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Roe website

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION The Compensation Fund introduced the submission of Returns of Earnings online as from 08 May 2012. It is for all employers registered with the Fund in terms of Section 80 of the COID Act. Return of Earnings form must be submitted on or before the due date specified by the Director-General, declaring the total amount of earnings/salaries paid to all employees employed in terms Section 82 of the COID Act.
  3. 3. Who should submit/not submit? An employer who is registered with the Fund in terms of section 80 of the COID Act A director/owner/employer representative, who has a valid South African Identity document An employer who’s business status has changed need not to submit online (nature of business, ceased, amalgamated liquidated, etc.)
  4. 4. What do I need to submit online? A valid RSA ID number CF registration number/Contract account number old/new Access to internet & email facility
  5. 5. If I got more than one company, can I submit for it too? Yes, you can add more organizations against your username NB When the business has Status change etc., closed, ceased, liquidated or sequestrated etc., do not submit Roe online Nature has changed must not submit online
  6. 6. What are the benefits? Paperless You get your invoice immediately Avoid delays in processing your assessments After you’ve paid. You get a goodstanding for the whole financial year
  7. 7. How do I submit Go to For new users, registration for the DOL User Account is necessary and therefore you are required to click on the button “Register for DOL User account” as shown below:
  8. 8. Cont. The screen shot shown below titled “DOL Access Form” appears (Note that this is the person who will be transacting and communicating with Compensation Fund on behalf of the company s/he represents):
  9. 9. Cont. Fill in the given ID number, and click on the button “Verify Identity Number” as shown below: The screen shot below appears, with the message “Individual details found ….Please complete the other details”:
  10. 10. Cont. Fill in the details: E-mail (Please note that all e-mails from this time will be sent to this e-mail address). Mobile Number Telephone Number Characters in the red box (if they are not visible please get new images on the button below the red box) Click on the button “Apply for DOL Access” as shown below: The message “Your application has been processed and email will be sent to you” appears on the screen.
  11. 11. Cont… Go to your e-mail Inbox and open the e-mail that has been sent to you. The screen shot shown below appears
  12. 12. Cont Click on the link that is in the paragraph which states “ Please login to the ROE website at the following url” : and complete the registration for ROE Access. You have now successfully applied for the Department Of Labour (DOL) User Account.
  13. 13. LOGIN INTO THE ROE WEBSITE Once you have clicked on the link in point number 11 in Part A, the screen shot below then appears: Enter the User Name and Password which were sent to you via e- mail, and click the button “Log In” ( ), and the screen shot below titled “Application for ROE Form” , with the message “Welcome again ... CHARMAINE CATERINA STRYDOM” appears
  14. 14. Cont.. CF Registation number is Old number with eleven digits you enter like this 002416177 only the seven digits OR Contract Acc. No.: it’s the new number with 990000 12 digits
  15. 15. Cont… Fill in the CF Registration number/ Contract Account Number, and click on the button “Get Organisation” as shown below: The screen shot below appears with the details of the Organisation, with the message “Organisation Details found”
  16. 16. Cont Click on the button “Apply for ROE Access” as shown below: The message “Your application has been submitted for approval” appears, and an e-mail is sent to you. Go to your e-mail Inbox and open the e-mail received. The screen shot below appears:
  17. 17. Cont Click on the link in the e-mail and the screen shot below will result, and an e-mail is also sent to you: Go to your e-mail Inbox and open the e-mail received, and the screen shot below will appear:
  18. 18. Cont Click on the link on the e-mail, and the screen shot below, with a welcome message, will result: You have now successfully logged in, into the ROE Website
  19. 19. CHANGING ORGANISATION DETAILS Whenever an organisation’s details such as addresses and telephone number have changed, they must be updated to reflect the current existing details of that particular organisation. Within the ROE Website the following steps are followed to change those details: Click on the “ROE Menu”, situated at the top left corner of the website under the Department of Labour logo, and the screen shot below will result:
  20. 20. Cont.. To change the details of your organisation click on the menu “ Change Organisation Details” as shown on the screen shot below:
  21. 21. Cont… The screen shot below appears (note that all the fields marked in RED are compulsory fields and must be filled):
  22. 22. Cont… Fill all the compulsory fields marked in red, and check the terms and conditions box with a tick ( ) , then click on button “Save Details” as shown on the screen shot below: The screen shot below now appears, with the message “ Organisation Details Updated” You have now successfully updated the organisations details.
  23. 23. SUBMIT RETURN OF EARNINGS The submission of the Return of Earnings is the core of the ROE Website. The following steps are followed in submitting returns: Click on the “ROE Menu”, situated at the top left corner of the website under the Department of Labour logo, and the screen shot below will result:
  24. 24. Cont… To submit the Return of Earnings of your organisation click on the menu “ Submit Return of Earnings ” as shown on the screen shot below: The screen shot below now appears:
  25. 25. Cont… Check the box of the terms and conditions with a tick ( ), and for both Final & Provisional Assessment, enter the details of : Number of Employees Employees Earnings; and Directors Earnings Click on the button “ Save Return of Earnings” as shown below:
  26. 26. Cont… The screen shot below now appears (Note that this screen shot allows you to correct your values if they are incorrectly entered by selecting “No”, or to submit them by clicking “Yes”. Once the Earnings are submitted and are incorrect, you will not be able to correct them online in the Website, but a formal application has to be made to the Compensation Fund) :
  27. 27. Cont… To submit your Earnings, Click button “Yes”, and the following screen shot will appear: The screen shot above shows the following, for that particular employer: Amount invoiced to you ( R98 175) Invoice Number (90000071) The due date of the amount ( 13 May 2012) Deposit Reference number (140000000066) Banking Details of Compensation Fund You have now successfully submitted the Return of Earnings
  29. 29. Q: “ Individuals fetch failed ……405” A: ask the employer to check the ID after entering the ID number must click on “ if it still gives the same error forward his ID number and contact details to the support team. Tell the client they’ll create the username and password then they’ll receive a noreply email with them.
  30. 30. Q: “Organisation details not found” contact system administrator – A: means wrong contract account number or CF Registration number
  31. 31. Q: “Transaction rolled back “– means you’re applying for the second time and email will be sent to you with link client must their email for the No reply email like Your application for ROE access on behalf of the Company , OTTAVIO LUIGI TROSELLO, has been received. Please verify your application by clicking the following url : nse=2000023622@8009045391086
  32. 32. “You are not authorized to use this function"- contact the system administrator. This is a problem when the server is down or very slow Please try again later or call 012 406 5744
  33. 33. : Submission of ROE failed…….. Unknown Fault: Server Error Please forward the ROE number/ CA to the ROE Support Team It involves many scenarios or errors on the Organisation’s profile It can be the business is closed or Liquidated
  34. 34. NO ROE found for this Organisation There are no ROE’s created for the employer Business might have closed when it was registered, ROE were not created The business was transferred to FEMA/RAND Inform the client of the business status you need to create ROE’s for the years the business is active
  35. 35. : Submission of ROE failed ---- Error when Billing ROE It was processed in the office & sent for approval i.e. 30% variance, New User & Credit block Please forward email to the ROE Support team
  36. 36. There is a discrepancy with your declaration and it has been sent for an audit, and you will be notified within 5 working days.. Please call this number 086 010 5350 for further inquiries.” You’ve under declared the earnings from the previous years by more than 30%. Please do make an affidavit and also provide summary of the audited financials. If you’ve made a mistake give provide us the correct earnings.
  37. 37. ERRORS not Mentioned Refer them to the ROE support team for further assistance ROE Support Team Email: Call Centre: 0860 105 530 Thank you