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Is my pc backup good


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Published in: Technology
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Is my pc backup good

  1. 1. MyMyMyMy PCPCPCPC BackupBackupBackupBackup ReviewReviewReviewReviewMyPC Backup just launched in 2011, so they might be new, but they seem to bedoing everything right. They offer both unlimited, automatic backups and filesyncing, all in an easy to use software.This service would be best for someone who wants unlimited backup and isn’tworried about MyPC Backup being a relatively young company.Continue reading for the full review, or click the button to start a free trial.KeyKeyKeyKey FeaturesFeaturesFeaturesFeaturesMyPCBackup offers just about every feature you’d expect from an online backupcompany.AutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic backups.backups.backups.backups. That’s #1. You pick what you want backed up and they doit on schedule. I set the software to backup my computer each day while I’m onmy lunch break. Whenever I get back to my desk, there’s a “Backup Complete”report waiting for me to confirm everything is backed up.It takes some time for your initial backup to complete, but after that, theincremental backups are quick.FileFileFileFile sync.sync.sync.sync. MyPC Backup includes a file sync feature that’s a lot like Dropbox.You get a special sync folder, and files in there are synced between all yourcomputers. (You can install My PC Backup on unlimited computers in order touse the sync folder.)
  2. 2. It would be neat if they could sync every single file you have backed up, but that’sa tall order. I’m happy just to have the sync folder at all; only a select few backupcompanies are offering free syncing like this.AAAA varietyvarietyvarietyvariety ofofofof backupbackupbackupbackup methods.methods.methods.methods. There are multiple ways to backup your files, soyou can choose the one you’re most comfortable with. For one, you can backupfiles using “drag and drop.” Just click the appropriate section within the controlpanel and drag your files onto it. They’ll be added to your backup.You also have the option of right-clicking a file and adding it to your backupselection or backing it up instantly. Whenever I create a new file that’s veryimportant to me, I’ll use the right-click and “Instant Backup” option to be safe.InstallInstallInstallInstall andandandand SetupSetupSetupSetup ProcessProcessProcessProcessIt’s very simple to install the required software. You can do the basic installationwhich is very fast and simple, or go advanced, which allows you to control moreoptions right from the start.You do have to mess around here though, once installation is complete. Makesure you look at defaults – the default settings are there to save money for MyPCBackup, not to provide you with the best backups!From the software’s main welcome screen, go into “Settings,” which brings up anew menu.Then, go under “Backup Selection” and get rid of that 1MB file size limit.Otherwise you’ll only back up a few small text files.
  3. 3. Under the “File Types” tab, watch out for excluded file types. By default, MyPCBackup won’t backup common music or video files such as MP3, MP4, and AVI,and I’d hate to see you lose your music collection because of this.Once I got all this sorted, everything worked fine, so just consider this a reminderto double-check the settings.RestoringRestoringRestoringRestoring BackupsBackupsBackupsBackupsWhen it comes time to restore your files, this program performs well and is easyto use; it’s on par with their competitors.Simply browse through the software to the “Restore” tab, select your files, andclick the “Restore Selected Files” button. The files will be back on your computer.It’s extremely easy.You can also go to your online control panel and choose the “My Backups” tab.From there you can browse your folders and files for easy downloading or sharing.This is also a good spot to check on different versions of files in case you need torevert to an earlier version.BackupBackupBackupBackup SpaceSpaceSpaceSpace andandandand PricingPricingPricingPricing PlansPlansPlansPlansThere are three different plans to choose from, with the difference being theamount of storage space you get. You can choose between a 75GB plan, a 250GBplan, and the Unlimited plan.Price ranges from $6.95 to $12.95 per month depending on the plan and how farin advance you pre-pay (paying for two years upfront saves money on a monthly
  4. 4. basis.)Also, be on the lookout for discount coupons in the 30-70% off range. (Not a typo!)I got an “exclusive” 70% coupon offer applied to my account, allowing me toupgrade to an Unlimited plan for just $2.98 per month (when paying for one fullyear upfront.)SecuritySecuritySecuritySecurityMyPC Backup uses 256 bit AES encryption when transferring files (similar towhat a bank or the military would use) and stores your data in the Amazon s3data center, which is one of the most secure data centers in the world. Not onlyare files encrypted during storage, they are monitored around the clock, and thereis heavy physical security monitoring the location.MobileMobileMobileMobile AccessAccessAccessAccessAt first, MyPC Backup offered no mobile apps. You had to access the MyPCBackup website on your mobile device if you wanted mobile access. Now you canchoose from four different apps!Apps are available for the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and BlackBerry. Theyare all completely free to download regardless of your account type.FinalFinalFinalFinal VerdictVerdictVerdictVerdictMyPC Backup offers tons of great features at a good price. From my testing,everything seems like it works well.I did get annoyed trying to figure out the pricing depending on which features Iwanted, and the default settings try to avoid having to backup your music andvideo files, but that’s actually a fairly common practice.
  5. 5. It’s worth downloading the free trial to see if you like the interface. Then, if you’rewilling to trust a young company to be reliable, you can get a killer deal onunlimited backup space when upgrade to a real account!