EMVT 12 september - Imtech Marine Company Presentation


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EMVT 12 september - Imtech Marine Company Presentation

  1. 1. Imtech Marine Company Profile
  2. 2. Contents 1. Imtech Marine profile 2. Key trends and developments 3. Vision 2015 4. Strategic priorities 5. Organization
  3. 3. Imtech Marine is part of Royal Imtech NV Tunnels Security Telephony/data Water treatment Buildings Research Airports Automotive industry (Petro)chemicals Energy Marine Infra/Traffic
  4. 4. Imtech Marine today Global network: – 90+ Offices in 26 countries 2,600+ employees Since 1860 >40% recurring business Both Project and Maintenance / Services Wide spread customer base
  5. 5. Imtech Marine is built upon strong companies Van Berge Henegouwen Installaties AV Entertainment and IT systems for Super Yachts Imtech Schiffbau- /Dockbau- technik HVAC New Builds, Refits and Service for Cruise Liners and Naval Vessels Imtech Marine Germany New Build, Refits and Service for Cargo Ships, Work Boats and Yachts Imtech Marine & Offshore New Build, Refits and Service for Offshore, Naval Vessels and Yachts Radio Holland Sales and Services around Navigation, Communication and IT equipment Royal Dirkzwager Information Broker for the Rotterdam Harbor Elkon New Build and Refits for Cargo Ships, Naval Vessels and Yachts Through the integration of various leading marine companies in different market segments, Imtech Marine is able to add value to its clients. Value creation takes place around new builds, refits, maintenance and the services portfolio. Techsol Automation and Alarm, Power generation and distribution and Propulsion
  6. 6. Pillars of strength Allow us to offer our customers real added value Extensive global network of service stations at major shipping routes and outfitting centres near main shipbuilding centre's Clear focus on our principal end-customer markets Combined portfolio of core technologies and skills
  7. 7. Our global network of service offices and outfitting centres is expanded
  8. 8. A wide range of end-customer markets NAVY OFFSHORE YACHTS CRUISE CARGO Offshore = Construction Vessels | Platforms | Workboats
  9. 9. A broad technology offering Electrical Systems Ship Process Automation HVAC Fire Protection Platform Automation AV Entertainment Navigation & Communication Bridge Automation E-Propulsion
  10. 10. A combined portfolio of core technologies and skills PROJECTS SERVICES Assembly Procurement & Logistics On-board Services Fire Protection HVAC AV Entertainment E-Propulsion Navigation & Communication Electrical Systems Automation CORE TECHNOLOGIES CORE SKILLS + + = LIFECYCLEMANAGEMENTPARTNER Project Management Engineering & Consultancy Installation Maintenance Management & Engineering Maintenance & Spares
  11. 11. The ability to offer whole ship solutions
  12. 12. We see the following trends in the maritime market A globalizing industry with a need for smarter, innovative solutions Technological solutions becoming more complex, requiring specific expertise in design, installation and maintenance Shipbuilders and owners seek life time partnerships with expert companies to secure functional technology on board The demand for sustainable technological solutions is growing at a fast rate, also in the shipping industry
  13. 13. Our vision for 2015 Our goal is to be a supplier independent top player in the global marine market. We will realize this by building life cycle management partnerships with our customers and exceeding their expectations We are dedicated to create smart automation and green solutions at an unrivalled competitive cost of ownership
  14. 14. Imtech Marine has defined strategic priorities to realize its vision Grow our service business and develop life cycle management partnerships Develop innovative green ship concepts Design state-of-the-art integrated ship automation solutions Operational excellence at all times
  15. 15. Our focus on Life cycle partnership Building strategic partnerships with customers Link knowledge of new building phase with operational phase Implement smart solutions taking into account the full life cycle of the ship Support & advise customers, considering benefits, costs and risks over vessels entire life span Dedicated customer focus: deliver added value and real solutions First time right, high quality and excellent services Creating unrivalled competitive cost of ownership, increasing the value of operations of our customers
  16. 16. Our focus on Innovation Develop green ship concepts and green consultancy Amongst others electrical systems, shore connections, lighting concepts, energy efficient HVAC, optimal routing and simulation techniques Develop innovative integrated ship automation systems Offer total connectivity solutions covering all major shipping routes Results: effective, sustainable operation: Less emission, Less crew – Lower operating costs.
  17. 17. Green Production Processes Recycling / Decommissioning / Scrapping Green Label Alternative Energy Sources Fuel Cells & Batteries Waste Water Intelligent Lighting Energy Efficient HVAC Shore Connection & Cold Ironing Green technology boost Gas Turbines Clean Diesel Engines Diesel Electrical Propulsion Exhaust Gas Cleaning Energy & Power Electrical Grid Green Hull / Double Hull Slow Steaming Optimal Routing
  18. 18. Present maritime engineering challenges Limited emissions to air: SOx , NOx , CO2 – SOx reduction: Mainly fuel quality, scrubbers possible – NOx reduction: Efficiency of combustion, scrubbers possible – CO2 reduction: Efficiency of combustion and fuel quality High energy efficiency Lowering total weight Lowering operational costs
  19. 19. Peak shaving Relatively small battery Operational profile determines the battery size Time [s] Actual load Diesel load Battery load Compensated diesel loadLoad [%] +
  20. 20. Typical applications Tug boats Ferries Inspection vessels Harbor service vessels Patrol vessels Luxury Yachts
  21. 21. Greenpeace – Rainbow Warrior III
  22. 22. CMAL Hybrid Ferry CMAL.pptx
  23. 23. Integration into ships systems Power supply and demand Assure availability Apply and inform Advise and/or control
  24. 24. The role of the integrator Vision Imtech Marine = Zero Emission Ships Optimized Drive System Operational profile Drive System incl. PMS and EMS Smart Grids on Ships
  25. 25. The Future is Now! Sailing around the world on solar energy. 500 m2 Solar cells 2.5 MWh Li-ion batteries Planet Solar Luxerious Mega Yacht Non disclosed yard and owner Hybrid Diesel- electric propulsion Mega Yacht Ceres CMAL Ferries Zero Emission Diner Cruise Vessel 2.4 MWh energy storage The worlds first sea worthy hybrid ferries for CMAL 3x 330 kVA diesel generator sets & 2x 350 kWh Li-ion batteries
  26. 26. Moving forward