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Connecting People in New Ways, Anytime, Anywhere                                                                          ...
based routing engine. This engine                                   of routing rules whichtakes into account the specific ...
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Unify² Power Route For Microsoft Lync 2010 Product Overview One Pager


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Unify² Power Route For Microsoft Lync 2010 Product Overview One Pager

  1. 1. Connecting People in New Ways, Anytime, Anywhere Partner Solution Brief Enabling Global Deployments Unify2 offers PowerRoute for enterprises that need to deploy Lync Server 2010 in countries that have national telecom voice- over-IP (VoIP) routing regulations. By using PowerRoute with aPartner: Unify² set of configuration rules, enterprises can take advantage of theWebsite: rich communications of Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and complyPartner Size: Boutique / SpecialistCountry or Region: Global with VoIP routing requirements.Industry: Consulting/ISVPartner Profile: PowerRoute works differently than solutions from Private BranchUnify² is a global Microsoft Unified Exchange (PBX) vendors, which typically require the deploymentCommunications system integrator andindependent solution vendor. It was of two parallel PBX systems with two separate phones for eachfounded by former Microsoft Lync user. With PowerRoute, enterprises need only to deploy a LyncProduct Team members, who have deepinsight into deploying the Microsoft Server 2010 solution with a single set of clients (IP phone and/orUnified Communications platform. With Lync client) for both internal and external communications.the help of Unify², more than 50enterprise customers worldwide, in manydiverse industries, have successfully Business Needs calls based on the actual locationdeployed unified communications Deploying Lync Server 2010 of the user. It also cannot detectrollouts. Unify² specializes in delivering worldwide presents challenges to call patterns that are forbiddenbreakthrough operational cost enterprises, which must comply due to toll-bypass restrictions.efficiencies and transforming business with telecom regulations in all These limitations can become aprocess outcomes with custom designed the countries where they have barrier to a unifiedcommunication enabled business process offices. For example, more than communications deployment,solutions. 50 countries—including India, because enterprises have no way Pakistan, China, Brazil, Bahrain, to comply with these regulations and Algeria—have through a native Lync Server telecommunication regulations 2010 deployment. that restrict which calls may be routed over IP networks and Solution which calls must be routed over PowerRoute from Unify2 givesFor more information about Unify² the public switched telephone enterprises the ability to complyproducts and services, email: network. Currently, Lync Server with country-specific with your location 2010 does not have the VoIP regulations by augmentingand region, or visit the website at: capability to meet these telecom the routing capability of regulations since it cannot route Server 2010 with a powerful rule-
  2. 2. based routing engine. This engine of routing rules whichtakes into account the specific facilitates enterprises Benefitslocation of each call participant complying with the telecomand any regulations that apply regulations for India. Rule sets  Facilitates Lync Server 2010within the participant’s country. for other countries are planned deployments in India inPowerRoute 1.0 comes with a set for future versions. Alternately achieving certification withof rules that facilitates enterprises a custom set of rules can be national telecom regulationto comply with routing configured as part of a authorities and serviceregulations for the Indian market. professional services providers.With PowerRoute, users can take engagement.advantage of Lync Server 2010  Lowers telecom investmentnot only when they are in the  Interoperability with Lync with the deployment of acorporate office where they are Server 2010 infrastructure single communicationsbased, but also when they are PowerRoute runs as an solution worldwide, avoidingvisiting remote offices. application on front-end the traditional two-PBX system servers, leveraging the same compliance solutions.The solution also supports infrastructure that makes Lynccompliant communications for Server 2010 highly available  Reduces administration costscommon call types, including and scalable. with a single communicationsbasic two-party calls, forwarded system that IT staff can easilycalls, transferred calls, and  Integrated administration configure and manage.conference calls. PowerRoute is managed like other applications designed to  Increases employeePowerRoute 1.0 makes it possible run on Lync Server 2010. efficiency by taking advantagefor enterprises to deploy a single of powerful and easy-to-usecommunication solution within  Roaming user support Microsoft Lync 2010 clientsIndia based on Lync Server 2010, PowerRoute supports and IP Phones for allso employees can communicate compliance for users who are communications.using any of their Lync 2010 roaming at different enterpriseclients with both internal and locations, both nationally andexternal parties. internationally.PowerRoute offers these key  Tracking and reporting onfeatures: production call routing Take advantage of the Unify2 Flexible rule system PowerView reporting solution A powerful rule-based system (sold separately) to report on provides precise control over how calls are routed. Use which calls are blocked or PowerRoute-specific reports to allowed, and how allowed calls verify call-routing patterns and are routed. history to support the certification of Lync Server 2010 and PowerRoute PowerRoute rule set for India configurations with national PowerRoute 1.0 includes a set telecom regulatory authorities.This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THISSUMMARY.Document published October 2010