Childhood Obesity - What The Future Looks Like (Hint - Not Good)


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We are not going to assign blame to people or discuss what makes people obese as we all know this already. Children can have major health risks that may be life-threatening in later years if they are officially obese or overweight. A noticeable percentage of an entire generation is suffering physically and also in psychological areas. It is hard enough to be a teen without having to endure being bullied about weight by others as well. Let's take a closer look at what the obese child is facing, today.|The nature of many weight-related health conditions involves the element of time. What this means is that it can sometimes take a lot of time for symptoms of these problems to become apparent. However, the stage is certainly set and processes are put into motion during the early years when a child is obese. Still, kids don't usually have as many medical problems result from obesity because they are still young. Still though, this particular condition really does feed into problems and complications that will show up later in life. Some of the more serious possibilities are stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, some types of cancer, liver disease and heart disease.|Childhood obesity has been rising continuously in the US--something that has been confusing and surprising professionals from all fields. Of course it does not help that just about anything sold in the US that is a sweet liquid contains copious amounts of high fructose corn syrup. This, however, is another issue that we are not going to discuss in this article. Obese kids sort of seem like they haven't been given a real chance at life which is really sad. These kids already suffer from a bunch of problems ranging from back pain to arthritis to Type II diabetes and, of course, bullying. There is much more to this sad state of affairs, and we will mention just a few in this article.

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Childhood Obesity - What The Future Looks Like (Hint - Not Good)

  1. 1. what people need to realize Not all that long ago that obesity with all of the complications were the domain of grown-ups. In the United States, things have deteriorated over the last thirty years or so. Not only are there more obese adults than ever, the affliction is affecting teens and kids at younger and younger ages. For children the most obvious influences are typically their parents though education and awareness raising are also super important. Ultimately, however, the parents are the ones who offer the most guidance and are the most influential role models in a child's life. Obese kids are staring down the barrel of a plethora of physical and behavioral health problems. Going beyond that, there are dangerous risk factors that can and will surface later on. For kids this is a terrible situation that is almost impossible to beat back and get over. Lots of scientists, researchers and professionals have been watching this growing trend for decades. Kids, teenagers and pre-teens have been getting weightier steadily over those years and there are tremendous health implications of this. Countless studies and mountains of research have been conducted with regards to this problem over the last twenty years or so. The one thing that is for sure is that childhood obesity is a major risk factor for several terrible diseases that happen later in life. The most important thing parents need to realize is that there is quite a lot more to this particular story. Clinically obese and overweight children will experience the effects of their condition long before adulthood arrives. The press have been covering childhood obesity for a very long time. This press coverage has made little difference to these epidemic proportions, especially in the US. We are not going to assign blame to people or discuss what makes people obese as we all know this already. The health dangers to children who are officially obese or certainly overweight are enormous and potentially life-threatening in later years. An entire generation has a huge percentage of children that are suffering physically and even in psychological areas. Being a teen is hard enough without having to put up with being bullied about their weight by peers. As an obese child, they may have to face some of the following problems. Most weight-related health conditions involve time. This means that sometimes it can take a long time for the more serious symptoms to start showing up. Of course, particularly in the case of childhood obesity, early years of the condition can set things in motion for problems later on. Even so, kids usually don't have as many medical problems result from obesity because they are still young. Yet the condition itself is still thought as a risk factor for complications and conditions later on in life. Liver disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, certain kinds of cancer, diabetes and stroke are all serious possibilities.|There has been a steady increase in childhood obesity in the United States and it continues to baffle and confound professionals of every stripe. It certainly doesn't help that large amounts of high fructose corn syrup are found in pretty much everything sold in the United States. This, however, is another issue that we are not going to discuss in this article. Obese children almost seem like they never had a chance at life, and we feel that is a sad testimony. Kids who suffer from childhood obesity are forced to deal with things like back pain, joint pain, arthritis, Type II diabetes and terrible bullying from their peers who don't understand the condition. There is a lot more to this and we are going to explore some of it in this article. The obese child is now facing a harrowing path toward insane health issues. One problem, for example, is fatty liver disease (which is just about the most common liver disease). Some years
  2. 2. ago people typically associated liver problems with drinking too much and sclerosis. Today, however, we know that fatty livery disease is caused by long term obesity. What will usually make the primary liver issues worse is that the metabolism of an obese person is terribly dysfunctional. The liver helps by getting rid of anything that is not good for the body. This, then, adds extra pressure to the other systems of children and teenagers who suffer from obesity. The particular medical conditions that any young person, child or teen who is obese will experience can be highly variable. There are a lot of different influences, some of which might be genetic. Severely obese children can easily develop various types of conditions and problems of the joints and bones. Many times the load bearing joints in particular will develop problems. Stress on the skeleton is particularly prevalent in the hips, knees, feet and ankles. Typically the kids will experience joint pain in their backs as well as constant low but steady pressure filled swelling around all of their joints. Arthritis is a common problem with these kids and teens too. Every physical area of the human body is put under severe stress from being obese. If a child is overweight then this may cause them to have sleep apnea, which can be potentially dangerous. If a child is obese then they may also have problems with normal breathing. A child or young adult can develop asthma from being overweight. Exercise intolerance is another term that is often used and it is challenges that face the normal breathing process. Everyone has seen that obese people always seem to have trouble breathing. Because your body is having to work harder, it has to breathe harder, so this is a natural response. This is just making it easier for you to have more stress on your cardiovascular system. High blood pressure and hypertension are pretty much synonymous with obesity no matter how old a person is. Some severe medical conditions will not be seen in childhood obesity while others are more likely to surface. High blood pressure is one of them, and it is commonly diagnosed in younger people who are significantly overweight or obese. In addition to the physical stress placed on the body from the excess weight, there are significant psychological stress factors involved, too. Kids who are obese are forced to endure both physical and verbal abuse from peers. That abuse adds up into a chronically highly stressful life for the child which, in turn, feeds into high blood pressure. Type II diabetes is worth mentioning because it is up at the top of the list in terms of likelihood of occurring in kids, teens and even adults. Obviously, it kind of makes sense that it has the possibility of developing. This type of diabetes is different than Type I because Type II can often be prevented. Primary risk factors for this kind of diabetes are weight issues like obesity and a prolonged sedentariness. For those who are obese, their bodies are under a lot of extra pressure to produce more insulin. This is because there is more body there that needs to receive it. Then, in time the body simply becomes resistant to insulin and Type II occurs. Widespread research has proven that kids who suffer from obesity are far more likely to suffer from sleep apnea than kids who aren't obese. This particular condition is especially dangerous because it causes the child's airway to become blocked while he or she is sleeping. Kids who are overweight and obese are more likely to snore too but, according to researchers, that is actually deceiving. The reason for this snoring is sometimes OSA, obstructive sleep apnea. It is possible that having an adenotonsillectomy will help children and teens who are obese deal with this problem. One of the oldest expressions around is that kids and children can be cruel to each other. Most of us have experienced this in some form when we were kids. Obese kids are far more likely to be
  3. 3. targets of this particular type of cruelty. Is it any wonder, then, how these kids can get through all of those years of school and keep their sanity intact. We all understand that that kind of long lasting abuse can have severe consequences later on. The constant verbal assaults will have a tremendous impact in areas such as self esteem, confidence and the list goes on. The most serious risks are mostly involving the cardiovascular system. Not only do obese children have elevated cholesterol but they also have generally fatty blood profiles which involves triglycerides. The early development of these heart disease precursors early in life is something that requires immediate intervention. A child may have to take prescription medication to counter the effects of high cholesterol so just think about this. An adult has to accept the side effects if they want to start taking this medication. A teen or young child may find it complicated to take such medicines. Just about all obese people suffer from any of a number of psychological issues as well. When it seems like all of the kids in your class abuse you every day, that will cause serious stress, anxiety, low self esteem, poor to zero self confidence and maybe even hatred toward self or others. There are all quiet problems that obese kids and teens typically try to handle all by themselves. After the situation has progressed enough and over enough time that person might develop sociopathic behaviors. We can't find any honest data about the number of obese high school students who end up going to college. We are willing to bet that the number isn't that big and that there are a lot more obese high school students than there are obese college students. Who can really blame them, though when they might be imagining more years of abuse and torture. Obesity also causes specific gender related problems especially in young girls who are going through puberty (or have gotten past it). Women and girls who are obese are, for example, prone to problems with their menstrual cycles. This happens because the body doesn't have the ability to produce hormones properly. The overall effect is to cause any and all manner of irregularities with the menstrual cycle. Obesity contributes to these problems for women. What is also commonly seen as a result of this is for the obese female to essentially become sterile if the interference is significant. But also consider that if there is hormone disruption, then what is the impact on the rest of the female bodily processes that require hormones? The human body requires its hormone production to be normal in order to keep the body's metabolism functioning properly. Researchers are still not sure about a direct relationship between obesity and the early onset of puberty, and more so in girls than boys. Obviously, though, there is also some common sense in looking at what we already know. For example, we know that kids who are obese and overweight grow faster and enter puberty earlier. But it is a time in which clear decisions need to be made as to what causes what. Obviously early onset puberty is not as terrible a threat as other conditions that are related to childhood obesity but there can be implications that accompany the abnormally young age for puberty to set in for these kids.|This goes hand in hand with the bullying and general ostracizing the kids encounter at school, it is almost a guarantee that obese children and teens are pretty much guaranteed to develop social disorders. Another term people use is "social disabilities" which come with a high degree of high levels of unhappiness, depression, etc. These
  4. 4. result in extreme stress levels which are widely known to cause problems both psychologically and physically. Some obese kids deal with this by becoming bullies. This is, obviously, happening because the bullied children are acting out their feelings of frustration and anger at having been bullied themselves.|For many reasons the prospects do not seem very promising for an obese child. When an obese child becomes an adult there is a long list of health problems and diseases that are at risk of. Is there a way in which this condition can be reversed? An obese teen is sixteen times more likely than a regular teen to become a very obese adult. For those teens, this is clearly not a good thing. The quality of the child as an adult is likely to be very poor because they start to develop these risk factors at an early age. The socialization and individuality and personality development process speeds up during the teen years. Along with those processes are the development of the teen's body image which is known to be critical at that stage. Obviously an obese teen will have an extraordinarily difficult time achieving any semblance of normal development in those areas. This causes a developmental disadvantage when the teenager leaves high school. Normal competition and success levels will be far more challenging for these kids.|You already know that there is a horrible social stigma that gets attached to kids and teens who are obese. Going to school every day must be something on par with being tortured for these kids. The effects of this kind of activity can wreak havoc on a person for the rest of his or her life. Each person will react in his or her own way to this. The ripple effects of being obese are huge and serious, and we seriously think many obese teens and adults may seek counseling so they can deal with the damage done. Early onset obesity is a real problem that affects even those who do not suffer from it. It is important to look at this also from the standpoint of cost to society. Kids who are obese usually grow up into adults who are obese and that condition usually costs quite a lot in medical care, time taken off of work, etc. So this really is a social problem even though that is not at the forefront of awareness. Obviously, obese children are at tremendous physical and social disadvantages once they have reached their condition. We all know how hard it is to lose weight and that you have to be very determined and have lots of support to do it. Parents and any friends the child has need to be as supportive as humanly possible. Young adults and kids have an amazing reserve of resiliency and can bounce back if healthy directives are taken. Of course, it depends on whether or not any medical conditions are present. So that these children start to lose weight, we think that they should have an emergency plan of action. Of course we are aware that there are loads of unique situations for these kids. It is a serious situation that so far has eluded serious inroads to reverse. If you are a teen or adult who suffers from obesity, it is important to talk to someone who is informed and qualified to help you with your condition. You need to be informed about what makes your condition happened. The good news is that you can absolutely do something about this and it is never ever too late to begin working your way back to optimum health. Kids and young adults who suffer from this condition are often given the moniker "the walking wounded." That is so because of the way obesity ravages the body and mind.
  5. 5. For additional info ensure you have a look at our web site by going over to this awesome link - Continuing. Also you can call in on Health Information.