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Small Businesses and Social Media

  1. 1. Using Social Media To Grow Your Small Business Robyn Tippins, Yahoo! Developer Network
  2. 2. Small Biz Social Media <ul><li>24% Have a social media presence </li></ul><ul><li>70% of those feel it has met or exceeded expectations </li></ul>Per
  3. 3. Getting Started
  4. 4. Current Online Reputation Ordering from StoreX is a hassle. Their site is a pain! Don’t buy anything from StoreX if you need it soon. The support sucks at StoreX!!! StoreX always has my size! Big fan! I’ve never had a bad experience at StoreX. Research
  5. 5. Define Your Goals Strategy
  6. 6. Monitor Mentions and React Execute
  7. 7. Remind, Remind, Remind Execute
  8. 8. Robyn Tippins Twitter: @duzins Email: [email_address] Phone: 510-579-5558 Community Manager Yahoo! Developer Network

Editor's Notes

  • Research from
  • 3 phases – (research) Know Your Market- Who are they? Where are they online? This defines which social strategies you’ll employ. \
  • User Twitter search, Google alerts, Yelp, Merchant Circle, and any sites that your market frequents. Is brand cleanup needed? Has anyone ever heard of your company? Are their pockets of interest somewhere online?
  • Define measurable goals. Start small, and set short term goals. Traffic is not an objective, but a result of successfully meeting an objective. Traffic doesn’t make anyone rich, just ask any site that’s been on the homepage of Digg.
  • Meta Search Pipe: Blog Search Pipe: Online Brand Protection: Social Media Pipe:
  • Put your social media links everywhere: Email signature, business cards, homepage, blog posts, Newsletter signups, newsletters
  • you can launch a social media marketing campaign and get your product or msg out there, but if it doesn’t help your business, it’s a waste of your time
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