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This is the presentation for the Learning in the Open workshop on Footprints of Emergence, at ALT-C (http://www.alt.ac.uk/altc2013), on Tuesday 10th September 2013, at 15h00 - 16h00. See you there.

Abstract: This session explores the current bubble in massive open courses (MOOCs), and the expansion of social software platforms for learning; it aims to provide some practical answers to the question: “How can we describe, design, research and reflect upon the dynamics of how people are learning in these new open networks? ”

The learning landscape is changing rapidly and with it the learner experience. It is becoming less prescribed and more emergent Learners are increasingly self-organising, creating their own learning networks. They need to be adaptive and able to work independently, as the landscape is complex and can be full of uncertainty.

Open, complex learning emerges through the dynamic interplay between the openness and structure of the learning environment, interactions within the environment, learner agency, and affordances for presence and writing. We need to find new ways to describe this. We can draw on existing learning theories, like constructivism, but we need to go wider than that, and draw on complexity theory, social learning environments, connectivism, and the theory of affordances to develop a more rigorous theoretical framework for these ‘new open’ learning networks.

The framework maps out the relationship between prescribed and emergent learning, and has been applied in a range of examples contained in the open wiki which shows how 3D ‘footprints’ are used to map out the dynamics of learning, in examples such as MOOCs, on-campus university courses, interactive installations for Autistic Children, and Montessori preschools. Read more here: http://footprints-of-emergence.wikispaces.com/ALT-C+Abstract

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Learning in the open alt c 2013 workshop

  1. 1. Learning in the Open Footprints of Emergence workshop at ALT-C, 2013 Roy Williams & Jenny Mackness
  2. 2. with open participation Unpredictable …with no-one able to follow everything. … between many people & resources ... Self-organizing Adaptive … frequent interaction … Emergence is …? Independent
  3. 3. What were we thinking about? Visualization – a series of rich pictures, to respond to … 1. Prescriptive and emergent learning? 2. Dynamics of change? 3. Different perspectives. 4. Descriptive methodology. 5. Fitness for purpose 6. Collaborative reflection … so we proceeded to put draw some 3D ‘footprints’ . . . .
  4. 4. Basic 3D Topography
  5. 5. Open / Structure Agency Interactive Environment Presence / Writing
  6. 6. BEtreat
  7. 7. http://footprints-of-emergence.wikispaces.com
  8. 8. Thank you …
  9. 9. … and just in case, here are some more examples of footprints from other research …
  10. 10. Design Phase Open / Structure Presence/ Writing Agency Interactive Environment
  11. 11. Troll Phase Open / Structure Interactive Environment Presence/ Writing Agency
  12. 12. Settled Phase Open / Structure Interactive Environment Presence/ Writing Agency
  13. 13. Control Phase Open / Structure Interactive Environment Presence/ Writing Agency
  14. 14. Round-up Phase Open / Structure Interactive Environment Presence/ Writing Agency
  15. 15. e-Business & Innovation Lancaster
  16. 16. Teacher Training Course
  17. 17. Montessori Pre-scool
  18. 18. MEDIATE Interactive Space - UP
  19. 19. BEtreat