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Article builder free

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Article builder free

  1. 1. Article Writing Softwareby Rob ForeArticle Writing SoftwareAre you looking for great article writing software?Over the years I have purchased and used every piece of article writer softwareavailable. Most of them were close to being absolutely worthless.Yet there are two or three that I highly recommend because they simply work andwork well.Let’s take a closer look…Free Article Writing SoftwareSearch online for “free article writing software” and you won’t find too manyprograms available. There are two you can find easily enough but both of them areworthless. Click Here for Empower NetworkThe top ranking free article writer software does absolutely nothing more than giveyou a place to write a title, add body copy, create a author resource box, spell checkand save. Heck, you might as well open up a copy of Word or NotePad and just startwriting because that is pretty much all you are getting here after giving up your emailaddress, downloading and installing. Oh, well that’s not true. You’ll also get plenty ofspam in the future for your efforts. My rating = Worse than Worthless.The second free article writer, offered by is nothing more than abasic keyword tool. You type in the main keyword you want your content to be aboutand it scours Google to find other related keywords people are bidding on via theGoogle Adwords program. Then you write or paste in an article you have writtenentirely on your own, and it gives you a chance to click and add one of these newlyfound keywords. Once complete your new keyword-stuffed article you can save andexport it. My rating = Silly and Worthless.Paid Article Writing SoftwareThere are a few paid programs you can pick up. I’ve tried two of them recently andhere is quick review of both:
  2. 2. – this program seems to visit the major search engines andpulls content off of the top ranking pages for a keyword you supply. It thensupposedly break the content it scrapes into sections like “intro” and “content” and“summary” though I didn’t see the magic here. It provides the scraped content in theform of sentences which you can read through and select to move them into a writingarea. From there you would reassemble the sentences into a new article, add a bit ofyour own magic to it and save. This could give you a few ideas but I don’t think itreally qualifies as an article writing software that actually provides any real – this is a nice program put together by Jonathan Leger.Unlike the above program which only seems to pull content from search engineresults, this program pulls content from news, blogs, article directories and othersources as well. If you need to dig deeper into a particular keyword phrase you can dothat. It then provides this information in an easy-to-read format consisting ofsentences and paragraphs.Once you have gathered all the research for your topic you can manually piecetogether various sentences and paragraphs to write a new article. If you subscribe toone of the more well-known spinning services, you can also spin the article fromwithin this article writing software. It even has a one-click “research, write a newarticle” function that produces some pretty good base results.Now, to be fair, I have to admit I would never use this program to write originalarticles for my own blog or web site. Not because it doesn’t work, but because thereare other options available which seem to provide even better results with far lesswork.The Best Article Writing Software ProgramsArticle Builder is another Jonathan Leger product that is one of the most useful andpowerful article writer software packages available.This program is unique. It is actually a browser-based subscription so it works on anycomputer and listen… Article Builder comes with prewritten unique articles!It’s a bit tough to explain so you should CLICK HERE NOW to watch the demovideo on the site, but in a nutshell this program has a database of short paragraphsavailable for every topic you can imagine. Tens of thousands of these short paragraphsthat can stand on their own. These were are compiled from private label materials,sorted and categorized.To “write” an article you simply tell it what category and what keywords you wantincluded in the article and how long you want the article to be… 300 words, 500words, even up to 1,000 words. It then searches the database for these paragraphs thatmake sense and in less than 10 seconds – you have a fully well-written,ready-to-publish article.Even better, they have recently coded this program to also offer you highly spunversions so you don’t even need to use spinning software to get a 100% uniqueversion.
  3. 3. But wait! There’s even more!!You can also have your new articles automatically submitted and posted to anynumber of blogs you own and control on a schedule you own and control. Plus youcan add spin-code each of these automated campaigns to randomize copy that appearsat the bottom of each article. For example… • Click hereand you will find yourself reading an article generated and published by Article Builder Notice in the last paragraph I am linking to another Builder. site for the keyword “Tim Sales” – this happens automatically. • This postdisplays an even nicer “footer” – again, all automatic.This is a great program and I highly recommend it The downside is it they offer a membership. This means sometimes it will be available and other times youhave to get on a waiting list for the next available slot.The Leading ArticlesI’ve been using the Ultra-Spun Leading Articles program for a few months now.These articles are actually written on a variety of topics in the 500 to 600 word range.They are then HIGHLY SPUN and added to the marketplace where you can simplylog in, search for articles with your keywords in them, review the article and redeem itfor your own use. After any one particular highly-spun article is purchased 300 timesit is removed from the data base.Most recently they also added the ability for you to have your articles auto-publish toyour blog as well. You pick the category, type of article and the schedule you want thearticles published. Simply set it and forget it.I use this article writing software to auto post to my blogs and then go back in andslightly optimize them a bit better for more long tail keywords. But it saves a lot oftime because the articles are always at least 100% unique and they read well. I alsouse the articles right out-of-the-box with spin code for most of my backlinkingprocesses as the article and code can be used in all the major backlink builders.Bless and be blessed,PS – Who else want to discover how to we raked in over 7,000 leads, earned tens ofthousands in affiliate commission and get paid even when we sleep? Heavy HitterInsider Secrets