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this is a presentation on what g

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  1. 1. GiantPanda’sBy SimonMang
  2. 2. Panda Overview About the panda Habitats Threat of extinction What can be done to save it?
  3. 3. About the Panda Originated in China Black& White Eats bamboo Height 4 feet Population1600 inthe wild Type of bear Weight 220-330pounds
  4. 4. Habitat Mountain (trees) Forests Mostly in China(Wild) Some in zoos ofother countries Bamboo lands
  5. 5. Threat of extinction Seeking panda’sand killing them Cutting downhabitats Less space forpanda’s Home area land lost Dying out Less food
  6. 6. What can be done to save it? Create biggerareas for panda’s Help build naturereserve protection Keep an eye out Donate materialsthings to build andmoney
  7. 7. VideoThe Giant Pandas of China.mp4
  8. 8. Reference Google images Wikipedia (Giant panda’s) World wild life (giant pandas) YouTube (panda)
  9. 9. Thanks for watching 