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Audience research


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Audience research

  1. 1. People who like… Slaher Horror Psychological Horror Suernatural Horror SciFi Horror Thriller Horror Comedy HorrorFor my audience research I gave a verbal questionnaire to eight girls and fourboys asking them an array of questions about their preferences on horror films.These people where the right age for my target audience (teenager to youngadult.) The questions I used for the questionnaire were: Do you like horror films? Do they scare you? Do you like Slasher horror? Do you like Psychological horror? Do you like Supernatural horror? Do you like SciFi horror? Do you like thriller horror? Do you like Comedy horror?These pie charts are the results of the answers given for this questionnaire. Theresults of the first pie chart shows that the most popular horror film sub genre iscomedy horror, meaning that by analysing the Comedy horror film ‘ZombieLand’the techniques that were picked up are preferred by the general audience. Thefilm ‘ZombieLand’ was also a Slasher horror, a sub genre that is not as liked asmuch as the others, but this may only show that only the true horror fans canhandle it.
  2. 2. People who dislike… Slaher Horror Psychological Horror Suernatural Horror SciFi Horror Thriller Horror Comedy HorrorThe most disliked sub genre of horror films is Slasher horror, according to thispie chart. Other sub genres such as Supernatural horror and Thriller horrorcome close also. In reflection to the most liked genre above, Comedy shows thesmallest percentage in most disliked.For the audiences opinion of whether they find horror films scary or not, theresults are spilt exactly fifty percent each. The could mean that horror films willonly get half of their possible audience because of how willing people won’t be totry it. Horror film oppinions. People who find horrors scary. People who dont find horrors scary.
  3. 3. Horror Film Popularity. People who like horrors. People who dont like horrors.Yet according to the results shown through this chart, horror films gain morethan half the possible audience through people who like horror over people whodon’t. Comparing these last two charts it shows that even though people arescared they may still try and watch a horror film. But showing those who aren’ttoo sure that horror films are ok to watch, my films may not be as scary in thesense of gore and being graphical, which received the lowest like trough the subgenre Slasher, but may lead the audience on through techniques of cliff hangersand keeping up their curiosity, so that they will be more interested in the storyand not as affected by the horror side of it.To help, the reasons of people answers will become clear though two interviewsthat have been conducted, asking people to explain why they feel certain waysabout certain horror films. To give my results a wider variety, I haven’t asked thesame people that I asked for this questionnaire.