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How to speed up your android device


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This slideshare tutorial shows you how to easily and quickly clear your phone out so that it will again function like it did when you got it.

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How to speed up your android device

  1. 1. How to Speed up your Android Device. This tutorial will show you how to speed up your Android device by managing your applications with a few options in between. By Dustin C. Slade
  2. 2. Steps to Speed up your Android device. ▪ From the top of your android screen swipe down and you will see the settings of the cogwheel click on the cogwheel. On the far right is the more tabs that you need to click on. ▪ Inside here is the application manager and this is where you want to go to review the applications that you have installed on your phone and also to clear out some of the cached data that’s blocking your phone. ▪ Please scroll through the applications that are listed and find the ones that you’re not using that you could read downloaded another date or are just plain sick of. ▪ Remember you can always install an app temporarily to use its features and then uninstall it.
  3. 3. This technique will show you how to speed up your Android device and keep it fresh and happy. ▪ After you’ve gone through and deleted the applications and uninstall the ones you’re not using, you can move to the next step. ▪ (On a side note if you have a high capacity micro SD card on your device you can move the applications to the SD card to free up memory). To do this you simply click on the application and on the lower left side you’ll have an option to move to SD card. ▪ Here you are going to choose things like your interest yourTwitter your Facebook your Google+ and different social media accounts like that in look into the application.You can see that there are several applications that are using a lot of the system memory and they do not need to be. ▪ How to speed up your Android device requires you to do some maintenance on your phone. So from here you can choose the option to uninstall or remove some of the cached files and data files they’re just sitting on your phone wasting data. ▪ They’re not completely wasting data but for the most part use the information that’s being stored the next time that you log into the program and it depends on the application but overall there is no need for you to worry about the application not being functional.
  4. 4. Be forewarned that if you use this method and you clear cache and clear data files from the phones system you may lose pictures and or text files that you may feel are important for you. ▪ These files will not be deleted from your social media account but only from your phone. ▪ Scroll through the applications that you want to remove some of the old informational data that is just clogging up your phone. ▪ From here to see option to clear the cache and clear the data.Also know that when you reuse your phone there may be some functionality that you need to restart from the app for instance you may need to login again with the new cleared cache and the app will act like its brand new again.
  5. 5. That’s it! You can manage your applications easily to speed up your Android device. Delete old Apps- Clear Data Files Clear Cached Files ▪ Enjoy your device with crisp clean action as it has the memory capacity and clear formatted function to run properly!
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  7. 7. Learn More about Dustin C. Slade Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Professor Online Marketing Mentor