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Let's talk about the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Roadmap!

  1. @DustinKirkland Let's Talk about the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Roadmap! UbuCon Paris @DustinKirkland VP, Product Development Canonical
  2. @DustinKirkland Howdy, Paris!
  3. @DustinKirkland Today’s talk is about YOUR feedback Desktop Server Things
  4. @DustinKirkland The Desktop
  5. @DustinKirkland Ask HN: Ubuntu 17.10
  6. @DustinKirkland 1146 comments!
  7. @DustinKirkland Your feedback matters! New for Ubuntu 17.10: GNOME replaced Unity Bluetooth improvements with a new BlueZ Switched to libinput 4K/Multimonitor/HiDPI improvements Upgraded to Network Manager 1.8 New Subiquity server installer Minimal images (36MB, 20% smaller) Autoremove old kernels from /boot EXT4 encryption with fscrypt Better GPU/CUDA support
  8. @DustinKirkland
  9. @DustinKirkland Big thanks to @luisalvaradox, Ubuntu Community Member, for creating the Google Survey!
  10. @DustinKirkland One person actually got it right...
  11. @DustinKirkland The Results
  12. @DustinKirkland Total Responses
  13. @DustinKirkland Browser
  14. @DustinKirkland Video Player
  15. @DustinKirkland Email
  16. @DustinKirkland Text Editor
  17. @DustinKirkland Office Suite
  18. @DustinKirkland Music Player
  19. @DustinKirkland File Browser
  20. @DustinKirkland Terminal
  21. @DustinKirkland PDF Reader
  22. @DustinKirkland Photo Editor
  23. @DustinKirkland IRC / Messaging
  24. @DustinKirkland Calendar
  25. @DustinKirkland Photo Viewer
  26. @DustinKirkland IDE
  27. @DustinKirkland Video Editor
  28. @DustinKirkland Screen Recorder
  29. @DustinKirkland Bonus Apps
  30. @DustinKirkland The Server
  31. Ubuntu in action!
  32. @DustinKirkland Minimal Ubuntu Server Image 20% smaller
  33. @DustinKirkland Node Discovery HW inventory BMC BIOS & firmware Boot process OS Deployment Diskless / Ephemeral Storage & Networking Decommissioning Network DNS, NTP & more Topology & addressing L2 & L3 config Infrastructure PDUs Switches & routers Storage appliances PXE & TFTP lshw freeipmi fwupd BIOS & UEFI curtin iSCSI cloud-init NIST-wipe bind, ntpd IPAM DHCP DCIM OpenFlow SNMP MIBs Vendor stuff Bare Metal Provisioning
  34. @DustinKirkland ➢ Ultra fast “vm-lite” guests (bare metal speed) ➢ Any distribution of Linux - e.g. Ubuntu, CentOS ➢ Starts in less than 1 second ➢ 15x density of KVM or ESX for idle workloads host A nova-lxd lxc cli lxdkernel other restful apps lxc machine LXD REST API host B lxc machine lxdkernel host C host D host ... lxc machine lxc machine lxc machine lxdkernel lxdkernel lxdkernel Machine Containers
  35. @DustinKirkland Infrastructure as a Service
  36. @DustinKirkland Container Orchestration
  37. @DustinKirkland Software Modeling
  38. @DustinKirkland Guided Installation
  39. @DustinKirkland Image Initialization
  40. @DustinKirkland The Things
  41. @DustinKirkland Ubuntu Core Linux Devices distributed field-serviced cheap spof expensive to fix Linux Servers centralised supported expensive redundant cheap to fix
  42. @DustinKirkland Snaps kernel os appapp writable areawritable area Snaps are confined and isolated app writable area app writable area
  43. @DustinKirkland Snapcraft
  44. @DustinKirkland