Reflections on life comments from lst version.


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Reflections on life comments from lst version.

  1. 1. Reflections on Life(A slide show which I created in 2009 to promote thought and discussionin my Community Cohesion workshops. There are later and morecomprehensive versions also available as free downloads from myresources site on the TES website.) durgamataSpecialist subjects Art and Design, Religious Education, CitizenshipStatistics This user has contributed 51 resources which have been viewed 33,271 times.Most popular resources by this author • Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Countries and cultures — Early Years Foundation Stage up to adult, good for Assemblies, RE and Citizenship (Activity)reflection on lifeFind this resource at info on website www.bluelotus.cocontact info@bluelotus.coComments from the original and extendedversions of Reflections On Life. I’ve highlighted the comments that relate to using the slide show to de-stress after a hard day.There is some discussion of music and in the latest Reflections on Life filewhich I uploaded recently. I included a range of suitable music trackswhich I select from when customising the Part 2 for a particularworkshop.Sadly because Community Cohesion has now been sidelined I have notbeen able to arrange many of these workshops this year but I am offeringthem free to faith groups community groups, or any other interested
  2. 2. people who recognise the importance of this kind of activity - and whowill cover my travel expenses. They really do make a difference.I live to love ‘God’ and serve ‘Him / Her, / It’ - whatever anyone wishesto call the Essence of Reality which I believe is all-pervading and I findin the hearts of all my brothers and sisters around the world. –DurgaMata May 2011)So – here are the comments from teachers who have downloaded theSlideShows from the TESLovely - thank you !!5 out of 5Ace!. Thankyou for ur generosity! I will be using it tomorrow with a yr10 excluded boy, in care. Will let you know his response.from denise901,5 out of 5Thank you for sharing. I shall use this on the IWB during our thinkingtime Thank you.from zulu,5 out of 5in search of peace. These images depict peace in the best light ever! welldone i love them and cant wait to give them ago in my p4c session.from sharon481,3 out of 5very reflective. really superb resource, thought this could be used in myreflections zone on a digital photo frame looped. Has given me an idea todo different ones according to my reflections zone theme. Thankyou!!from inadream,3 out of 5Truly amazing. Fantastic pictures. Thank youfrom pitgirl,3 out of 5Awesome powerpoint. Awesome pictures - well donefrom tick-tick,3 out of 5
  3. 3. How thought provoking. I teach pre-entry ESOL learners and thesepictures and words created more discussion than anything we have everdone! Thank youfrom suzclare,2 out of 5Beautiful pictures and thoughts.. Powerful,awesome,fabulous! Thank youso much.from louandju,1 out of 5This is Fab!. Comes up perfectly for me - fantastic pictures! :0)from ca_page,5 out of 5Beautiful and inspiring.. Thank you for putting together such a wonderfulresource - it must have taken hours collecting all the images. I cant waitto use it. What a pity more people havent thanked you.....from blue powder monkey,5 out of 5This is Awesome. Awesome I love it.(report comment)3 out of 5Thought provoking. Incredible images that could be used as a stimulusfor various discussions and activities. Resources are there-you have to dothe work though!from cup.of.tea,3 out of 5Powerful images. Will try to incorporate this into an assembly talk onPeace.from vingo,5 out of 5Spectacular. WOW, WOW, WOW spectacular words and images. Reallyinspiring. Good to know that in all parts of the world there are peoplewith the same goal and vision in life-PEACE.from julia long,3 out of 5
  4. 4. The pictures are lovely. and a lot of work has gone into this. It is veryuseful to have these quotes available. It would be quite hard to include allbeliefs (speaking as an atheist!) but I enjoyed this.from Terryteacher, 3 out of 5lovely pictures. Pictures are lovely. There is a limited written informationavailable. All the religions are not included. Pictures are excellentcollection. excellent contribution. well donefrom lodhi,3 out of 5beautiful and deep. what a fantastic powerpoint. I think it will take alifetime to sink into the beauty of those lovely pictures..from spectra75,3 out of 5just checking it works ok. Yes, it downloaded ok but some of the fontschanged so that the source of the one about the Word was lost. It is ofcourse the Gospel of John ch1 v1,My only other criticism is that when I added the final slide I forgot toincrease its time allowance. If you can pause it for a few second there itwould help.from durgamataI remembered this when asked if I could help with an assembly on Peace.Thanks for saving me much time (I havent taken the credit!)from ozsubrosa, 17 November 2010 (report comment)5 out of 5well done. very useful as a starter for an assesment on peace and war.Thanks for sharingfrom sjh70, 04 May 20104 out of 5BEAUTIFUL. Beautiful!!!!!!!!from chrisdean123, 13 February 20103 out of 5Super Images and quotes. This is one I will watch to de-stress andmotivate myself after a difficult day!from frances57, 10 October 2009
  5. 5. 4 out of 5Fantastic!. I echo what others have said - have left comments on yourother power points. Thank you again for all your hard work - I can seemany uses throughout the curriculum for your inspiring resource.from blue powder monkey, 27 September 20095 out of 5gailn99999. Brilliant!3 out of 5I watch it after school to de-stress, too.Thankyou Jennifergu and tinageoff.I put it together and the best music is All Angels version of Windmills ofyour mind. If you contact me I can send it to you.The very latest version - with more Islam Sikhism and Judaism added inresponse to some comments - will be available soon from my durgamata, (this website is currently unavailable but it will bereconnected soon, linked with the current site which )5 out of 5ideal for assembly. Now I just have to find some music - thank you somuch. What a lot of hard work!from tinageoff,4 out of 5a fantastic range of images and quotations to support spiritual focus. Thisis wonderful. Thankyou to whoever put it together.from jennifergu