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Vectors project


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vectors project

Published in: Education, Technology
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Vectors project

  1. 1. Durga Kullakanda & Jared DachroedenVectors Project
  2. 2. The ProblemA scientist pushes a particledue north at 0.26 N, like shewanted, but a magnetic fieldin the chamber pushes theparticle 0.08 N at 322°. Theparticle is not travellingnorth now. How much forcemust the scientist apply tothe particle to make sure theparticle is heading north?
  3. 3. The solution to the problem
  4. 4. The Solution Find the x and y change of the vector of the scientist’s push. The particle goes up 0.26 N, and there is no x movement, so it is: <0, 0.26>.
  5. 5. The Solution
  6. 6. The Solution
  7. 7. The Solution
  8. 8. The Solution