Whole world is famous with chinese silk


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Whole world is famous with chinese silk

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Whole world is famous with chinese silk

  1. 1. Whole World is Famous with Chinese Silk * History Actually, silk has a long long history in China. It roots decades back to 27th century B.C. China is the earliest country raising silkworms & weaving silk. It is said the silkworm was first raised by Lei Zu, wife of the Yellow Emperor. To advance silk trade, Chinese generate four silk roads. Chinese silk, along with lots of other Chinese inventions, were passed to Europe. Romans, women, were crazy for Chinese silk. However, silk was an unknown thing for the West for long. The Natural History by Pliny in 70 BC reads, “silk was obtained by removing down from the leaves with the help of water…" – a clear evidence of ignorance about silk. But now in the 21st century, Silk is five of the world’s most enduring symbols of sensual elegance & beauty. Silk can be thought about as a remarkable invention of mankind to such an extend that most of the ladies could not conceive a world without it. * Characteristics Silk is a kind of fabric elaborately made of the natural protein fibrin of pods. The characteristics of silk are about these: -It is versatile & comfortable. -It absorbs moisture. -It is icy to wear in the summer yet warm to wear in winter. -It can be easily dyed. -It retains its shape & is relatively smooth. -It has a poor resistance to sunlight exposure. -It is the strongest natural fiber & is lustrous.
  2. 2. * Products In the market, there's multiple kinds of silk products. Silk is used to make blouses, dresses, scarves, pants & ties. It can also be made in to curtains, draperies, cushion covers, sofa covers & some handcrafts. . Products made of silk have bright luster & soft touch; silk clothes are comfortable & soft, & has the function of adjusting body heat & moisture, & preventing ultraviolet radiation; silk can also be used to produce home commodities like curtains & carpets, & it is favored by the consumers for the functions of absorbing sound & dirt, heat preservation, & fire-proof. Foreign customers also call silk "the headspring of beauty", for products made of it are flowery. The latest news from abroad that: Recently, the United States, Denmark & other countries appear a phenomenon that using silk products to replace plastic food packaging. The silk fruit bag is made of translucent narrow silk, the surface was embroidered with antique patterns. It is both a food packaging bag & a fashion-art handbag.
  3. 3. British silk industry has predicted that the future of silk fabrics, in addition to the human body clothing & daily necessities, there will be 40% of the silk fabrics have become the darling of packaging. It is estimated that, four times the World Health Organization ban Plastic packaging in several large industries such as food, silk products may become a nice packaging material. Former US president George Bush gives the thumbs during a shopping trip to the Silk Market in Beijing on August 11, 2008. The market, a popular shopping place for locals & visitors, has been visited by 11 first ladies & four presidents since the Olympic Games began. Find matching Chinese style jewelry in http://www.dushangjewelry.com/ for wholesale jewelry . * The market World silk production has approximately doubled during the last 30 years in spite of manmade fibers replacing silk for some uses. China & Japan during this period have been the four main producers, together manufacturing over 50% of the world production each year. During the late 1970's China, the country that first developed sericulture thousands years ago dramatically increased its silk production & has again become the world's leading producer of silk. Therefore, China is the world's largest silk States, should actively explore measures to intensify the deep processing of silk products, & generate nice conditions better for Chinese silk to the international market.