5 Ways To Ignite Email Marketing With Social Media


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Email is social media!

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5 Ways To Ignite Email Marketing With Social Media

  1. 1. Webinar 5 Ways to Ignite your Email Program with Social Media and Sharing July 27, 2010 ✆ Dial-in telephone: 1 323 417 4600 Access code: 260-571-656 Webinar ID: 881-827-560 WhatCounts It Starts with Email
  2. 2. Before we get started… Having technical difficulties? Today’s webinar is moderated by: Use the Q&A dialog box to let us know Vicky Oxley If we can’t help you call Citrix at 888- Vice-President of Services 259-8414 for technical support . WhatCounts Or you can chat with a Citrix representative at www.citrixgcs.com/chat To submit questions during the webinar, use the Q&A chat box Everyone will receive a link to a recording of the presentation and a copy of the slide deck within 1 to 2 business days
  3. 3. Tweet! Twitter about the webinar using #whatcounts Follow: @WhatCounts @taddyhall 3
  4. 4. WhatCounts One of the first ESPs going back to 2001 A quiet leader in a very noisy and crowded category Long list of marquee clients include Costco, Alaska Air, MSNBC, FOXNews & REI Unique in that it offers clients a choice between a hosted SaaS solution or onsite hardware appliance Proud of its customer focus and 90%+ customer retention rate
  5. 5. Speaker Ridgway "Taddy" Hall specializes in leading organizations through high growth - as well as tumultuous change - on the road to success. From 2003 until August, 2008 Taddy served as the Chief Strategy Officer for the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) where his primary responsibility was to help senior executives meet growth objectives by making Marketing more effective and accountable. Taddy is a recognized authority in the fields of Marketing, Innovation, Branding, and Competitive Strategy. His articles on innovation have appeared in The Harvard Business Review (12/2005 and 1/2009), The Wall Street Journal, Ad Age, and CMO Magazine. Taddy is also co-author of The Online Taddy Hall Advertising Playbook, published by J. Wiley in April, 2007. Chief Operations Over the last decade, Taddy has collaborated with Harvard Business School Professor and innovation authority, Clayton M. Officer, Christensen, on the publication of The Innovator's Solution and Meteor Solutions, Marketing Malpractice (HBR) as well as on the growth of a related WhatCounts Partner consulting practice.
  6. 6. About Meteor The Leading Technology Platform for Measuring and Activating Earned Media Some of the Companies and Brands We Work With…
  7. 7. Agenda Introduction What is Earned Media and Why Should I Care? 5 Ways to Ignite Your Email Program with Social Media 1. Map and reveal the drivers of your online social graph 2. Identify fans and advocates in your list 3. Create messages and offers optimized for sharing 4. Recognize and reward 5. Measure and optimize Key Take-Aways Q&A
  8. 8. I currently do the following in my in my marketing program: Use sharing tools on my website, landing pages and email messages Have an active presence on social platforms Enable social engagement on my site (i.e. facebook connect logins and/or Facebook like buttons) Engage with those that engage with you Recognize and reward sharing and influence
  10. 10. Sharing Makes Campaigns Go… Paid Media Owned Media Earned Media
  11. 11. Measure and Monetize Earned Media Measure the Velocity and Value of Word of Launch Campaigns that Data Mouth in Real- Time Increase Word of Mouth Automatically Identify Most Influential Users and Biggest Brand Advocates Actions Insights
  12. 12. Earned Media Moves the Needle + = Lots of Traffic Valuable Visitors ROI • 15-20% of Unique • 1.5x – 4x Conversion Lift • Low Acquisition Costs Visitors from “Earned” • Loyal Fans • Engaged and Loyal Links Customers (source: Meteor Solutions, Razorfish) (source: Meteor Solutions)
  13. 13. Where do you think email ranks with Facebook and Twitter in terms of earned referral generation? They are equal Facebook and Twitter is greater than 2x bigger than email Email is greater than 2x bigger than Facebook and Twitter
  14. 14. EMAIL RULES Sources of Earned Referrals 30.0% 25.0% 20.0% 15.0% 10.0% 5.0% 0.0% Source: Meteor Solutions data from >15 sites spanning games, mobile, technology, and travel sites.
  16. 16. 1.MAP AND REVEAL THE DRIVERS OF YOUR SOCIAL GRAPH James Gets Email James Friends and Friends Visit Some buy and from Palm and Shares Link Family Landing Page to some pass it Clicks Through to to video Follow Link See Video & on… Watch Video Offer Buy!
  17. 17. 2. IDENTIFY FANS AND ADVOCATES IN YOUR LIST Serious Fan Advocates Passionate about your brand, Committed to the cause, eager eager to share with others. to make a difference.
  18. 18. How to Identify Your WOM MVPs 1. Collect Twitter and Facebook Account Info at Registration 2. Indentify Twitter followers, Facebook fans, product recommenders, and Facebook connect “logins” 3. Meteor + WhatCounts Enable Tracking of Sharing and WOM Referrals by User
  19. 19. Meet Ben. He’s Connected and He’s an Influencer Who He Is •40ish Husband + Father with 2 kids •Lives in Seattle and Works in Software What He Likes •Music •Sports •Travel Devices He Uses •Laptop •iPhone Where You Can Reach Him and Where He Shares •Facebook •Twitter •Trip Advisor ……….and •EMAIL! 7 www.meteorsolutio 19
  20. 20. • Ben receives a weekly email from his favorite airline… • Most of the time, he doesn’t read it • But this time, it just so happens he is thinking about planning a trip to Disneyland for his family • This offer catches eye
  21. 21. • Ben clicks and goes to “Disney Deals” landing page • Finds a great deal for 3 days and 2 nights in Anaheim • Books the flight • And then…
  22. 22. Emails confirmation info to his wife. Tweets: “Just booked a family trip to Disneyland through @alaskaair. Get a great deal here: http://bit.ly/9vj5ZE”
  23. 23. WOM Traffic and Conversions Take-Off Several Followers “Re-tweet” Click- Through A Couple of Followers Book Trips
  24. 24. There Are Many More “Bens” Out There 100s 10,000s 1,000,000s Many More “Friends of Friends” Receive and Re-Post Larger Audience Connected to Fans and Advocates Pick it Fans and Up and Pass it On Advocates Share Through Social Graph
  25. 25. Email Programs That Generate WOM Identifying influencers among GOAL: Bring the most your audience engaging content to the most valuable audience on the most active and Audience engaged sites. Relevant, Useful, and Engaging Content That’s Most Active Sites Easy to Share and Communities Place Content
  26. 26. 3. CREATE MESSAGES AND OFFERS OPTIMIZED FOR SHARING • Make your influencers famous • Email exclusive offers that your influencers can pass-along to their friends and followers • Recognize and reward influencers in public (on your site) • Make it easy and fun to share from a landing page
  27. 27. What do you think motivates brand advocates the most? Deals and discounts Recognition and status
  28. 28. Community or Group Rewards Can Turn Sharing Into a Game 7/28/2010 Proprietary and Confidential. Patents Pending.
  29. 29. 4. RECOGNIZE AND REWARD • Recognize publicly on site or Facebook (i.e. status points or badges) • Recognize personally in email or direct message • Reward at individual level (i.e. individual discounts, upgrades, or privileges) • Reward at group level (i.e. free access to online content)
  30. 30. Biggest Fans All- Biggest Fans Time Right Now @beatofhawaii SChamb0 Special Offer: X Get 10 Friends to Register for Mani-Pedi, Receive a Free Facial 8 of 10 Almost DealMom MelanieD There! Pass-Along This Offer and Unlock Your Reward Share
  31. 31. Alaska Airlines Follow Apolo Hawaii Sweepstakes Strategy and Tactics •Activate Fans and Advocates to: - engage with site by signing up for sweepstakes - share content - engage with site - sign up for Alaska newsletter & mileage plan
  32. 32. 5. MEASURE AND OPTIMIZE • Track sharing and WOM referrals attributable to email program • Adjust eCPC and eCPA metrics to account for additional earned value
  33. 33. Campaign Performance Overview Email Earned Media Improves the Bottom Line
  34. 34. The Impact of WOM on Email Performance Clicks A Conversion A Clicks B Conversion B Without Tracking WOM A wins Direct Visitors from Email Source: Meteor Solutions + Hill Holiday
  35. 35. The Impact of WOM on Email Performance Clicks A Conversion A Clicks B Conversion B Without WOM: A wins With WOM: B wins Direct Visitors from Email WOM Referrals
  36. 36. KEY TAKE-AWAYS • Email is social media • Engaged email subscribers are more likely to be potential influencers of your brand • Focus on bringing social activities and features into your content and email messages. • Email is part of the conversation: Use social networks to build your email list and encourage engaged email subscribers to share and advocate your brand
  37. 37. Q&A
  38. 38. Our inaugural Summer Summit is SOLD OUT!! But don’t worry there is still a way you can enjoy our jam-packed agenda full of invaluable email education. We will be posting much of the content on our site after the event. So stay tuned! For more information or to register now, visit: http://www.whatcounts.com/summit
  39. 39. Contact Meteor Taddy Hall taddy@meteorsolutions.com Twitter: @taddyhall
  40. 40. Contact Us WhatCounts, Inc. 315 5th Avenue South, Suite 800 Seattle, WA 98104 800-440-7005 www.whatcounts.com Twitter: @WhatCounts WhatCounts™ sales@whatcounts.com It Starts with Email