Lync In The Contact Center - Quick Overview


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  • Slide Objective:Now talk about the ideal communications and collaboration experience. Discuss and share how people described their ideal communications and collaboration experience,from the perspectives of both IT and business (end) users.Talking Points:When asked about the ideal communications experience, users described it in various ways:Some of the themes that emerged were how people felt the need to be valued, capable, and connected in their daily work and communications.Users talked about creating connections with people, as opposed to just communicating or delivering a message.Users wanted to be connected to what is going on, even when working remotely, across the hall or across the globe.Users wanted to be connected from within what they are working on—instead of having to “application hop” just to find the information they need.These word maps were helpful for us in defining the focus of our solution. We knew this solution had to be seamless and integrated and a natural part of the work that users do, instead of an assortment of technologies acquired from different places and “duct taped” together. Communication is more than just transmission and receipt of a message; it is also about creating a connection with someone.So, what are the barriers to having this connected experience at work? Lets discuss them.
  • KPI’s offer the end user to see real time health of critical metrics. The KPI’s are user defined and can be customized.
  • Chris navigates to the “Support Requests” link on the bar.In the demo, anywhere will take you forward to the “Service Requests”; for clarity you should navigate to what would be the true link.
  • Chris has noticed that he has a number of open SR’s that require his attention.He clicks on the “action required” section of the first SR listed: “cannot add user”
  • Rebecca receives a screen pop in a pane within her Lync client.
  • Lync In The Contact Center - Quick Overview

    1. 1. New Era.New Customer Interface.Daniel Jonathan ValikSr. Program Manager - Unified CommunicationsMicrosoft HQ
    2. 2. What is Contact Center? Technology Inside How to build?Who are the players?
    3. 3. Mobility Social Cloud Big Data >80%distributed/ in 49% priority for 2012 as the of CIOs rank BI91%of organizations expect Social networking will follow not just people but also appliances, 2012 will be of new apps top projectto spend on mobiledevices in 2012 devices and products deployed on clouds 2.7 zettabytes mobile appsIn 2012, mobile 85 BILLION will be downloaded in 2012 1/2 of companies The strategic focus in the cloud will shift 2/3 willmobile apps developed of in 2012 in 2012 in 2012 integrate with analyticsdevices will outship expect to use from infrastructure to offeringsPCs by more than internal social network apps application platforms 32%2:1 = in 2012 34% of businesses are likely to invest in BIand generate more and analyticsrevenue than PCs of CIOs say technology as a service (cloud) will have the most profound in 2012for the first time effect on the CIO role in the future
    4. 4. Microsoft is On To Something…
    5. 5.
    6. 6. Microsoft Chris GreenOnline Home Outlook SharePoint | Admin settings | sign out ADMIN Lucerne Publishing support overview Admin Overview help & community requests summary Requests assigned to you (5) Users & Groups search help and community for a solution Open requests (27) Users Get support from the Microsoft Online Community Requests that require action (14) Security Groups Recently updated requests (2) Domains today’s hot topic Closed requests (74) Formatting your intranet site All requests (117) Synchronization Identity Federation quick solutions to common issues Reset a Microsoft Office Outlook password Service Settings Add more than one user at a time diagnostic tool Resolve sign-in issues with Office Outlook use this tool to collect data for the technical support team to Exchange Add a domain SharePoint Delete documents troubleshoot your issue Communicator Download the diagnostics tool delegated administrators Subscriptions Manage your delegated administrators Billing Additional Services Support Overview Support Requests Services Health
    7. 7. Microsoft Chris GreenOnline Home Outlook SharePoint | Admin settings | sign out ADMIN Lucerne Publishing support requests Admin Overview New request | Close request | Reopen request View: All support requests (117) 6 Search all requests Status Users & Groups Users Opened 6 Last modified Title Reference number Assigned to Status Security Groups Domains Cannot add user Jul 1 2010 Jul 1 2010 48-412-513-5578 Microsoft Open Synchronization Identity Federation SharePoint unknown storage issue Jun 8 2010 Jun 8 2010 48-412-513-5560 ChrisG@lucern... Action required Service Settings License Count not accurate Jun 6 2010 Jun 6 2010 48-412-513-5555 Abel Jane & Co. Closed Exchange SharePoint Communicator Reset Password Issue Jun 5 2010 Jun 6 2010 48-412-513-5542 Microsoft Updated Bad input on CSV Jun 4 2010 Jun 4 2010 48-412-513-5502 TimA@lucerne... Closed Subscriptions Billing Service Down Jun 3 2010 Jun 5 2010 48-412-513-5503 EricM@lucern... Action required Additional Services License Question Jun 1 2010 Jun 6 2010 48-412-513-5556 Abel Jane & Co. Open Support Overview Password Issue Apr 30 2010 Jun 1 2010 48-412-513-5549 Microsoft Updated Support Requests Services Health Bad output on CSV Apr 4 2010 Apr 4 2010 48-412-513-5505 ChrisG@lucern... Action required Migration Apr 3 2010 Apr 5 2010 48-412-513-5506 Microsoft Closed
    8. 8. • Scenario: Technical Sales and Solution Sales Support for customer FAQ• ROI: Revenue generation, customer satisfaction, Sales cycle• Products: O365 and Lync
    9. 9. • Scenario: New support at Microsoft• ROI: 65% faster MSFT – agent connect• Products: All
    10. 10.