Loan Officer Marketing Lesson 1


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Marketing 101 for mortgage loan officers. Helps real estate professionals differentiate themselves and attract their ideal customer.

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  • Southwest UVP- “Get passengers to their destinations when they want to get there, on time, at the lowest possible fares, and make darn sure they have a good time doing it.”
  • Loan Officer Marketing Lesson 1

    1. 1. Marketing 101: Setting your Foundation How Cobalt loan officers can develop and implement a marketing strategy to generate new customers.
    2. 2. Company Introduction Bop Design is a full-service marketing communications agency that understands the challenges of a small business. We provide the following services: • Advice on allocating your marketing dollars, focusing on highquality initiatives that maximize ROI and increase visibility • Strategic, consistent design that connects with your clients, communicates your unique value proposition, and builds brand loyalty • Professional, effective marketing communications that fit within your budget • Services include branding, logo design, web design, SEO, and SEM Setting Your Foundation
    3. 3. Determining Target Market • Who is your ideal customer? – Income – Geographic area – Values • What is this ideal customer looking for? – Directly and Indirectly • Where do you find this ideal customer? – Groups/Associations – Networking Setting Your Foundation
    4. 4. Ideal Customer Profile • Start with your best current clients – What makes them great? – Why do they work with you? – How did they find you? • Rank your clients – A, B, or C? • Identify “A” client attributes • Create an Ideal Customer Profile Setting Your Foundation
    5. 5. Sample Ideal Customer Profile Man or Woman • Age 32-55 • Married with kids • Dual Income: 125k to 200k • San Diego County • Current homeowner • Concerned about retirement, children’s college tuition, current cash flow, etc. • Involved in Lion’s Club, PTA, San Diego Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Church • What loan products and associated benefits will they be interested in? Setting Your Foundation
    6. 6. What Makes You Different? • Developing a Unique Value Proposition • Everyone selling the same products, but what makes you special? Sample UVPs- Setting Your Foundation
    7. 7. Determining Your Own UVP • 30-second “elevator pitch” – Overview of products/services – Target Customer – What makes you different from your competition? • Perform a SWOT Analysis – Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats – Helps formulate your UVP Setting Your Foundation
    8. 8. Developing a Tactical Approach Once you have determined your target market and what makes you special, it is time to determine an approach to generate new customers. Determine which tactics work best• Branding • Web Marketing • Social Media • Networking • PR • Events • Phone Calls • Email • Direct Mail • Referrals Setting Your Foundation
    9. 9. Next Week- Planning and Implementation • What every Loan Officer needs for lead generation • Your website and what it means for your business • In-depth explanation of SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Direct Mail – Cost effective, efficient methods to acquire new customers • Any questions? Setting Your Foundation
    10. 10. Thank You! Contact: Jeremy Durant 760.470.1275