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Make Your API Irresistible


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Introduces the Three Cs of Cost, Clarity and Community to increase the developer friendliness of your platform.

Published in: Technology
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Make Your API Irresistible

  1. 1. Make Your API Irresistible Adam DuVander @adamd ProgrammableWeb
  2. 2. The Three CsClarity, Cost and Community
  3. 3. ClarityDevelopers can find the portal
  4. 4. GoodEven better
  5. 5. ClarityDevelopers can review a complete API reference
  6. 6. ClarityDevelopers can explore the API
  7. 7. ClarityDevelopers can use their preferred language through libraries
  8. 8. ClarityDevelopers can find extensive sample calls and example code
  9. 9. ClarityDevelopers can use industry best practices to authenticate
  10. 10. CostDevelopers know how much (if any) it costs to use the service
  11. 11. CostDevelopers can clearly understand the rate limits
  12. 12. CostDevelopers can find API-specific terms of use
  13. 13. CostDevelopers can participate in an affiliate program
  14. 14. CostDevelopers can become certified and be promoted
  15. 15. CommunityDevelopers can ask questions (and receive answers) in an API forum
  16. 16. CommunityDevelopers can read frequent blog posts on the API blog
  17. 17. CommunityDevelopers can follow the API on Twitter and other social media
  18. 18. CommunityDevelopers know who within the company to talk to
  19. 19. CommunityDevelopers can see other examples and be featured in an app gallery
  20. 20. CommunityDevelopers can meet advocates at developer events