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This is the slideshow I presented at T5, 2013

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Howe 2013_tools for presentations

  1. 1. Tools for Presenting Your Course Content Online David Howe Downloads:
  2. 2. Optional Presentation Title Some definitions Presentation • The item you will upload and your students will view – Many formats possible • Video, Still pictures, Audio only, Text • Documents – .pdf, .doc, etc • Some combination Screen Capture • Recording what you see on your screen – Anything you can see, can be recorded • Including video that you cannot download Synchronous / Asynch • Will you be teaching live, or can students log on at will? Screen Capture • Recording what you see on your screen – Anything you can see, can be recorded • Including video that you cannot download
  3. 3. Optional Presentation Title More definitions Blended Learning • AKA Hybrid – Some combination of online and face-to-face • 1/3 or more online – Good evidence that this model promotes learning Flipped Classroom • Narrow definition – Content presented as video – „Homework‟ is done in class • Broader definition – Content presented out of classroom – „Active learning‟ in classroom • Practice skills, demonstrate knowledge • Assess • Correct • Reassess if time permits CMS • Course Mgmt System – Sakai or eCollege – Build your own
  4. 4. Optional Presentation Title Important Points 1) What does your content look like now? a) Is it all digital, e.g. ppt slides, .pdfs, video, etc b) Is it already housed online somewhere? Sakai, eCollege 2) This rubs some people the wrong way, but… a) You may not need to radically transform how you are teaching i. You may already be „blending‟ ii. You can tweak your course later iii. Just keep some simple guidelines in mind i. (Later in presentation)
  5. 5. Optional Presentation Title My recommendation for a comprehensive solution… • Camtasia by TechSmith – $179 for educational license • One seat, but actually can install multiple times • Also, could share a laptop on which it is installed – Screen Recording & Video Editing Software – “More than a simple screen recorder, Camtasia helps you create professional videos easily. Use Camtasia to record on-screen activity, customize and edit content, add interactive elements, and share your videos with anyone, on nearly any device.” – One of my favorite uses: • Capture ANYTHING you can see on your screen: any movie, any software – „Fair use‟ (you can post any short thing on a password protected CMS • There are a couple of other PowerPoint converters: – iSpring, Impatica • Not much cheaper than Camtasia, which does more
  6. 6. Optional Presentation Title Cheaper solutions • Use „Export‟ in PowerPoint to make a video – You can add narration etc. • Use „Snag-it‟ by TechSmith for screen capture • multiple ways to capture screen images, Web pages, and other data and elements but also annotate them with text or drawing – $30 30 day free trial • Even cheaper: – Jing from TechSmith, Free • Screen capture, record activity (5 min. limit), annotate • Good for short instructions – Ezvid, free, very robust for free!! • 45 minutes, capture anything, including your webcam easily • Import your video from PowerPoint • Add voice, text, silly sound effects, and cheesy music
  7. 7. Optional Presentation Title There are many screen capture programs. Some are free. • Snap by Ashampoo – Really great at capturing websites or elements of websites – $20 (I think)
  8. 8. Optional Presentation Title Find a balance between time spent vs. your satisfaction with your online presentation 1) have to accept that there will be glitches. a) students care less than you do, unless it impacts grades b) You can tweak your course later c) Just keep some simple guidelines in mind: a) People have less attention span online than in the classroom i. Presentations can be short, or pause-able ii. Need some variety in modes of presentation, but i. Emphasize the visual: Pictures, graphs, figures, video, etc i. But, Students want to hear your voice more than see your face ii. Put up a short video of you on your website iii. Think about how students will navigate through the course
  9. 9. Optional Presentation Title Other issues 3) Need to think about where your students are in terms of use of technology a) Hopefully, you are more with-it than I am, or you have teenage children a) Most are likely comfortable with online chat, discussions, accessing videos b) But don‟t overestimate their academic tech skills a) Updating a facebook page might be easy for them, but they may not have effective skills for web searching, for example. 4) There is much concern about being „multi-platform‟ a) Students can access via iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac, PC a) Students will have access to a PC or Mac, so focus on those b) It‟s up to Sakai or eCollege to make their CMS multiplatform 5) Academically „Disadvantaged‟ students do poorer online than person a) Use tools available to monitor student use of materials and to find people that might be having trouble
  10. 10. Optional Presentation Title Resources •