User Manual for New 308 BMW DVD Navigation


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This is the latest version of BMW navigation DVD from , it's with similar BMW idrive navigation interface.

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User Manual for New 308 BMW DVD Navigation

  1. 1. DECLARATIONThis manual without any kind of warranty, the position of expression or other implied.If any because ofthe use of all of the information of the manual, or they use the products mentioned, caused by direct orindirect loss of data, loss of profits, or the cause of termination of the company, our company and ouremployees definitely do not assume any responsibility.In addition, the specifications of the productsmentioned in this manual for information purposes only, may be modified according to the productspecific to prevail in kind, the content will be updated at any time absolutely without prior notice.Product and company names talked about in this manual are only for identification purposes, thesenames may be registered trademarks and copyrights of other All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. For your safety, while driving please do not watch video or operating this machine. Set the volume toclearly hear outside sound levels while driving. Before you begin, carefully read this manual and othermanuals and understand this manual and machine safety tips and warning signs, after reading it, pleaseput it on the readily accessible place for ready reference.1.First pay attention to traffic safety.2.If when you encounter difficulties in operating the system, park your car in a safe place before theotoperation.3.Please do not let children operate this machine, so as not to cause personal injury or damage to theotmachine.4.When using satellite navigation feature, please follow the rules of the road driving.5.Please do not use this machinery in place to prohibit the use of electronic equipment or open flame isprohibited, such as gas stations, wineries, electromagnetic strong interference region, or it may beototdangerous.6.Do not self-service, maintenance, or install the machine. In case of the power is on, do not install orotrepairthe machine. It is very dangerous if the person who did not receive the electronic equipment or vehicleotinstallation training or lack of experienced personnel to install and repair the machine.ot7.Do not store or install the machine in direct sunlight place, nor to be placed in the environment of otherharmful substances, especially LCD screen, when installing, if the LCD screen just in the air conditionerotnear the ventilation duct, to ensure that cold do not wind or hot air blowing directly on the machine,otototherwise it may damage the machine, even for personal injury.8.Do not use sharp objects to scratch or paint on the display, do not take a hard object vigorously push onthe display, otherwise it will cause damage to the display or the touch screen.ot9.In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine and to prevent the occurrence of fire or electricshock, do not expose it in the moist air, also do not to let the liquid spilled on the machine.otPlease read through the manual before you install this machine. Youre suggested to ask theprofessional car audio engineers to install this machine.This product fits for 12V car power system(must be connected with the ground wire).Pleasedo not install this product to the car with 24V power system. Or the machine will be damaged.To avoid violating the traffic rules, the drivers are not allowed to watch programs oroperate this machine when driving, in order to avoid unnecessary traffic accident.Please do not change the power fuse by yourself without any guide of the professional people.Use the unsuitable fuse, will lead to the damage of the machine or cause fire alarm.For safety and ensure the normal use of this product, please askthe professionalpeople to install this product, and do not disassemble or maintain this product, toavoid the damage of this product and some accidents, details please refer to yourlocal car audio shops.Please do no put this product in damp environment and water,to avoid the electric shockcaused by short circuit,or other unnecessary losses and fire alarm.Attention: To avoid short circuit, please note to turn off the car and disconnect the connection of cableACC with B+ before install the machine.PRODUCTS RESET1.At the first time to use this machine or after changing the car battery,you are required toreset the machine.2.When the functions of this machine are abnormal, you are required to reset the machine.3.Use a substance which is with cusp, press the RESET button which is in the face plate. Insetting system click Initialize Settings, let the machine in its initial state.Attention: Press RESET button or make system in its initial state which will make the previoustime and memory lost.TIPSSAFETY All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Interface Operation:Click“ ” to quit the submenu and return toAmain interface directly under this submenu.Click“ ”to quit this interfaceBand back to previous menu.Click “ ”to quit this interfaceCand back to previous menu.Main menu/Interfae Operation1There are following functions in main interface:Navigation,Bluetooth,TV, IPOD,AUX IN,OriginalCar AUX IN,Setting,SD,USB,Original Car Setting.CATALOGUE06DVD07TV13Original cars /Air condition Setting10System Setting09CDC/Aux-In08IPOD03Bluetooth02Navigation01Main menu/Interface Operation05Radio19Care And Maintenance18Frequently Asked QuestionsNextNextCBA1615Functions of BMW X1 button14SD/USBBMW new 5 seriesoriginal car button operation17BMW old 5 seriesoriginal car button All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. 2NavigationNavigation interface3BluetoothNavigation settings steps1, Insert the SD card into the GPS slot2, Click "Settings"3, Click "Navigation Settings"4, Click "Folder" icon5, Click "Navione.exe", back to the main menu6, Click "Navigation"Bluetooth interfaceBluetooth Menu includes the following functions:Call records interfacePhone pairing settingsEnter Phone Pairing Interface, the matched phonedevice can be connected after selectedReturnConnection DisconnectionDeleteAnswer RefreshDialed callsMissed callsIncoming callsCall Log, Pairing, Dial Pad, Phone BookBlueTooth Music, All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. 45BluetoothRadioRadio interfaceDial Pad interfaceHang up AnswerPhone book interfaceDialView the phonecontact listRefresh the contactlistBrowse the contactlist on the SIM cardBluetooth music interfacePrevious / Next StopPause/PlayBluetooth settingsBluetooth setting interface78Note:AF/TA work only when device have RDS functionProgram type/ Station menuStereo/Mono this setting willwork on FM and bandsSearch the traffic informationchannelsSearch the radio stationOn-Off of RDSNO. Icon FunctionSound modeBand switching12BANDSTEQ3456PTY78AFTASearch Channel All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. 67TV interfaceDVDDVD6DVDGOTOSUB_T98 107 11 12 13 1415 16DVD interface12345678910111213141516SUB_TGOTOPause/PlayStopPrevious Track/Next TrackFast Rewind/Fast ForwardChoose subtitles of the DVD fileShow the information of CD/DVDLink to keypad to choose play listChoose and setup tracks inMp3 modeTurn down the volumeTurn up the volumeNO. Icon FunctionCycleplayNext menuMain menuStereoSettingPrevious menuTVDigital TV menu according to the actualinterface for operation and settingTVTV12345Search TV channelsFirst TV channel Next TV channelSearch the channel6 Storage TV channelsNO. Icon FunctionSearch channel upSearch channel All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. 98Original Car AUX interfaceCDC interfaceIPODIPOD interfaceAUXNo. Icon Function1 Menu2 Previous/Next3 Fast Rewind/Fast Forward4 Pause/Play5 Recurrence Pattern6 Stochastic Pattern9 Back123456NO. Icon FunctionPrevious discNext discPrevious music/Next musicFast Rewind/Fast ForwardPause/PlayStopAUX-INCDC/ All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8. 1011Audio setting interfaceSystem setting interface Video setting interfaceSystem/VideoVideo SettingIndicate:1.Front, Rear, Left and Right Icons are to adjust the volume of the corresponding speakers in the car.2.High pitch, Bass and subwoofer can be adjusted by the left and right triangle buttons, they arealso can be set by sound settingsSystem SettingTime display: system menu time displayHand brake:ON-pull the hand brake, menuwill show brake warningRadio area: Radio area settingATV system: TV system settingBack: ON-back rear-view menuOFF-back radar warning menuSystem rest: factory resetOriginal car USB: It will be ON when original BMW 5serieshas USB function and if not it will be OFFAudio Effect: Custom, Standard, Pop, Rock, Classical, All Rights Reserved.
  9. 9. 1213Language interfaceLanguage selection(according to customers damand)Time interfaceTime settingNavigation setting interface GPS monitor setting interfaceSystem SettingThis picture shows the GPS signal, Clickcan redetect GPS signalNotice:Pls click the “ ” when no sound come fromthe navigation function.Navigation Settings ExplainOriginal cars /Air condition SettingOriginal cars setting interfaceCar SetupNote: This interface is not thesame in everymachines, please refer to that displayedactually.Air condition setting interfaceRemark: The actual machine should All Rights Reserved.
  10. 10. 14SD/USBSD/USB interface151、Original cars information button2、Power off button3、One key navigation4、prev or next of SD/USB、functionselection of main menu5、Enter button6、Return button7、Display offRemark:This button cannot control originalCD playerNo. Icon Function1 Menu2 Previous/Next3 Fast Rewind/Fast Forward4 Pause/Play5 Recurrence Pattern6 Stochastic Pattern7 Return8 OpenFunctions of BMW X1 button123456 All Rights Reserved.
  11. 11. 16BMW new 5 series original car button operationBMW old 5 series original car operation②①③④17Tel :Press this button can turn from original car menuto navigation menu;In navigation menu,this buttoncan work as back confirm button.Map :Press this button back to navigation menu.Knob:In navigation menu,can work as choose previousand next music;In main menu,can slide up anddown work as mode choose.Note:When slide to the mode you need,just press TEL button .Note:When slide to the mode you need, justpress MENU button .Press this button back to navigation menu,Map :and it will work as hang up the phone on the BTfunction.②Tel :Long press this button on 3 to 5 seconds can turnfrom original car menu to navigation menu;In navigation menu, this button can work asback /confirm button.①Knob:In navigation menu, can work as chooseprevious and next music; In main menu,can work as slide up and down in mode choose.③④Knob:Answer All Rights Reserved.
  12. 12. 1819Care and MaintenanceFrequently Asked Questions1.Question: Failure to open the unitReason : Haven’t installed the car bus properlySolution : Configure the car bus properly2.Question: Failure to enter the GPS navigationReason :Not setting the gps navigation path correctlySolution : Reset the gps navigation route3.Question: No BT functionReason : No phone connectionSolution : Enter the BT setup and check the machine nameand code4.Question: Failure of touch screenReason : Touch screen deflectedSolution : Recalibrate the touch screen5.Question: Failure of specific speakerReason : Incorrect audio setupSolution: Set audio corretly6.Question: Failure of navigation’s signalReason : Not connect GPS antenna or not connectthe GPS antenna correctlySolution : Connect the GPS antenna properlyThe car entertainment navigation systems need to be operated carefully, considering its excellent designand technology.The following suggestions will help you to fulfill the obligation of warranty terms and conditions.1.Keep all the parts, accessories of the car entertainment navigation systems away from the children.2.Please keep dry. The rainwater, moisture and other kinds of liquid may contain mineral substance, which willcorrode the electronic circuits. The soaking or moisture will ruin the components, cause irreparable damage.3.Do not use or put the headunits in the dusty or smudgy place, which may damage its detachable elements.4.Keep the headunits away from the extremely hot place. The high temperature will shorten the acceptable life,damage the battery , deform or melt the plastic parts.5.Keep the headunits away from the extremely cold place. Otherwise the temperature increment may accumulatemoisture inside, which will damage the circuit board.6.Please do not throw, knock or shock the machine with great force, otherwise it may be ruined.7.Do not attempt to destructuralize the machine, this will damage it, especially to the non-professionals.8.Do not use the strong chemicals, detergent or strong abluent to wash the machine.9.Keep away the electromagnetic, radioactive or magnetic equipment when use the machine or store it.10.When wipe the screen, use the soft and clean cloth, ordinary paper is not recommended.11.The LCD screen is scraped easily, please use the touch pen when operate. To avoid the damage on the screen,other sharp objects are not All Rights Reserved.