled or wide range of Prize awaits for you. Interested in solving more surveys?Internet users. Go to full survey
  8. 8. lorneta.comProducts Answer the question to read further.SellStreamThe proposal applies to all who want toeffectively promote their e-commerceoffer. Efficient and maintenance-freesystem to increase the sales potential Do you find this offer interesting?for any type of e-commerce activity. For No Yesnow, the solution is in Alpha version. Ifyou are interested in SellStream offer let After unlockingus know: hello@lorneta.com. You willget to benefit from this unique service Offers you might be interested in:in the first place. Go to see more products
  9. 9. lorneta.comEffects CTR Brand awareness User acceptance 11x higher 50x higher 2% than standard ad formats than paywallsIncreased opportunity to focus on the content ofan internet advertisingVisitors engage in dialogue with advertisment. With the formula of quiz, marketershave additional control of creating richer advertising message. We give you powerfultool for increasing brand awareness.Efficient acquisition of valuable clicksWith the dual banner exposition - before and after unlocking website content - youllreceive an effective tool (average CTR = 2%), which can be used for the purpose ofefficiency campaigns.
  10. 10. lorneta.comBusiness model Feedback data Advertisers Lorneta Publishers 30% commissionLorneta helps to increase publishers incomes andparticipates by taking around 30% commission on moneyflow.
  11. 11. lorneta.comMarketGlobal trends in expenses on advertisement (in USD milions annualy) Newspapers & magazines ads Online ads 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014Polish market data 610 $681 mln – expected online ads Expenses (mln USD) 496 expenses in 2012 Growth (y/y) 382 430 Polish online ads market growth 232 22% y/y Display ads are more than 40% of total expenses Sources: iab.com, ZenithOptimedia
  12. 12. lorneta.comCompetition Our adventages: - Quiz formula is more intuitive for people especially for touch screen devices - Simplified paywall approach – one click away from content - We take no money from users - High effectiveness for building awareness - Non-aggressive and friendly advertising platform - Positive response and fast adaptation of users - Fit for mobile devices
  13. 13. lorneta.comTeamPawel Pawelec Marcin SzepczynskiProduct management Technical developmentOver 10 years of experience in web-development Student of computer science with over 5 yearsindustry. He was studying computer science and of experience in programming. As a member ofquality management as a second faculty. Pawel local hacker space, he participates in buildingloves frisbee and power kites. 3D printer. His favorite things are Star Wars saga and Battlestar Gallactica.
  14. 14. lorneta.comTimeline Growing production Reaching first team 100 mln PV/mo First moneyBuilding earned Rising MVP capital Past Future On market tests Establishing sell forces Independent First adserver cooperations integration established Keeping on growth
  15. 15. It’s good having you, we appreciate any feedback from your side www.lorneta.com fb.com/LornetaAds @lorneta_ads