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3D Survey and Visualization
Diamond West utilizes LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) 3D scanning technology to digitally reconstruct an existing environment in a 3D digital model with sub-centimeter accuracy.

Digitally scanned data can be modeled in 3D or converted to 2D drawings (plan view, elevation cross section, and topography) for export to any standard CADD platform. Scanned information is linked together to form a comprehensive digital image.
Applications include:
Architectural as-builts, historic preservation/archive, structural steel mapping/cataloging, conceptual design and interference checking, fabrication and construction inspection, manufacturing and reverse engineering, topographic mapping, accessibility renovations, civil traffic and utility planning, as-builts for plant facilities, movie industry; the list goes on. If you can see it, you can scan it.
Advantage to using LIDAR 3D Scanning Technology:
Reduces field work, reduces risk of liability for field crews, competitive cost to conventional surveying, dramatically increases available information without multiple site visits, creates (sub-centimeter) accurate 3D models, remote sensing/minimizes need for access to structures.
High-definition 3D scanning provides: more accurate base mapping, detailed information along structural facades from the ground to the sky, documentation of not only surface conditions but also building conditions. Due to the potential for design and construction abutting building façades, the sub-centimeter accuracy will be a vital design and construction quality control tool.
The scanned 3D model can also be used in the future as a visualization tool by generating “fly-by” animated movies and still frames from any requested vantage point.
In summary, the use of sub-centimeter accurate 3D survey data will provide the design team with the accuracy needed to ensure proper quality control for design and construction activities. This technology will also provide the community and decision-makers with an extremely useful visual aid tool in evaluating the proposed design against existing conditions.

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Diamond West 3D Laser Scanning Presentation

  1. 1. 3D Laser Scanning Presentation
  2. 2. Overview Diamond West utilizes LIDAR (Light  Detection and Ranging) 3D scanning  technology to digitally reconstruct an  existing environment in a 3D digital model  with sub‐centimeter accuracy.  Digitally scanned data can be modeled in  3D or converted to 2D drawings (plan view,  elevation cross section, and profiles) for  export to any standard CADD platform.
  3. 3. Overview Campuses, Urban Areas, StreetscapesBridges, Detailed Topographical Survey, Underground Facilities Historical Buildings, Adaptive Reuse, Industrial Facilities
  4. 4. Scanning HardwareCalculates XYZ positions at the rate of 1000 points per second Collects data within a range of up to 100 m Accuracy 6mm
  5. 5. Historic Office Building Existing Building
  6. 6. Historic Office Building Raw Point Cloud Data
  7. 7. Historic Office Building Generate Poly Lines
  8. 8. Historic Office Building Render Surfaces
  9. 9. Historic Office Building Night Simulations
  10. 10. Historic Power Plant Existing Building
  11. 11. Historic Power Plant Renderings
  12. 12. Historic Power Plant Renderings
  13. 13. Historic Power Plant 3D Sections
  14. 14. Historic Power Plant 3D Sections
  15. 15. Historic Power Plant Building Elevations
  16. 16. Historic Power Plant Floor Plans
  17. 17. TheatreADA Compliance
  18. 18. Urban Streetscape EIR Exhibit – Height Comparison
  19. 19. Street SceneExisting street scene with proposed environment
  20. 20. Street Scene Existing street scene
  21. 21. LAX Restaurant Structural damage analysis
  22. 22. Roads and Bridges Detailed topographic and bridge survey to facilitate widening
  23. 23. Roads and Bridges Detailed topographic and bridge survey to facilitate widening
  24. 24. ALTA SurveysALTA/ACSM Survey with 3D building elevations generated from 3D Scan
  25. 25. Industrial Facilities OverlayPer Design Model AS- Is Laser Data Deviation study to determine deformation of fire damaged tanks
  26. 26. High Rise Buildings Building Elevations
  27. 27. Stadiums Topographic Survey
  28. 28. Landslide/Earthworks 3D Scan of Landslide Area – Generated Animation with Property Lines
  29. 29. Underground Facilities Storm Drain