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From dreams to Entrepreneur, My journey of Dreams coming to life of creating Companies from ideas and the Energy of Founders

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  • Starting Startups 2010
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  • nice slide #19. Though, I wouldn't claim 'everyone'. It is a misconception.

    Firstly, yes, from the inheritance stand point everybody is dissenting from Cave Men. Others didn't survive. The same is true for small groups.

    Secondly, no, the later stages seem to brake the pattern. You don't necessarily have to belong to military mind set, or to be intimate with science in order to survive.

    Hens, it is a spectrogram, it is a set of tones. Those lines represent different frequencies with different power attribution. It seems, the higher frequency, the less real impact on survival they create. In order to be superior one needs just to assemble the superior sound power. You can add many high tones into the mix (the geek man), or you can be just as good with a single low tone distinction (the sexy cave man), or anything in between.

    The spectrogram model dictates that Browser & co. is not necessary everyone's thing.
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Starting Startups 2010

  1. • Who am I ? (some Shameless Bragging) • I believe in Change “The only Constant” • I agree with: – Charles Darwin – Albert Einstein – Abraham Maslow • Content to Consumer using Technology • Starting Startup’s – Markets and Marketing – Putting a Team Together – Business Plan basics 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  2. 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  3. Only child of Auschwitz Survivors 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  4. School and Teenage Life • Communism: • Theory good but Practice a disaster – Idiots running the place – All Equal but some more equal than others !! • What could I do ? – Nothing was available – Can’t even complain • Rock & Roll & Disco – Necessity the mother of invention =>built my Gear – Dream of Israel… 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  5. 1975 Let’s go to Israel • “Family” near Tel Aviv • Haifa Technion – Student BSc EE – DJ & Haifa University – Life is good – Air Force @Army – Getting Married – Graduate – House, Car, Mortgage etc.. – Dan my first son is Born – Work • Dream of Silicon Valley 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  6. 1988 Silicon Valley Dream of StartUP Daisy 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  7. In Motion with Love and Emotion Founder & CEO • 1993–1997 CompCore Multimedia = Video & DVD – $70M M&A Zoran 12/1997 • 1997–2000 GigaPixel = 3D Graphics – $186M M&A 3Dfx 03/2000 • 2000–2004 Mobilygen = H264 Video – $33M M&A Maxim 10/2008 • 2006 CrestaTech = Programmable Broadband – RF and Software (SDR) – CrestaTV 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  8. In Motion with Love and Emotion • Board Member Public Companies (NASDAQ) : – Zoran 1997– 2000 – 3Dfx 2000– 2002 – InterVideo 2001– 2006 • Board Member Private Companies – Class Data Systems Israel Acquired by CISCO – InterAKT Romania Acquired by Adobe – Avangate Romania – Lucid 3D Israel – NoBug Romania • Angel Investor – Silicon Spice Acquired by Broadcom $1.2B – Magma Design IPO in 2001 – Kagor Networks Acquired by Juniper $67M – Aristo M&A with Monterey Design 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  9. In the news  2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  10. What have I learned? Change the ONE and ONLY Constant • Possible? Impossible? just Perception: – Possible now seemed impossible once – Impossible now may be possible in future • Change Happens: – Evolution (or Devolution) – Revolution – Disruption (Accidents) 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  11. Evolution: Cost, Performance, Quality • The Strong Become Stronger! • Pushing the limits of what’s Possible – Improving and fine-tuning the platforms • Cheaper Faster Better 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  12. Revolution: New ideas create new realities • Rules change Monopolies Crumble! • Breaking the limits of what’s Possible – Creating new Realities – Technologies and platforms 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  13. Disruption and Accidents • Destroying the “Old” rewriting the rulers • The Big Guys are in denial ! • Yahoo Organizing the Internet’s Chaos • Amazon Organizing the worlds Books, DVD’s • EBay connecting Sellers and Buyers • Skype Free Phone • Google Monetizing Relevance • YouTube Organizing the worlds video content • iTunes Music, Video, Games, Apps distribution • FaceBook Organizing social life • Twitter connecting People and spreading ideas 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  14. Darwin says: Adapt or Die ;) • Resilience+Luck or Strategy+Tactics – Prepare for worst, hope for best – Solve problems with Action and predict the Reaction • Timing is crucial => Cross the Chasm – Early (No Market) – In time (Market, Few Competitors) – Late (Why bother ?) 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  15. Einstein says: E = mc2 • E = mc2 For people and organization • E = Energy • m = Mass of knowledge (Education & Experience) • c = Speed of reaction (Leadership & Attitude) • Hire only the best • Leadership and Attitude • Relevant Experience 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  16. Maslow says: Hierarchy of Needs Survival, Safety, Desire, Ego, Evolve Self Evolve: Create, Teach, Propel Innovate Ego Ego: Importance, Self Esteem Aesthetics, Prestige Desire to Belong Desire: Understand, Social skill Accept, Belong Safety & Security Safety: Peace, Order, Order, Laws, Limits Laws, Limits, Financial Survival of Self and Species Survival: Life, Food, Health, Sleep, Sex 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  17. I say: C2CuT C2CuT ? wtf.. is that? Content to Consumer using Technology User Experience 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  18. Content to Consumer thru “The Ages” Age Bits Time to What Technology Consumer Historic Period Propagate Content / Platform Stone Age 1 1M Years Survival Rocks & Sticks Cave Man Verbal Dark Ages 1K 10K Years Stories Small Groups Arrows Swords Papyrus King’s Stories Middle Ages 10K 100 Years Paper Noble’s Folklore Transportation Clergy News Papers Industrial Elite Information Industrial Age 100K 1Year Morse Code Military News Radio News Papers Industrial Post Industrial 10M 100 Days Radio Consumers Propaganda TV Radio Data Scientists Information Age 1G 1 Day TV Entertainment Professionals Computers Radio Entertainment TV Everyone!! Browser + Cloud 100G 1 Minute Media Rich Connected PC Everywhere!! Data Mobile 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  19. Technology • Content to Consumer using Technology on Platform • Content using Technology is: – Created, Captured, Processed & Stored – Delivered – Consumed • Content’s value is Distribution, Virality & Quality – Consumer paying one way or another to someone – Tiny resource can create lot’s of $$$ • Paper, Radio, TV, PC’s, Mobile are just a Platform – Hardware (body) – Software (soul) • Technology should be easy to use and transparent 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  20. User Experience: < Simple & Intuitive > 3,000 BC Today Can you believe it took 5,000 years for Simple to be Back 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  21. Why start a StartUp ? The best thing one can do • Simple “in theory” ;) – IDEA for a PRODUCT or SERVICE – LEADERSHIP and ATITUDE to make it – DISCIPLINE and APTITUDE to stay focused on EXECUTION • Creating value from dreams an amazing journey and a Godly feeling – More fulfilling than anything else • Better than SEX and lasts a loooooot longer ;) 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  22. Why not ! • Only the Strongest & Fastest & Luckiest survive • Very hard work many sleepless nights – Consider the worst possible outcome – Pressure isolation from family, friends and social life – Huge stress on every aspect of life • All the odds against you 80% to 90% failure – Very few companies get out of this alive and well – 10% Survive the first few years – 2% are Big successes IPO or M&A – 5% go on in some “Corporate Coma” 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  23. Do you “Really” want to do it? Need some advice ? 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  24. The basics a Crash Course!! 1) Everything changes all the time so constantly ask the “Passover question”: What’s different tonight from all other nights? <Ma nishtana ha-laila ha-zeh mi-kol ha-leilot?> 2) Remember the wise sayings: – Fear only, Fear itself – Only the Paranoid survive .. and some of the lucky ones – Success comes from backbone, not wishbone – The best way to predict the future is to create it 3) Understand and analyze your business – Leadership – Who cares = Defines your Customers and Partners – What is your Business after you survive – What is your Unfair Advantage in that business – Marketing distribution creating a brand – Resource planning – How to fund it? It takes money to make money 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  25. Leadership You have it or you don't ! • Leadership is the sum of two virtues: – Competence (your specialty, skills, know-how) – Authenticity (your identity, character, education) • The best leaders operate in four dimensions – Vision => Predict the future (The Dream) – Reality => Make sure it’s possible (No Madness) – Ethics => Make it happen ethically (No Crime) – Courage => It is going to be hard (Survival) • The challenge is to have these contradictory modes of thinking and behaving at once 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  26. Who Cares ? Define Market and Clients • Those who care are your clients!! – How many “caring Clients” = TAM – How much do they care = ARPU • If you have to Evangelize you are in trouble – Markets need a very powerful incentive to change • “Clients and Markets are right” until proven otherwise – People and companies are self-interested – If you don't provide the solution your competition will • Should only sell what you can deliver • Not everything you build can be sold 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  27. What is your Business ? Essential for your survival • The most important question to answer – Focus on markets and clients not technology • Ice Blocks -> Refrigerators • Few companies realize what business they are in! – Candles -> Light Bulb -> LED’s – Main Frames -> PC -> Cell Phones – OS -> Browser – Record player -> iPod 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  28. The “Unfair Advantage” Essential for success • The key for long term survival and success • Unfair Advantage can be: – Technology – Marketing – Sales Channels – Engineering – Manufacturing – Personal charm & Resilience – Financial Strengths – Etc…. 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  29. Market and Marketing Is Marketing Sales & Advertising? In large Corporations separate functions In StartUp's everyone must be involved Legal Manufacturing Sales Market Research Product Specification QA Marketing PR Product Planning Business Development Accounts/Finance R&D HR 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  30. Holistic Strategy 1) Who is involved? CUSTOMERS CORPORATION COLLABORATORS MARKET SPACE 2) How can we define relevant market space? POTENTIAL 3) What potential opportunities are emerging from OPPORTUNITIES the market space? BUSINESS 4) What business capabilities and infrastructure are INVESTMENT required? CUSTOMER CORE COLLABORATIVE FOCUS COMPETENCIES NETWORK 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  31. Resources Planning • Market and Clients (ROI)= f( ARPU, Cost) • Team and Competency – Engineers to create (Energy) – Management and Corporate Culture for (Focus) • Money = to make it happen (Funding) – Money is difficult to find when needed :( – Money is plenty when not needed :) • Balance between Greed and Fear 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  32. How to Fund it? It takes money to make money • Funding = Getting money from: – Ideal Money => Customer, Bootstrap – Smart Money => Angel Investors, VC’s – Colored Money => Clients, Corporate Partners – Stupid Money => Credit Line, Bank Loans • The world is changing and so should your plan • “The Presentation” – Company and Market 4 - 6 slides – Product and Competitors 4 - 6 slides – The Financial Plan 3 - 7 slides 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  33. Business Plan 1) Company and Market • Mission Statement – Company's business (should fit on a business card) • The Company – Basic facts (year established, # of employees, location, major milestones, …) • Team – Background of management and founding team – Board composition • Market – What problem is the company going to solve – Trends, historic and projected Market size – Product match to market needs and shifts 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  34. Business Plan 2) Product and Competitors • Product and Technology – Product description – Development schedule – Differentiation – Price point • Go to Market Strategy – Sales channels – Partnerships – Customers • Competition – Competitors and positioning • Barriers of Entry – How does the company intends to keep its advantage over the competition 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  35. Business Plan 3) The Financial Plan • ROI – Cost of acquisition – ARPU – Cost of support / renewal • Projected cash flow – Product Pricing strategy – Current balance sheet – Projected head count by functional area • Historic and projected P&L – Optimistic – Pessimistic • The Deal – Cap table – Amounts raised before and now – Valuation asked 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  36. Management • Managers measured by results – depth of their convictions – strength of commitment -- and the power of results • Leaders must keep everyone moving in the same direction, at a sustainable pace • The leader must be the one grabbing the flag and lead up the hill with everyone following • A good leader is the one who ensures that others will take the over the flag and continue to charge 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  37. Corporate Culture Keeping it together • People must be included in decisions and process • Success tied to willingness and ability to take ownership • Companies depend on people. You can't ignore it or try to get around it • Don't ask people to set their egos aside for the good of the team. Feed their egos. • Give each person an area in which to excel, and you'll find that you have a team that really pulls together. – Make one person team leader of communications, another the team's leader of technology, a third the client-services leader etc… 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  38. Attitude We all chose our attitude • Attitude is the ability to manage conflict (polarity). In every aspect of life, polarities are inevitable they are in the nature of things. How we act, how we respond is what separates greatness from mediocrity • Greatness comes with recognizing that our potential is limited only by how we choose to use our freedom, how persistent and resolute we are - in short, by our attitude • Talent, Education, Family and Financial Privileges are different for everyone. But we all have the capacity and the duty to be great in what we do • We are all free to chooseT.and change our attitude 2008 © George Haber All rights reserved
  39. CrestaTech Hello … 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  40. Haber’s Law: If can be done in SW it will 2010 3G 2009 Tuners 2000 VideoHD 1990 Modem 1980 Video 1970 Audio Today …Billion dollar HW markets converted to Software 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  41. 2007 The iPhone 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  42. Today's Consumers of Content • Consumers are Mobile • Always connected • Our Devices always with us wherever we go • All Digital Content on the Device – Contacts, games, E-Books, Skype …. – Pictures, Movies, Videos, Music …. • Access to Broadcast Content missing – TV, Radio and GPS 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  43. Reinventing Radio, TV & GPS All Media Wherever you are George T. Haber Founder & CEO
  44. About CrestaTech • 2006 Founded by George T. Haber and Mihai Murgulescu • 2007 Series A Funding from Sofinnova and Andy Bechtolsheim • 2009 Introduce Universal Broadband Reception: TV, Radio & GPS – Production Ready Silicon: CTC-200/201 – Evaluation Boards Shipping Now: PCIe & USB – Receive all digital or analog Radio, TV & GPS ATSC, DVBT, QAM, NTSC, PAL plus many others • Production Ready HW & SW with 25 staff and app $9M – RF and PC interface chips production ready – SDR Demodulation of OFDM, QAM, 8VSB, FM, GPS and Analog PAL, NTSC Confidential
  45. The Problems • Existing Standards • New, Emerging Standards GB20600 CMMB DVBT DVBH DVBT2 ATSC ATSC M/H PAL ISDBT DVBH2 ISDBT SEG1 DAB NTSC Cable QAM GPS Radio Galileo Glonass Compass Consistent Frequency Response … Unique -40 -45 Radio Cell Point Signal Strength (dB) -50 TV bands GPS performance -55 -60 + MediaFlo solutions bias for each -65 -70 become -75 standard -80 -85 impractical -90 0 0.5 1 1.5 Frequency (GHz) …Broad spectrum 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  46. The Solution = Programmable Broadband TRANSCEIVER 8VSB QAM OFDM FM Programmable RF Software Defined Radio 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved
  47. Radio, TV & GPS Reinvented Broadcast / Com User Experience = Universal TV 2.0 PC = Mobile Media Center
  48. User Experience Dynamic channel grid Broadcast channels Stored videos: DVD, Netflix, Amazon Online videos: You Tube, Internet  Skinn'able,  Cross Platform On your desktop, Within browser > Facebook, MySpace or… Confidential
  49. Reinventing Radio, TV & GPS CrestaTV = a New User Experience all Media wherever you are CrestaTV = the world’s first and only Universal Radio, TV & GPS! . ATSC, QAM, DVBT, NTSC, PAL, FM and GPS available now ATSC M/H, CMMB, GB20600, ISBTN, DAB, HD-Radio coming soon Patented Programmable RF and Software Defined Radio with New algorithms for all processors from Atom to multi-core i7 Customer and partner feedback is excellent ! CrestaTV = Radio, TV & GPS Reinvented
  50. The End Thank You 2008 © George T. Haber All rights reserved