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Newscast presentation


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Newscast presentation

  1. 1. News Publishing Software Kapadia Hitesh M (016038) Mistry Himanshu G (016050) News Publishing Software 1
  2. 2. Acknowledgements• Dr. H.M. Desai (Vice Chancellor, DDIT)• Prof. R.S.Chhajed (Head of IT Department, DDIT)• Mr. Vipul Dabhi (Internal Guide, IT Dept, DDIT)• All Staff Members of DDIT• Mr. Devashish Pradhan (External Guide, CEO, Kawin Interactive) News Publishing 2 Software
  3. 3. Overview of Presentation Project Goal Concept of News Publishing Software Competitive Analysis Features Hardware & Software System Design Design Modules Screen Layouts Conclusion News Publishing 3 Software
  4. 4. Project Goal The main goal of the project is to develop News Publishing Software, which can publish news on the company or client web site dynamically. The system should also add news using HTML/Text Editor, delete news, schedule (publish, archive) news, manage news category (add, modify, delete), manage editor, reporter (add, delete, modify) using single/multiple administrator, search news, all the task is done online. News Publishing 4 Software
  5. 5. What is News Publishing Software ? News Publishing Software we call it eNews an extensive news management system, is a software for managing and distributing news headlines and other content over the Internet. eNews is a dynamic and online communication tool for keeping site visitors and employees notified, up-to-the-minute, on news affecting your company, its industry, the world and the neighborhood. Post News – Refresh News – Archive News All through a Convenient and Online Administration News Publishing 5 Software
  6. 6. News Publishing Software (Cont..) eNews is software, which caters the news to the people. It will be used for small size of News Paper’s publications. It will be having single or multiple admin from where the news can be entered. The main features will be searching the news or content, updating of news or contents for locally or remotely, which resides on the server. eNews, allows maintaining a news database on your web site. Post/edit/delete articles with headline, Publishers, date, full article and related link. News Publishing 6 Software
  7. 7. Benefits of eNews Time Saving: operations can be done in record time. Cost Saving: reduced printing costs, as well as timely phone, mail, and fax support of any news. Real-time Support: providing solutions and services more quickly. Extend your news networking and focused news publishing Enhance your Hi-Tech image. Easy integration within your site design. Web browser-based administration/publishing interface. Enhanced security with access rights. Manage day-to-day operations online Search news on web site. News Publishing 7 Software
  8. 8. News Publishing Software Competitive Analysis ( Comparing 3rd parties Software) News Publishing 8 Software
  9. 9. DynFEATURES Kawin Xigla a Fusion IDG EZ N Manager eNewsFront End JSP ASP. Net PHP PHP ASP Perl/CGI ASP. NetDatabase Oracle SQL Server mysql SQL ServerAuthentication Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes YesUpdate(add,Del,Mod) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes YesSchedule No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No YesCategory Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes YesArchives Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No YesSearch Engine Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No YesMultimedia Support No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes3 User Levels Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No YesHTML Editor No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes YesTEXT Editor Yes Yes No No No No No YesTempletes/Skins No Yes No Yes Yes No No YesHeadlines Links Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes YesReporters Biodata No Yes No No No No No YesPublish Preview No Yes No Yes No No Yes YesEditor review No Yes Yes No No No No YesPrintable Yes Yes No No No No No YesRSS Yes Yes No No No No No YesCSS Yes Yes No No No No No YesWord filter No No No Yes No No No YesForward News Yes Yes No Yes No No No YesManual/Help No News PublishingNo No No Yes Yes No YesVisitors comment No No No No Yes No No 9 Yes Software
  10. 10. Feature of eNews Authorization: With the security of a password protected log-in screen, only editors you authorize will be able to edit news articles. Administration: Browser-based administration functions that enable to add/edit/delete site content without needing to know HTML Control Panel: User-friendly, web-based interface to author and administer the system from anywhere in the world. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection Web Based Editor: Feature packed Web-based HTML editor and TEXT editor, so publishers will be able to provide rich content without having to know HTML or FTP. Multimedia Support: You can attach images, files, documents, to fully enhance your articles with state-of-the-art multimedia features. News Publishing 10 Software
  11. 11. Cont.. 3 User levels supported: No limits on the number of reporters, editors and administrators you can have. In order to fully administer and publish your vision, register as many editors and reporters as your server can support. Category Based: Create multiple categories to add your articles to. Add any number of articles to any number of categories. News & Article Preview: Easily preview how your News content will be displayed. Headlines: List and display latest news headlines on the Administrator, Editor, Reporter Panel as a hyperlink Search Engine: Powerful keyword based search engine system for easily browsing your articles and content. Printer Version: Allow users to easily get a printable version of your articles. News Publishing 11 Software
  12. 12. Hardware & SoftwareHardware: Pentium III , 256MB RAM, 40GB HDDSoftware: Server Operating System Windows 2000 Server Operating System Windows 2000 Professional Web Server Internet Information Service (IIS - 5.0) Database Server MS SQL SERVER 2000 Programming Language ASP.NET using VB.NET Design / Coding Tools Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Microsoft ASP. NET Web Matrix Analysis Tool Microsoft Visio Documentation Tools Microsoft Word Required Tools .NET Framework 1.0 For ASP. Net News Publishing 12 Software
  13. 13. Web Flow Diagram System Web Flow Visitor Web Flow News Publishing 13 Software
  14. 14. SYSTEM WEB FLOW News Publishing 14 Software
  15. 15. VISITOR WEB FLOW News Publishing 15 Software
  16. 16. Data Flow Diagram Context Level 1st Level Login 2nd Level Admin 2nd Level Editor 2nd Level Reporter News Publishing 16 Software
  17. 17. CONTEXT LEVEL News Publishing 17 Software
  18. 18. 1ST LEVEL LOGIN DFD News Publishing 18 Software
  19. 19. 2ND LEVEL ADMIN DFD News Publishing 19 Software
  20. 20. 2ND LEVEL EDITOR DFD News Publishing 20 Software
  21. 21. 2ND LEVEL REPORTER DFD News Publishing 21 Software
  22. 22. Design Modules Administrator Search News, Category, Employee Category Management Employee Management View News,Category,Employee Editor Search News, Category, Employee News: Add News, Review News (with Detail), Delete News Reporter Search News,Category,Employee News: Add News, View News (with Detail) News Publishing 22 Software
  23. 23. Screen Layouts Login Page Home Page Admin • Create New Category • Delete Category • Add Employee • View (Employee, Category, News) • Search (Employee, Category, News) Editor Home Page • Review News • Delete News Reporter Home Page • News (Add, Upload, Preview) Logout News Publishing 23 Software
  24. 24. Login PageNews Publishing 24Software
  25. 25. Home Page AdminNews Publishing 25Software
  26. 26. Create New CategoryNews Publishing 26Software
  27. 27. Delete CategoryNews Publishing 27Software
  28. 28. Add Employee News Publishing 28 Software
  29. 29. View EmployeeNews Publishing 29Software
  30. 30. View CategoryNews Publishing 30Software
  31. 31. View NewsNews Publishing 31Software
  32. 32. Search NewsNews Publishing 32Software
  33. 33. Search CategoryNews Publishing 33Software
  34. 34. Search EmployeeNews Publishing 34Software
  35. 35. Home Page EditorNews Publishing 35Software
  36. 36. Review NewsNews Publishing 36Software
  37. 37. Delete NewsNews Publishing 37Software
  38. 38. Home Page ReporterNews Publishing 38Software
  39. 39. Add NewsNews Publishing 39Software
  40. 40. Add NewsNews Publishing 40Software
  41. 41. Upload NewsNews Publishing 41Software
  42. 42. View NewsNews Publishing 42Software
  43. 43. Preview NewsNews Publishing 43Software
  44. 44. Logout PageNews Publishing 44Software
  45. 45. Conclusion To achieve final goal, we have Analysis, design and implemented some part of objectives. we have analyze news publishing online dynamically and it’s importance in News Publishing As a Part of Our System we have done Analysis & Design for “News Publishing Software”. We have design and implemented Administrator Panel, Editor Panel, Reporter Panel with their Basic functionality. During the Project work we also learn how the News is Publish on the site. All remaining work will be completed in Future days. News Publishing 45 Software
  46. 46. Thank You !!! News Publishing Software 46