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Brandstorming offers sales training programs on LinkedIn, Facebook Graph Search, and Google for clients interested in boosting the effectiveness of their sales force.

We've trained over 5,000 individuals on using social platforms, and have created an effective program to change the habits of your salesforce. Our basic program works with a few salespeople an hour a week on their live prospects, than compiles that learning into a video library for the rest of your sales force.

For more information, contact Jim Durbin at Brandstorming at 469-619-3440 or

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Social Sales Training

  1. 1. Social Sales Training LinkedIn Profiles And Prospect Research Saturday, November 2, 13
  2. 2. Engagement Outline • Social Sales Kickoff – – Demonstration of how pre-sales funnel intelligence impacts individual goals and metrics – Basics on internet research including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn – • Presentation on power of Social Sales, including in-depth LinkedIn Training Surveys distributed to identify salespeople most likely to get training Live Monthly Sales Training – – GotoMeeting session recorded for manager review – • Weekly sessions working with selected salespeople on calls, meetings, and presentations Pre- and Post session work delivered including lists, research, and design. Video Library Compilation – Sessions distilled into 2 minute how-to videos for the rest of sales force – Library keeps knowledge in-house to train new salespeople, reinforce habits 2 Saturday, November 2, 13
  3. 3. Engagement Overview Stage Activity Timeline Output Requirements Gathering Session Session: Survey/Discussion to identify challenges, opportunities, roadblocks, processes, executive expectations 2 days Preliminary findings document List of Business Needs Roadblock identification Social Recruiting Workshop: Present LinkedIn Profile Training Identify salespeople to be trained 90 minutes Presentation and Program Description Social Sales Training: Weekly sessions working on prospect lists, call lists, and meetings preparation. 1 hour per salesperson Goal Setting Internal Kick-off session onsite Monthly Training Online (GoToMeeting) Candidate Selection Updated prospect files Proposal design and script preparation Metrics on improvement over baseline Video Library Saturday, November 2, 13 Training videos: Weekly additions Brandstorming creates short 2-3 minute videos on techniques taught during sessions Baseline learning library Technical deliverables Habit formation
  4. 4. Deliverables • Survey and Kickoff – – Social profile recommendations – • Analysis of current salesforce capabilities LinkedIn Profile Training Monthly Training – – Packet on prospect research – Robust call list additions (phone, email, profile research) – • Social Profile Adjustments Sales and Social marketing training as needed. Video Library – 3-4 micro videos teaching internet techniques on prospect research – PDF’s of training documents as needed on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Research 4 Saturday, November 2, 13