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The Most


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Most wanted things in any body's life

Published in: Business, Technology
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The Most

  1. 1. "THE MOST"
  2. 2. The MOST damaging attitude RESENTMENT The MOST destructive habit WORRY The MOST greatest joy GIVING
  3. 3. LOSS OF SELF RESPECT The MOST satisfying work HELPING OTHERS The MOST ugliest personality trait SELFISHNESS The MOST greatest loss
  4. 4. DEDICATED LEADERS The MOST greatest natural resource YOUTH The MOST greatest "Shot in the arm" ENCOURAGEMENT The MOST endangered species
  5. 5. FEAR The MOST effective sleeping pill PEACE OF MIND The MOST crippling failure disease EXCUSES The MOST greatest problem to overcome
  6. 6. LOVE The MOST dangerous Pariah A - GOSSIPER The world's MOST incredible computer HUMAN BRAIN The MOST powerful force in life
  7. 7. HOPE The MOST deadliest weapon THE TONGUE The MOST worthless emotion SELF PITY The MOST best thing to have
  8. 8. "I CAN" The three MOST destructive words "ONLY I CAN" The two MOST power filled words
  9. 9. FAITH The MOST prized possession INTEGRITY The MOST contagious spirit ENTHUSIASM The MOST greatest asset
  10. 10. The MOST beautiful attire SMILE
  11. 11. Compiled by : Mail ID: [email_address] Web: I thank Ms.Joann who had contributed the ideas in the internet which helped me to compile this presentation THE MOST