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Props list


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Props list

  1. 1. Props List.Kate Burton
  2. 2. • Corn syrup (for fake blood)• Red food dye (for fake blood)• Blood pellets• Cleaner disguise (for Murderer)• Dark hoodie (for Murderer)• Shirt and tie (for Stan)• Colourful, young clothes (for Megan)• Adult, smart clothes (for Tracey and Mark)Make up and costume:
  3. 3. Fake Blood, Shirt and Tie.
  4. 4. • Teddy bear (for Megan)• Pictures of friends and sister (for Stan’s desk to establish relationships.)• Regular office supplies (desk, computer, papers ect.)• Knife (if not real for health and safety reasons, realistic)• Mobile phone (Stan’s)• Landline phone• Mobile phones (Tracey and mark)• Television• Keys (when Tracey and Mark lock up)• Fizzy drink (for Megan)• Broom (for murderer/ cleaner)Props:
  5. 5. Teddy Bear, Colourful Clothes.
  6. 6. Landline, Office Supplies.
  7. 7. Mobile Phone.
  8. 8. Knife.