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Mariposa Deck design and copy



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Mariposa Deck design and copy

  2. 2. The smartest people in the room...
  3. 3. OUR TEAM Robyn Tippins Julie Choi Karen Blackburn Jennifer Balaco Co-Founder and CEO Co-Founder Sales Project Manager Brendon Folsom Krysha McGarity Wynne Phillips Account Manager Account Manager Account Manager
  4. 4. A LITTLE ABOUT US THE SMARTEST PEOPLE IN THE ROOM ARE USUALLY OURS... We are a community agency made up of absolute rock stars in high-tech marketing, community building, user acquisition & revenue generation. Our founders and staff have decades of experience building strong communities, gorgeous websites and marketing high-tech brands.
  5. 5. OUR SERVICES Responsive Web Design We create responsive websites, optimized for search, including local optimization – Your website will look great on laptops, desktops and mobile screens. Influencer Marketing We conduct email campaigns designed to bring in your very first customers, move them into a nurturing workflow to get them engaged from the beginning. Content Marketing We write content that makes your readers (and Google) stand up and pay attention. Add lead nurturing and you’ve got a full pipeline of leads to work with each month. Hackathons The leader in Hackathons, we make sure your Hackathon generates results (apps, innovation, buzz & employee retention).
  6. 6. 36 IN 365 Hackathons in 2013
  7. 7. GAME ON MOZILLA Mozilla Corporation CLIENT PROJECT Global Hackathons and Game Developer Competition DETAILS Mariposa produced and provided program management for Mozilla Game On, a competition created to support Mozilla's efforts to encourage the growth and adoption of open Web technologies.
  8. 8. HACK DAYS YAHOO Yahoo! CLIENT PROJECT Global Hackathons in London, Hyderabad, Israel, Sunnyvale, Taiwan, Beijing & more DETAILS Community outreach and on- site assistance for Yahoo’s quarterly internal hackathons and their external hackathons including Hack Europe: London, Hack China: Beijing, Hack Taiwan, Hack Israel: Tel Aviv, Hack India: Bangalore and Hack India: Hyderabad and Hack USA: Sunnyvale.
  9. 9. HACKATHON CISCO Cisco Innovation Team CLIENT PROJECT Streamline internal hackathons at Cisco DETAILS Mariposa provided oversight, leadership and support for Internal Hackathons for the Cisco Innovation Team, creating processes that improved marketing, judging, event management and innovation programs.
  10. 10. DOCUMENTATION Best Practices, Policies & Research Reports
  11. 11. HACKATHONS CISCO Cisco Innovation Team CLIENT PROJECT Create a Best Practices for Internal Hackathons workbook for internal use. DETAILS We provided a comprehensive document with all policies, procedures and required documents to making internal hackathon planning and program management easily repeatable and measurable.
  12. 12. DEVELOPER RESEARCH YAHOO Yahoo! CLIENT PROJECT Create a comprehensive ‘Global State of Developer Ecosystem’ to guide developer outreach DETAILS We provided a comprehensive developer landscape report, covering the state of software, hardware and web development across the globe.
  13. 13. CM EDUCATION GETSATISFACTION GetSatisfaction CLIENT PROJECT Create an end-to-end certification program for Community Managers DETAILS We created the GetSatisfaction Community Certification program and authored all content, created video instruction, exams and supporting templates. The course is broken up into 10 different modules covering topics that range from community health, to managing abuse and negativity, to measuring the success of your community efforts. Students also receive complimentary copies of Robyn's book, Community 101.
  14. 14. Highlights
  15. 15. 1476% increase in Facebook Reach
  16. 16. 2M mentions of #FirefoxOSApp Days hashtag
  17. 17. Increased developer signups 275%
  18. 18. Created SXSWi 2013 experience for Mozilla
  19. 19. 1300 @ messages in a year on Twitter for @ydn
  20. 20. Increased user signups 400% in <8 months
  21. 21. LET US TELL YOUR STORY Robyn: 510-579-5558