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Music Tyler

  1. 1. Video Killed the MySpace Star W E B - B A S E D M U S I C I N I T I AT I V E S C H A N G I N G T H E W AY W E I N T E R A C T WITH MUSIC …or why is the last thing you should be streaming
  2. 2. Setting the Stage – A Changing Face  Industry takes a hit from online piracy & piecemeal downloading Music forced to find a new way to become profitable  Any use for CD’s beyond sentimental attachment? 
  3. 3. Hearing Anew  Web use enables users to do – and therefore want – more! MTV solidified a visual music experience. The ‘net goes  further. The Music Genome Project    Pandora  YouTube   Muxtape  Deezer  Ludacris’
  4. 4. Roughin’ It (Online)  Bands distancing themselves from the corporate business model MySpace enables unheralded self-promotion possibilities  ‘Indie’ ethos becomes not only fashionable, but feasible  Merch sites hit it big  It’s easy!
  5. 5. BEAT$ 4 MONEY!!!!@!!  ‘Zune’ responds to patterns in music consumption  Radiohead’s ‘Pay-What-You-Please’  Record companies sell remix-ready digital files  No Doubt’s entire catalog for price of a ticket
  6. 6. Branding the Band  Blogs, Twitter, Message Boards  Experiencing beyond the music – ‘the musician as an experience’ Now able to communicate (or be shouted at) in a new way  • Repeat offenders: Kanye, John Mayer, Wilco, Ryan Adams
  7. 7. Old Tricks, New Dog John Vanderslice K Records Personalities with a die- hard following make use of some old-school methods Arcade Fire Todd P.
  8. 8. The Next Step: Creative Genious Artists and bands creating a new music experience La Blogotheque / Take-Away Shows / Black Cab Sessions / Hecho  en Cine  [ ]