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Basic jewelry collection that needed


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Basic jewelry collection that needed

  1. 1. Basic Jewelry Collection That Needed Fashion jewelry are loved by most of women. They really do buy a lot, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings. But do you have the moment that you are wearing a little black dress but you don’t know which jewelries is the best match? I think the most answers are yes, because you have so many that you don’t know how to choose. Whether you’re a jewelry- lover or not, make sure you secure the basics first, before buying other trendy fashion jewelry. They’ll work with absolutely everything — from colors, color combinations, designs to different styles. Here below is a list about your jewelry collection. 1. Pearl Necklaces A pearl necklace complements your pearl studs if you want to reflect elegance, clarity and confidence. Choosing a perfect pearl necklace depends on many factors including age, skin color and occasion. Treat your pearls with care and they’ll grace many generations. 2. Cocktail Ring The cocktail ring is an important eye-popping statement. Celebrities wear them as an instant boost of bling that works with almost any outfit. They are Classic and Timeless. But please remember if you have smaller hands- make sure the stone doesn’t extend past the bottom of your knuckles. 3. CZ Stud Earrings
  2. 2. Few fashion accessories make as much of an impact as earrings. Timeless beauty, elegance, incomparable brilliance and versatility are some of the attributes of diamond studs, as perfect of a choice of any wardrobe item. But if real diamonds are too expensive for your budget, you might want to look at Cubic Zirconia jewelry earrings instead. They have the same brilliance and quality as real diamonds, and prices start from $5 and up. 4. Crystal Pendant Necklace A beautiful crystal necklace is a sure fire way to draw some attention and adds sophistication and elegance to any type of clothing. Choose simple pendant shapes like circle, solitaire, marquise, pear and cube. Necklaces with longer lengths help to accentuate the bust while shorter lengths help to bring out the beautiful lines of her neck. 5. Simple Bracelet A simple bracelet is an eye-catching accessory goes with a variety of elegant looks. You can choose a clean and classy bracelet design preferably without any fancy details like charms and beads if you want it to work with most of your outfits whether you suit silver more than gold or the opposite. The above list is the basics of your jewelries. If you want to make yourself elegant, charming, attractive, please make full use of them. But maybe many people will say that will cost you too much. So I would advise you that you can buy them from internet jewelry shop. Most stores such as Fashion Jewelry Accessories from China ( ) offer wholesale jewelry, so you can buy all of these with wholesale price. Can’t wait? Just a few seconds, check your jewelry list first and invest in classic pieces of jewelry is highly suggested now.