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Affordable and stylish costume jewelry


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Costume jewelry is one of the most popular jewelry accessories around. Many women are inclined to own many because they are inexpensive and are probably meant for a particular finger on either hand. Costume jewelry in general follows immediate fashion trends because they are sold more as fashion accessories than as jewelry.

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Affordable and stylish costume jewelry

  1. 1. Affordable And Stylish Costume Jewelry Costume jewelry rings are one of the most popular jewelry accessories around. many women are inclined to own many because they are inexpensive and are probably meant for a particular finger on either hand. Costume jewelry in general follows immediate fashion trends because they are sold more as accessories than as jewelry. Large costume jewelry rings like the one above are quite affordable because they are made from inexpensive base metals as opposed to silver and use cubic zirconia or crystals for diamonds. The result is that this sort of high style, large scale cuff ring can be bought by practically anyone. If it were made from sterling silver it would not be so affordable. The average age of a costume jewelry ring purchaser is likely to be much lower than the age of a fine jewelry buyer. If a young woman of high school or college going age is going for a night on the town with girlfriends or a boyfriend, she may want the perfect ring as far as style and color to go with her outfit. It hardly matters that the ring is made from a metal like pewter and has Swarovski rhinestones in it, what matters is that it is the appropriate style and compliments the rest of her outfit. The ring to the left is quite a modern and sophisticated look and uses glass crystal for gemstones. The result is a high style ring that look like it is a designer piece with a lot of character and yet is quite affordable for high school girls in search of something different. The actual material content of costume jewelry is fairly low in terms of value. What this does is open up the world of high design jewelry to the jewelry buyer that has less than $100 to spend. The online jewelry retailer Emitations is well known for offering reproductions of jewelry worn by celebrities. They offer a virtual smorgasboard of designs from vintage costume jewelry rings to costume jewelry engagement rings that look almost identical to what some celebrities wear. Of course materials used include sterling silver and cubic zirconia like this ring to the right which is a reproduction of Beyonce’s engagement ring when she married rapper Jay Z in a quiet, out of the limelight wedding. Costume celebrity jewelry works well as in another celebrity jewelry instance where we would expect the expensive emerald drop earrings worn by Angelina Jolie for instance to be of high quality and good color with minimal inclusions,. So the use of crystal clear cubic zirconia in a green emerald color is appropriate and realistic looking. No one is going to mistake the green cz for emerald but it makes for a great reproduction piece and a conversation starter. The price of costume jewelry allows a woman to create a jewelry ensemble for a minimal
  2. 2. investment. It allows you to make a fashion statement without breaking the bank. If you were to put together a jewelry ensemble from David Yurman Jewelry you would be running into the $3000 dollar range easily for a pair of earrings, a necklace, pendant and perhaps a bracelet. The actual precious content in this jewelry would actually not be much since it would be mostly sterling silver and semi precious stones. It would still be considerably more than regular costume jewelry. Unfortunately there can be no reproductions of jewelry from well known designers because of design infringement. However you can find costume jewelry cocktail rings inspired by designers that give a small flavor of their products without violating any laws. Cheap costume jewelry rings with David Yurman’s cable motif is readily available online. There is no shortage of women looking for look alike designer jewelry for $50 or less which is why this type of costume jewelry does so well like this ring to the left which is inspired from David Yurman’s five row confetti ring.