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Enterprise Kubernetes from Canonical


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This presentation was a live webinar presented by Canonical describing the enterprise capabilities of Kubernetes on Ubuntu and discussing several commercial support and consulting packages.

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Enterprise Kubernetes from Canonical

  1. 1. Kubernetes for the Enterprise Canonical | Ubuntu September 2017 @DustinKirkland VP, Product Development Nicholas Dimotakis Director, Field Engineering
  2. 2. kubernetes is container coordination from Google
  3. 3. compute network storage }for docker-style containers
  4. 4. lifecycle mgmt rollout / rollback scaling up / down service discovery load balancing self healing }for docker-style containers
  5. 5. Kubernetes the Canonical Distribution of
  6. 6. Pure upstream Kubernetes, with security updates
  7. 7. Any public cloud, private cloud or bare metal
  8. 8. Automated operations, reusable, scalable, secure
  9. 9. Zero downtime upgrades
  10. 10. Support (10x5 or 24x7), or fully managed, as an option
  11. 11. Turn-key consulting packages, ready for delivery
  12. 12. Kubernetes services packages Kubernetes Explorer Kubernetes Discoverer Support Managed Services Add Ons or or
  13. 13. 4 steps to your Kubernetes cluster 1. Choose your package 2. Implementation and workshops 3. Conformance testing 4. Ongoing support or remote management
  14. 14. Kubernetes Explorer ● High availability Kubernetes, deployed in the public cloud ● Reference architecture, scale up to 200 nodes ● 8 hours hands-on, web-based training ● Performance and log monitoring included ● 30 days of phone support
  15. 15. Kubernetes Discoverer ● High availability Kubernetes, deployed on bare metal servers, cloud or VMware ● Custom Kubernetes architecture optimised for your workloads, scale up to 2000 nodes ● GPU Acceleration ● Workload analysis covering web, AI/ machine learning, blockchain, serverless and more ● Authenticate through AD/LDAP integration ● Performance and log monitoring included ● Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) for one code repo ● 4 days hands-on, in-person training ● 30 days of phone support
  16. 16. Add-on packages ● Custom monitoring ● Architecture design ● Workload CI/CD ● Workload analysis ● Disaster recovery ● Alternate runtime ● Customisation
  17. 17. Enterprise Support ● Explorer and Discoverer include 30 days of phone support during office hours. ● Ongoing Enterprise support -> Ubuntu Advantage: ○ Telephone support for the full stack from kernel to kubernetes ○ Extended security maintenance patches, ○ Kernel live patching to avoid reboots, ○ Landscape systems management, ○ Physical deployments include 3 Tb of Ceph storage per storage-enabled host.
  18. 18. Managed Kubernetes ● Remote managed 24x7 Kubernetes service, it’s the fastest path to production ● Focus on consumption of Kubernetes as a service on-premise ● Both on Cloud or Own data center ● Optionally, staff can reside solely in the US or Europe ● Take the keys at any time
  19. 19. Kubernetes Explorer Kubernetes Discoverer
  20. 20. Add-ons
  21. 21. Kubernetes Support and Managed Service
  22. 22.