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Children And Teens Are Increasingly Becoming Obese


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We are not here to discuss how it happens or who is to blame as we all know what the causes are. The health dangers to children who are officially obese or certainly overweight are enormous and potentially life-threatening in later years. Physical and psychological areas are suffering in a noticeable percentage of this entire generation. Being overweight will make peers be brutal, which should not have to be endured as well as being a teen. In this day there are some things obese children have to face and we are going to look closer at these.|In terms of health-related problems, time is an important factor. This means that it can take quite a lot of time for the major symptoms to start surfacing. However, the stage is certainly set and processes are put into motion during the early years when a child is obese. Still, kids typically don't suffer from as many medical issues as obese adults do--their youth protects them somewhat. But, the very condition itself is referred to as being a risk factor for later complications and disease conditions. Stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and liver disease are some of the worse problems you can face.|In the United States childhood obesity is a constant and growing problem; something that has astounded and baffled professionals from every corner of the map. Obviously it doesn't help matters that most foods sold in the US are packed full of high fructose corn syrup. But that can keep for another time. What makes childhood obesity sad is that the kids who suffer from it seem like they haven't been given a fair shot at life and that's terrible. These kids already suffer from a bunch of problems ranging from back pain to arthritis to Type II diabetes and, of course, bullying. There is more to think about in terms of this sad state of affairs and we'll talk about some of that in the following paragraphs.

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Children And Teens Are Increasingly Becoming Obese

  1. 1. the many dangers of childhood Not so very long ago obesity and all of its accompanying complications were limited to the realm of adulthood. In the US, things have changed for the worse in the past few decades. There are more overweight and obese adults than there have ever been before and these conditions have been starting to affect kids and teens at younger and younger ages. For kids, the most obvious influences are going to be their parents but education and awareness are important too. It is, however, the parents who must offer guidance and act as positive role models. Kids who are obese are facing imminent problems with their mental and physical health. Beyond that, there are a lot of dangerous risks that will have both the means and the opportunity to develop into real problems later on in life. For kids this is a terrible situation that is almost impossible to beat back and get over. Lots of scientists, researchers and professionals have been watching this growing trend for decades. Kids, teenagers and pre-teens have been getting weightier steadily over those years and there are tremendous health implications of this. Lots of research and studies have been performed in the last thirty years. The one thing that is for sure is that childhood obesity is a major risk factor for several terrible diseases that happen later in life. The most important thing that parents need to understand is that there is more to this story. Clinically obese and overweight kids are going to experience effects from their condition long before they mature into adulthood. Childhood obesity has been getting press coverage for a very long time. Even in the US where this has reached epidemic proportions, the press coverage has made little difference. We are not here to discuss how it happens or who is to blame as we all know what the causes are. In a child's later years this obesity or even just being overweight can have major health risks that can even be life-threatening. An entire generation has a huge percentage of children that are suffering physically and even in psychological areas. Being overweight will make peers be brutal, which should not have to be endured as well as being a teen. As an obese child, they may have to face some of the following problems. In terms of health-related problems, time is an important factor. What this means is that it can sometimes take a lot of time for symptoms of these problems to become apparent. However, the stage is certainly set and processes are put into motion during the early years when a child is obese. Even so, kids usually don't have as many medical problems result from obesity because they are still young. But, the very condition itself is referred to as being a risk factor for later complications and disease conditions. Some of the more severe consequences include diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and liver disease.|Childhood obesity has been rising continuously in the US--something that has been confusing and surprising professionals from all fields. Of course it does not help that just about anything sold in the US that is a sweet liquid contains copious amounts of high fructose corn syrup. But that can keep for another time. One of the things that makes childhood obesity such a painful subject is that obese kids often seem like they haven't been given an honest shot at life and that is a tragedy. These kids are already suffering the numerous consequences from arthritis and constant joint and back pain to Type II diabetes and the worst verbal treatment by their class peers. There is more to think about in terms of this sad state of affairs and we'll talk about some of that in the following paragraphs. An obese kid is on a terrible path toward impossible health problems. One, for example, is fatty
  2. 2. liver disease which is perhaps the number one type of disease that affects the liver. It wasn't that long ago that most liver problems were blamed on alcoholism or sclerosis of the liver. However today it is fatty liver disease caused by chronic obesity. What typically makes the problems with the liver worse is the fact that an obese person has really terrible metabolism. The liver further helps people by sorting out toxins and anything else that is not good for your body. This, then, puts more pressure on the bodily systems of children and teens who are obese. The medical conditions that will be experienced by any obese child or teen are highly variable. Plenty of things influence these kids, like genetics. Kids and teens who suffer from severe obesity are more likely to develop a variety of conditions that cause problems for joints and bones. Many times the load bearing joints in particular will develop problems. The skeletal stress will occur in the hips, knees, ankles and feet. Typically the kids will experience joint pain in their backs as well as constant low but steady pressure filled swelling around all of their joints. Kids and teens are very commonly diagnosed with arthritis as well. Obesity puts a lot of stress on all physical parts of the human body. When it comes to the respiratory system, obese children are prone to potentially dangerous obstructive sleep apnea due to being overweight. There are also problems that interfere with their normal breathing. Because of a weight condition, a child can develop asthma. Other problems that face the normal breathing process are often called exercise intolerance. You may have noticed that overweight people often have labored breathing. Because your body is having to work harder, it has to breathe harder, so this is a natural response. This is just making it easier for you to have more stress on your cardiovascular system. High blood pressure and hypertension are pretty much synonymous with obesity no matter how old a person is. There are some major medical conditions that don't get seen during childhood obesity and others that are likely to appear. High blood pressure is just one of the conditions that happens quite a lot to kids who are severely overweight or obese. Not only is there physical stress put on the body from the extra weight; there is intense psychological stress as well. Obese kids are regularly abused both physically and verbally by their classmates. That abuse adds up into a chronically highly stressful life for the child which, in turn, feeds into high blood pressure. Yes, we mentioned Type II diabetes because it is right up there as a real possibility for obese children, teens and adults. It makes real sense that this condition would develop. What makes this different from Type I diabetes is that it is, sometimes, preventable. Primary risk factors for this kind of diabetes are weight issues like obesity and a prolonged sedentariness. People who are obese have more strain put on their bodies to produce insulin. This is because obese people have more cells that need the insulin. Then, in time the body simply becomes resistant to insulin and Type II occurs. Medical research has been done all over the world that says that obese children are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea. This specific condition is quite serious because what happens is that the child's airway gets blocked when he or she is asleep. Kids who are overweight and obese are more likely to develop snoring problems but that's a deceiving piece of data, according to researchers. The reason for the snoring (some of the time anyway) is OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It is possible that having an adenotonsillectomy will help children and teens who are obese deal with this problem. Perhaps the oldest expression out there is that children are cruel to each other. Most of us have
  3. 3. experienced this in some form when we were kids. Obese children are often the target for intense bullying and extraordinary levels of teasing and verbal humiliation. It is a marvel how kids who have to go through that can get through all those years of it without losing their sanity. Everybody knows how possible it is to suffer consequences of that kind of abuse. The constant assault can have a detrimental effect on a child's confidence, self esteem and any number of other issues--the list is a long one. The most serious risks are mostly involving the cardiovascular system. Triglycerides are in the fatty blood profiles of obese children as well as having elevated serum cholesterol. This is something that needs immediate intervention early in life as that is when they start to develop. If you are a very young person then think about having to take medication to counter your high cholesterol. An adult has to accept the side effects if they want to start taking this medication. When taking this medication it can be complicated for a young child or a teen. Every person who suffers from obesity usually suffers from a variety of psychological issues too. Children who feel like they are being constantly abused by their classmates are more likely to suffer from things like low self confidence and self esteem, high stress and anxiety levels and might even hate themselves. These are silent problems that obese kids and teens often endure all by themselves. When the situation goes on long enough and gets severe enough it could cause the victim to develop behaviors that border on or even are sociopathic. There is no real data about how many obese high school students who then go on to college. But our guess is there are relatively few, or there are far more obese high school students than college students. Who can really blame them, though when they might be imagining more years of abuse and torture. There are gender specific problems associated with obesity in young girls who are past puberty. For example, obese girls and women often experience menstrual irregularities. This is a problem because the body has lots of interference in its normal hormone production. The larger effect is to cause all kinds of problems with the girl's menstrual cycle. Obesity contributes to these problems for women. Another common result of female obesity is, if the hormonal interference is big, the woman can become sterile. After that you have to wonder what other female bodily processes are going to be impacted when there is this severe level of hormonal disruption. The human body needs hormone production to be normal and well functioning in order to keep the metabolism functioning properly. Science is still trying to puzzle out whether or not early onset obesity has a direct relationship with early onset puberty. Of course, there is a fair amount of common sense involved in looking at what we know already. For example, it is known that obese and overweight children grow at a faster rate, and they do enter puberty earlier. It is still a situation, however, in which causality needs to be more definitely defined. While this is obviously not a really serious threat to the health of obesity related conditions there are definitely issues that can be related to the early onset of puberty.|Not only that but that, when paired with the feelings of being ostracized and bullied at school, it is a miracle if an obese child or teen doesn't develop a major social dysfunctional disorder. One other term used is "social disabilities" in which there are high degrees of depression, extreme levels of unhappiness, etc. One natural result of all of this is super high
  4. 4. stress levels which are known to be detrimental to both the brain and the body. Some obese kids deal with this by becoming bullies. What is obviously happening here is that the bullying behavior is an outlet for the anger that they have been feeling building up from being picked on themselves.|There are a few reasons as to why the prospects do not seem very clear for an obese child. The fact that a young person is obese is actually a serious risk factor for a laundry list of health problems and diseases as an adult. Is there a way in which this condition can be reversed? Well, studies show that obese teenagers are sixteen times more prone to developing into severely obese adults. This is very clearly not boding well for those teens. The quality of the child as an adult is likely to be very poor because they start to develop these risk factors at an early age. During the teen years a person's individualization and personality development get faster. Not only that but body image development is particularly fragile during the teen years. Developing normally in these areas is particularly hard for teens who are obese. What happens is the obese teen will leave high school at potentially severe disadvantages. They will have a harder time competing and reaching normal levels of success.|You probably already know that obese kids and teens are burdened with a terrible social stigma. Going to school each day must be something along the lines of unbearable. A person who endures this kind of constant psychological warfare can become scarred for life. It is also important to note that each person is going to respond to this differently. The ripple effects from this can be large and serious and it is important to get obese teens and kids and adults into counseling so that they can properly deal with the effects of these kinds of things. Early onset obesity is a real problem that affects even those who do not suffer from it. You need to think about the cost this has on overall society. Obese kids will usually become obese adults, and there are costs associated with medical, lost time from work, etc. This proves that obesity is really a problem for society even though that isn't at the forefront of most peoples' awareness. Obviously once obese children have reached this point, they are already at intense physical and social disadvantages. We all already understand that losing that amount of weight is difficult and to do it at all, you will need to have a lot of support and determination to do so. Parents and friends need to offer as much support as they can. Children and young adults are very resilient and can usually bounce back once a more healthy direction is taken. Of course, this still depends on whether or not there are any severe medical problems present. So that these children start to lose weight, we think that they should have an emergency plan of action. Of course we realize there are millions of unique situations with these children. It is a serious situation that so far has eluded serious inroads to reverse. It is very important for kids who are suffering from obesity to find a trusted and qualified adult to talk to about their weight conditions. It is likely that you need some education as to the causes of your condition. Thankfully, there is something real that you can do about it; after all, you're never too late to try to get back to good health. "The walking wounded" is a term that is often assigned to obese kids and young adults. This is because of the way that obesity scars the body and the spirit.
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