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How Open is Your API Future?


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A look at the current stage of APIs in the context of their past. From Salesforce and eBay in the early days to map mashup hysteria to Twitter's perceived change of heart. There are more APIs than ever now, but the approach is fundamentally different than periods in the past. What does this mean for developers, providers and integrators?

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How Open is Your API Future?

  1. 1. How Open is Your API Future? Adam DuVander – @adamd Developer Communications Director,
  2. 2. APIs Provide a Blank Canvas Flickr user sookie
  3. 3. APIs Are Building Blocks Josh Wedin
  4. 4. Artists and Architects N StjernaJeremy King
  5. 5. The Age of Scribes
  6. 6. Printing Press Paul Anderson
  7. 7. Felipe Venâncio
  8. 8. Ray Devlin
  9. 9. 33 Dead Google APIs
  10. 10. Should I have an API?
  11. 11. Should I open my API?
  12. 12. Dec 2010 Jan 2011 Feb2011
  13. 13. Jul 2011 Sep2011 Jul 2012
  14. 14. What is open? Free Anyone Not Closed
  15. 15. Antti T. Nissinen
  16. 16. Signs of Open APIs Acknowledged Documented Supported Three Cs:
  17. 17. How Twilio Got Intuit Flickr user jo-h “Mary”
  18. 18. Mary Reads, Signs Up
  19. 19. Payroll Verification Flickr user sco Big API Partner no additional work
  20. 20. Basic Business Models
  21. 21. John Musser, ProgrammableWeb
  22. 22. US Fish and Wildlife Bullish
  23. 23. “We find that if our customers use any single integration, they are three times as likely to convert to paid.”
  24. 24. Connected Things
  25. 25. Heather Cowper
  26. 26. Flickr user jelm6 Thank You. Let’s Chat: @adamd