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I wish...


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I wish...

  1. 1. I wish (that) I had a magicwand, so all my dreamswould come true… © Dulce Rosales
  2. 2. I wish I was I wish I didn’tThinner. eat so much. I wish I knewI wish I had all themore money… answers
  3. 3. I wish my mother bought me everything I want. &I wish my father left me alone.
  4. 4. Last Easter we went …Last easter I went to to Fuerteventura.The weather was awful! I wish the Fuerteventura weather hadNow… I wish been better.I hadn’t gone I wish it hadn’t I wish I had rained. stayed at home…
  5. 5. Others’ wishes…• She wishes Sam studied more• John wishes he had a jet• They wish it hadn’t rained• Mary wished she had said something…
  6. 6. Wishes… (rules)PRESENT SITUATION: WISH:• I am not thin • I wish I was thin• I don’t know • I wish I knew• She is making noise • I wish she wasn’t making that noise• PAST SITUATION: WISH• • I wish I had gone on holiday I didn’t go on holiday• • I wish I had had a great time I had an awful time• • I wish it hadn’t been raining It was raining © Dulce Rosales