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Libraries and Social Media. Slide deck from a presentation to the Merrimack, Hillsborough, Rockingham Library Collaborative by Diane Vautier on May 9, 2012.

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  • “Since the mid 1990s, there has been a declining trend in library usage.With the rapid expansion of the internet to the general public, people began to seek answers in the quickest and most convenient way.” ~WikipediaWe’re “Losing Libraries” like the site that tracked newspaper closings.
  • Space for patrons to create their own content A general change in attitude regarding libraries has become apparent – patrons want them to ‘do more’ not just be a book resourceShifting from book storage to supporting the communityIncluding coffee and cafés to be more “Barnes & Noble” likeZeke’s Café Opens in Dimond Library at UNH January 2008
  • According to ALA – citing a research study conducted by Curtis R. Rodgers, Ed.D at South Carolina State Library - while many libraries are using social media “voraciously,” a few are not using them at all.In short, there was general, if not complete, consensus that technology is developing rapidly and that libraries and librarians who are slow to adapt put themselves at risk. (A Google search for “social networking libraries” returned 14.8 million responses.)
  • Avoid putting your library at risk – adopt social media.According to ALA – citing a research study conducted by Curtis R. Rodgers, Ed.D at South Carolina State Library -’s what he found in terms of platform usage and reason for use
  • Top 5 Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Flickr, YouTube
  • Top Reasons Libraries are using Social Media:Promoting General Library ServicesMarketing Specific Adult Programs and ServicesProviding Quick Updates to UsersMarketing Specific Children/Youth Programs and ServicesReach New Audience of Potential UsersAs Web 2.0 and Social Media continues to evolve – More Shifts will happen
  • Redefining Content Creation and Content Curation
  • Steps to Content Creation using Social Media Find your audienceSet your goalsStart with the basics and optimize those accountsBuild a teamCreate a Content MapLink accounts – Connect, connect ,connect – social network
  • Content Creation - Find your audience
  • Content Creation - Set your goals to avoid wasting time on social media.
  • Content Creation - Start with the Basics and be sure to fill in all the profile information like hours of operation etc.
  • Content Creation - Build a team. You don’t have to be the only person contributing to the effort. Get others to participate too
  • Content Creation - Create a content map so you’ll always have something to write, post, tweet about. Make some regularly scheduled and some as the topic arises. Here’s a sample mind map. I used the free program Freemind to create it. Mind Map tool:
  • Content Creation - a close up example of Book Reviews and Recommendations
  • Content Creation - a close up look at New Movie Releases
  • Content Creation - Make sure all your accounts are connected.
  • Content Creation - You (or your library) are the center of your social network
  • ContentCuration – has moved from in-person resource to online resource.Librarians are in a unique position to help patrons manage the information overload.Content, and managing content properly contributes to search engine optimization (SEO). SEO helps a library become more highly visible to the community it serves.
  • *According to Social Networking Librarian
  • Resource for Library and social media.
  • Additional links and resources. In no particular order – just interesting reading.
  • Libraries and social media

    1. 1. LIBRARIES AND SOCIAL MEDIA Image courtesy of DianeVautier @dvautier on
    2. 2. Traditional Library Usage is Down @dvautierDeclining trend inlibrary usage(wikipedia)We’re “LosingLibraries”
    3. 3. Libraries Adapt – Space @dvautier  Reconfiguring Space for Different Use  Meeting Spaces  CafésZeke’s Café Opens inDimond Library, UNH.January 2008
    4. 4. Libraries Adapt - Technology @dvautier Including more Technology Services  Ebook & Ebook Readers Lending  OnLine Accounts  QR Codes (connecting electronic /physical)  Open Source Data Access  Self Check Out Stations Quincy IL Public Library Self Check-Out
    5. 5. Libraries Adapt to Web 2.0(SoMe) @dvautier According to the American Library Association  U.S.libraries continue to make increasing use of social media and Web 2.0 applications and tools to connect with users and to market programs and services.  Consensus - technology is developing rapidly and libraries and librarians who are slow to adapt put themselves at risk.
    6. 6. Avoid Risk - Use Social Media @dvautier
    7. 7. Research study conducted by Curtis R. Rodgers, Ed.D at SC State Library.
    8. 8. Research study conducted by Curtis R. Rodgers, Ed.D at SC State Library.
    9. 9. With Web 2.0, More Shift WillHappen @dvautier To accommodate patron change in attitude Including more community support activities Redefining Content Creation and Content Curation
    10. 10. Content Creation Using SocialMedia @dvautier Audience Goals Basics / Optimization Team Content Network
    11. 11. Find Your Audience @dvautier Find Your Audience  Business:  Community:  Resources & Networking:  Students: SMS (texting)  Women:
    12. 12. Set Your Goals @dvautier To provide patrons with multiple methods of accessing information To become a valuable community resource To add interest, excitement and enthusiasm to your facility.
    13. 13. Start With The Basics &Optimize @dvautier Start With The Basics  Blog  Facebook  LinkedIn  Twitter Optimize the accounts
    14. 14. Build a Team @dvautier Team leader  Regularin-house Contributors (staff)  Guest Contributors (professional)  Guest Contributors (patrons)
    15. 15. Create a Content Map @dvautier Mind Map tool:
    16. 16. Create a Content Map @dvautier
    17. 17. Create a Content Map @dvautier
    18. 18. It’s Called a Social “Network” @dvautier Link Accounts Together!!!!  On Your Website  On Your Blog  Social Media Accounts
    19. 19. Connect, Connect, Connect! @dvautierBecause You are the Center of Your SocialNetwork Photos Video Social Networks Presentations Blogging You Bookmarking MicroBlogging Commenting
    20. 20. Content Curation @dvautier Manage information overload Goes hand-in-hand with Social media and SEO CC by verbeeldingskr8
    21. 21. The Good News - Librarians AreIncredible Content Curators @dvautier Librarians have Content Curation Superpowers Use Your Librarian Super Powers to Make Information Exciting again Employ Social Media as a New Tool
    22. 22. 5 of the Top 10 Social Media &Libraries Predictions for 2012*@dvautier  1. Sharp increase in libraries w/ mobile friendly websites or library related apps.  2. More libraries will use youtube as a marketing channel and education medium.  3. Increase in social media use to educate.  7. Tools like Goodreads and Library Thing will be used for book reviews and locating books.  8. More open source programs. *According to Social Networking Librarian
    23. 23. Additional Links & Resources @dvautier
    24. 24. Additional Links & Resources @dvautier national/2011/papers/evolution_of_sc.pdf trendspotting/ extracting the-use-of-web-technologies-2010/ 248_1.pdf