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  1. 1. WOMEN OF NEPAL By Shelby D.
  2. 2. Introduction to Myself My name is Shelby. I am a History Major. I am 19 and next fall will be my Sophomore year at MSUM. I am from Stillwater, MN
  3. 3. History of Nepalese Women Women’s Foundation in Nepal was formed in 1988. During the 1980s, participation of women in Nepal's political and economic sectors was very low.
  4. 4. Major Problems Nepal is one of the largest suppliers of women and children to be trafficked into places such as India, Eastern Europe and Saudi Arabia. “More than 9,000 girls are trafficked each year from Nepal and Bangladesh into bondage in India and Pakistan.” (, 22 April 1998) “Every year around 10,000 Nepalese girls, most between the age of nine and 16, are sold to brothels in India.” (Tim McGirk, "Nepal's Lost Daughters, India's soiled goods," Nepal/India:News, 27 January 1997) “7,000 Nepalese women and girls trafficked for prostitution to the Asia Pacific area.” (Statement of the CATW - Asia Pacific and Philippine Women's Groups, 4th International Congress on AIDS in the Asia Pacific, 29 October 1997) “5,000 Nepalese women are trafficked into India yearly. There are now 100,000 Nepalese women in India in prostitution.” (CATW - Asia Pacific, Trafficking in Women and Prostitution in the Asia Pacific) “More than 200,000 Nepalese girls are involved in the Indian sex trade.” (Tim McGirk "Nepal's Lost Daughters, 'India's soiled goods," Nepal/India News, 27 January 1997)”
  5. 5. Current Political Role After democratic reforms of the 1990’s women have become more involved in politics, yet they are still far from 50 percent of the vote. In 1997 20% of local Government posts were reserved for women Able to be recruited into army
  6. 6. Ethnic Group Status of Women Tibeto-Nepalese women have a better status than Pahari and Newari Women
  7. 7. Role of Women in Nepal Most women play the traditional role in the household planting and harvesting. Their wages tend to be 25% less than men when employed. Education tends to be class based rather than sex based.
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