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  1. 1. Partnership ProposalDO U WANT TO PLAY?
  2. 2. Section 1: About usDO U KNOW DUPLAYS?
  3. 3. The facts about DUPLAYS:•  the largest provider of adult recreational & competitive sport leagues for men, women and mixed play in the UAE•  a growing social network of over 35,000 active users•  a central sports portal for –  Information –  Registration –  Communication –  Booking –  Scheduling•  handle all aspects of organization for –  nightly sport leagues –  Corporate team building events –  weekend tournaments•  Event management –  From event conception to execution –  Working with brands or coming up with our own concepts
  4. 4. American Flag Football Badminton Basketball Cricket DanceDodge ball (In & Outdoor) Football (Soccer) Hockey Netball Softball + Tennis Touch Rugby Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball (In & Outdoor) Yoga more to come…PLAY DUPLAYS Sports
  5. 5.•  Our most powerful tool and the back bone of DUPLAYS•  Monthly Website stats: –  36,683 Unique Visitors –  103,691 Pageviews –  2.81 Average Page views –  00:03:23 Time on Site –  52% Bounce Rate –  60% New Visits•  Sport Pages display –  Entire sport league listings –  All event, league & tournament listings for a sport –  Introductory video and description of sport•  League Details Page displays •  Active leagues •  Schedules •  Rosters •  Message board •  On-line event registration
  6. 6. A look at THE NUMBERS: 35000   30000  •  Annual growth of 100% per annum since 2007 30000  •  Registered members 25000   20003   20000   –  Currently 35,000 from website –  Weekly 5,000 active participants 15000   9125  •  Valuable database of users ability to segment and 10000   target users based on: 4300   5000   380   –  Gender 0   –  Age 2007   2008   2009   2010   2011   –  Industry –  Sport –  Nationality –  Neighbourhood, etc.  14% 11% Men 17-30•  Male/Female age breakdown: 39% Men 31+ –  53% 17-30yrs of age 36% Women 31+ –  47% over 31yrs of age –  75% Men Women 17-30 –  25% Women
  7. 7. Snapshot of our MEMBERSHIP BASE •  65% of all team entrants are corporate teams •  Members are young, affluent professionals •  Representative companies from nearly every sector •  Most members have a bachelors degree or higher  •  Many professionals who find employment in the UAE contact us prior to arriving here
  8. 8. Events: Our experienceDUPLAYS and Snickers break a World Record – June ‘10Worlds Longest Football Match at 42 hours DUPLAYS and Gillette UAE Nations Cup – July ‘1048 football teams from 29 different countries, 500 participants DUPLAYS and Nike introduce the NikeFive tournament – Mar ‘09Largest futsal tournament in the region, 72 teams DUPLAYS and Flash introduce the NBA Jam Fest – Dec ‘10Largest 3-on-3 tournament in region, 128 teamsSamsung Masters of the Game – Mar ‘11World Football Freestyle ChampionshipsVolkswagen: Volkswagen Junior Masters – May ’11U13 Regional Tournament – Now developing 2012 across 5 countriesDUPLAYS and Duke bring Duke University basketball to the UAE – August ‘11Top US university comes to the UAE – ticketing, logistics, PR2012 World Foot Volley Championships – Oct ‘11DUPLAYS manages site and event logistics, ticketing
  9. 9. CREDENTIALSNot only do we bring the events experience, webring 35,000 people to participate.DUPLAYS and Snickers break a World Record – June ’10•  Training 32 athletes to compete in a competition•  Player logistics including travel and accommodation•  Coordination with brand teams for regional eventDUPLAYS and Gillette UAE Nations Cup – July ‘10•  Recruitment of teams – 48, scheduling, staffing•  Apparel production & distribution DUPLAYS and Nike introduce the NikeFive tournament – Mar ’09•  3 locations, 8 weeks, 72 teams•  Venue branding, venue management•  In-store promotion and apparel distribution DUPLAYS and Flash introduce the NBA Jam Fest – Dec ’10•  Team recruitment and communication•  Equipment procurement and installation•  Coordination with international sporting organization
  10. 10. CREDENTIALSSamsung Masters of the Game – Mar ’11•  Venue preparation and management•  Player logistics•  University promotional teamVolkswagen: Volkswagen Junior Masters – May ’11•  School recruitment across the UAE•  Venue, communication, branding managementDUPLAYS and Duke bring Duke University basketball to the UAE –August ‘11•  Online ticketing and distribution•  Branding management and installation•  Media Management – radio, print, TV•  Filming rights and installation2012 World Foot Volley Championships – Oct ‘11•  Logistics management•  Zoning approvals and licensing•  Complete venue preparation•  Social Media management
  11. 11. Section 2: Your involvementDO U KNOW WHAT WE’RE PLANNING?
  12. 12. Timeline: Proposed Upcoming Events Project J: Project E: Olympic Quest Street Cricket Tournament Dubai Mall Project B: Dubai Camping Project C: The empty Quarter University Games / Project H: League Indoor 10km Run University Campus Dubai MallJanuary February March April May June July Project D: Project A: CityChase Fitness Challenge UAE JBR – The Walk Project F: Basketball Project I: JBR – The Walk Indoor Football Project G: Tournament Golf Dubai Mall Emirates Golf Club Recurring/On going Events: Goals: Exposing your brand to the UAE The Olympic Quest Run Club à Building up to the Indoor 10km Run The aim is to not only create brand awareness Sponsor one of our nightly DUPLAYS Leagues but to engage with people through doing sports. The   following slides will put forward a range of events engaging with various demographics across the UAE   *Please note that dates are tentative and can be changed according to your needs.
  13. 13. Project A: The UAEs FittestWHAT Dubai’s first citywide Fitness Test – An inclusive eventgetting as many sports clubs as possible involved in a 2 dayfitness challenge to crown UAEs fittest man and woman.  WHEN February 2012WHERE JBR Beach – The WalkPROPOSED DIVISIONS AND LOGISTICS•  CompetitiveIndividual – Men’s and Women’s (18+) ; Juniors ; Team – 4athletes (2 Men + 2 Women)•  RecreationalIndividual – Men’s and Women’s (18+) ; Juniors ; Team – 4athletes (2 Men + 2 Women)SETUP: 8 – 10 athletes compete at the same timePARTICIPANTS: Total of 56 athletes (28 men, 28 women)Exercises to include Olympic Lifts, as well as endurancedisciplines like swimming and running.HOW DO WE GET THE WORD OUT DUPLAYS will contact all thefitness providers to get them to contribute in the eventplanning as well as promote the event to theircommunities.
  14. 14. Project B: Camping PARTICIPANTS 20 participants TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC Participants - 50:50 male: femaleWHAT Drive through the Empty Quarter and experience the 60% 25-34thrill of 4 wheel driving. Set up camp in the desert and enjoy anafternoon of fun games and team building activities BRANDING This is an opportunity to brand the 4 wheel drive cars as well as the camp site.WHEN February 2012WHERE Oman/UAE
  15. 15. Project C: University GamesWHAT DUPLAYS is initiating an inter university sports eventfeaturing 4 sportsThis is a fantastic opportunity to communicate with a very difficultsegment to target. Get into the social fabric of student life byintroducing an event that lies in their passions.WHEN March 2012WHERE Events to be held on university premises or in the vicinity.•  TARGETS AUD, AUS, Academic City, Abu Dhabi University, Knowledge Village, + others•  Answering the call for healthier lifestyles for UAE YouthAGE GROUP17-23GENDER Male and FemaleEVENTS 2 Events (March 2012), 2-day eventsPARTICIPANTS 800 per eventSPECTATORS 3000 per eventCOMMUNITY SIZE OF UNIVERSITIES 50 000 Volleyball Basketball Football Athletics
  16. 16. Project C: University LeagueThe events will be the base for a future inter-university leagueacross Dubai and the UAEWe will be targeting not only the athletes but also proactivelyincentivizing all students to register to maximize communication •  SOCIAL PLATFORM: DUPLAYS will create a specialized platform to gather the UAEs athletic student body and its fan base following, online and offline, through the universal language of sports.EXPOSURE This an opportunity to have continuous brandexposure with an active demographic.BE THE FIRST to be known as the partner of organized team sportsfor students in the UAE.LONGEVITY Instill long-term recall of your brand and increasechances of brand recollection that extends beyond academicyears.REACH Use the leagues as a platform for future events withoutadditional marketing/PR spend.  DATABASE Create a platform where students can interact  
  17. 17. Project D: City Chase BRANDING Each city typically reaches between 500 to 2,000 participants, but sponsors will reach far more people through direct interaction with members of the general public andWHAT CityChase is a unique urban adventure that requires significant spectator exposure at high profile ChasePoints.teams of two to search for ChasePoint challenges scattered Brand marks incorporated into the name of the Series as thethroughout their city official Presenting Partner as well as into all advertising,2-person teams will run, walk and use public transit, GPS, use promotional media and communications (including all e-mailmobile phones to call for assistance and access the internet, promotions and correspondence)and even employ the help of total strangers to complete thisurban challenge BENEFITS DUPLAYS sees City Chase as growing into a yearly event with the opportunity to expand to other cities in theWHEN March 2012 region after the inaugural eventWHERE Dubai, UAEPARTICIPANTS 300 teams (600 people) DUPLAYS has the rights to the international City Chase events in the Middle East.TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC Participants - 50:50 male: female60% 25-34 YOA; Media – 22<44; Male and Female division
  18. 18. Project E: Street Cricket LOGISTICS First day will see all initial games played. Second dayWHAT A 2 day Street Cricket Tournament featuring 12 teams will be immediate knock out and finals.battle is out for the finals. The game will last 8 overs; bowlers to bowl a maximum of 1 over and batsmen to bat a maximum of 2 overs.WHEN April 2012WHERE Dubai, UAE BRANDING Be part of a unique event in the UAE and get your brand name out there. Tap into our already existing cricketPARTICIPANTS 12 teams (maximum of 10 players per team) member base to maximize attendance. Benefit from our socialTARGET DEMOGRAPHIC Participants – Men’s only Age group: media presence to communicate with your target market.25-34
  19. 19. Project F: Street Basketball TournamentWHAT A 2-day 3 on 3 basketball tournament featuring youth clinicsand training sessions.WHEN April 2012WHERE JBR – The WalkPROPOSED DIVISIONS 5 divisions to 10 divisions – Boys/Men: U12, U15,U18, U22 (Uni), Men’s A, Men’s B; Girls/Women: U15, U18, Women’s &Mixed divisionGENDER Male and Female divisionEXPECTED FOOTFALL 700 participants; 2000 attendees per dayYOUTH CLINICS 150 participantsOUR EXPERIENCE DUPLAYS organised a very successful NBA Jamfestin 2010 which saw over 500 participants and footfall of over 2000people.BENEFITS Basketball is a popular sport amongst the Arab and Filipinocommunity. You will also get the opportunity to engagewith a large number of university and school students.
  20. 20. Project G: Golf Nations CupWHAT Par 3 Nations CupWHEN April 2012WHERE Dubai Creek Golf Club or Emirates Golf ClubLOGISTICS 4 rounds of 80 minute Par 3 Golf Tournament with36 participants per round.PARTICIPANTS 140 participants over the course of the day in teams of 4NATIONS Participant enter representing their country.BENEFITS Golf is a popular sport among the UAE populationand will give your brand the opportunity to communicatewith the more affluent demographic.
  21. 21. Project H: The UAE’s Inaugural Indoor RunWHAT Dubai’s first indoor running event! Escape the heat of thesummer and run a 10km race in the largest Mall of the WorldWHEN May 2012WHERE Dubai MallPARTICIPANTS Open to all ages; Up to 500 runnersGETTING INVOLVED LONG TERM Get fit in the build up to thisamazing event by sponsoring a DUPLAYS organised running club.ADVERTISE Approach retail shops to have targeted shop windowdisplaysENGAGE Promote and create brand awareness with large scaleadvertising throughout the mall.EXCITE Getting people fit and excited about athletics especiallywith the London 2012 Olympics just around the corner. Whatbetter way to do this than by holding a unique event in the worldslargest mall.EXPERIENCE Be part of the first indoor run in the UAE
  22. 22. Project I: Football Nations CupWHAT Football Indoor 5-aside tournamentWHEN June 2012 over 2 daysVENUE Dubai Mall Ice Rink (covered surface)NATIONS Inviting teams from across the UAE to Dubai to representtheir countries! Multiple entries for one country are possible.OUR EXPERIENCE In July 2010 DUPLAYS organized an event for350 participants and 48 teams for the GilletteNations Cup Football Tournament.DEMOGRAPHIC: Ages 8 – 50+Members are young, affluent professionals, athleticNATIONALITIES Capture an international audienceCAPACITY 1,200 people can be seated in the Ice Rink plusspectators in the mallBENEFITS Football is a popular sport in the UAE and will create alot of footfall. Organizing Youth Clinics and games will also allowyou to interact with a large range people.
  23. 23. Project J: London 2012 Olympic QuestTHE CONCEPT is to run a COMPETITION The Quest will take SOCIAL MEDIA Tag yourself onregion-wide online place over the course of 6 months, in the Facebook page for acompetition to have a lucky the lead up to the Olympics. chance to enter thewinner to go to the Olympics. competition to win a trip to theBy getting people talking THE CHALLENGE is to take photos of Olympics!about Olympic Sports and yourself doing as many Olympictrying them, your brand is disciplines as possible. For every entrydirectly involved and engaged submitted you receive one chance towith its people. win a trip to London in 2012. The more Olympics Sports you do, the better your chances to win.
  24. 24. Project J: Olympics Quest VENDORS DUPLAYS will ONLINE The designated THINK BIG The entry to the contact vendors and facility website for The Olympic competition is done online suppliers in the UAE, Qatar, Quest will have a list of all and is therefore open to Kuwait and Lebanon to Olympic disciplines and the people from the UAE, Qatar, establish relationships and vendor list available for Kuwait and Lebanon negotiate discounts. The download. extensive list will be available to everyone and published online. THE SIGNATURE EVENT The THE WINNER The winner of final event will be held at the 6 month quest will be Dubai Mall Ice Rink. An drawn at the final event in artificial surface is laid over the Dubai Mall and will win the ice to create a great an all expenses trip to space for activities. This London 2012 to see the sports expo will showcase Olympics. different Olympic disciplines such as taekwondo, fencing and judo and many others. Spectators can participate and try the different sports.
  25. 25. Project J: Olympic Quest BenefitsREACH EVERY MARKET POSITIVE ASSOCIATION •  Online competition allows you to target •  People get to try new sports at 4 different countries discounted prices courtesy of your brandSOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT •  Inclusive campaign for the whole family •  People are encouraged to take photos and tag themselves •  Continuous online trafficCONTIUOUS EXPOSURE •  Online: Providing useful content to people – places to do fun activities During the course of the 6 months you will be providing men, •  6 months of continued brand exposure women and children the incredible opportunity to participate in with a strong link to the Olympics sports and activities. Getting involved in something that is truly their passion.
  26. 26. Timeline: Our weekly leagues A snapshot of some of our weekly leagues Netball Softball Women’s only Metropolitan Cricket DAA Hotel Nad Al Sheba Golf Beach Volleyball Industry Specific Flag Football Emirates Golf Barasti Corporate League Metropolitan Hotel Club Dubai Modern CORPORATEMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Basketball – Men’s Badminton Basketball – DIA Raffles West Campus Women’s DIA Indoor Football Football Crossfit Umm Suqeim DAA Al Wasl Road Beach Volleyball Barasti Ultimate Frisbee Metropolitan Hotel
  27. 27. Our Leagues: Weekly organised leagues DUPLAYS run weekly sport NO HASSLE DUPLAYS EASY REGISTRATION The leagues offering many manages facilities, backbone of DUPLAYS is our different sports and skill administrators and website. Registration for all levels. Participants play equipment. All participants leagues is done online. once a week over a period need to do is show up. of 8-10 weeks. SPORTS Our current leagues LEVELS All skill levels are THE SEASONS Seasons run include American Flag welcome in our leagues; we four times per year; January, Football, Badminton, run beginner, recreational April, July, September Basketball, Beach Volleyball, and competitive leagues. Bowling, Cricket, Football, GENDER Separate men’s, Golf, Netball, Softball, INCLUSIVE Participants can women’s or mixed leagues Swimming, Touch Rugby, sign up as a team or as an are available. Ultimate Frisbee and more. individual.
  28. 28. Our Leagues: Women’s onlyOUR CURRENT OFFERINGS DUPLAYS currently runswomen’s only leagues to cater for thisdemographic.•  Netball – Dubai•  Basketball - DubaiOUR PLANNED OFFERINGS DUPLAYS needs morewomen’s activities in order to serve women whoneed activities on a weekly basis.•  Start Leagues in Abu Dhabi –Football and Basketball•  Sport Specific TrainingFootball, Basketball, Volleyball, Running Club,SwimmingADDITIONAL RESOURCES To supplement the sportspecific training and leagues we will organiseprofessional support by a nutritionist andphysiotherapist to maximise results.
  29. 29. Section 4: AppendixDO U WANT TO BE A PART OF IT?
  30. 30. SOCIAL MEDIA DUPLAYS MAILERS •  All registrants (bi-weekly) •  League registrants (weekly) FACEBOOK PAGE DUPLAYS takes care of all Social Media to advertise and bring attention to your event. •  All traffic and content to be driven to this page •  Registration for events and tournaments to have a separate backend solution developed by DUPLAYS •  Upload pictures through this medium with tracking TWITTER •  Twitter followers to be incentivized to follow with prizes and content updates YOUTUBE •  Upload videos of relevant videos in the build up to events.
  31. 31. REACH: Talk to our fans regularlyChoose from a number of options  1.  Online: •  Logo placement & branding •  Banner advertising •  Mailers •  Surveys & polls •  Video •  In-store DUPLAYS registrations kiosks 2.  Below the Line: •  Venue branding opportunities •  Apparel (staff & participants) •  Sampling •  Leaflets 3.  Above the line: •  Radio •  Press •  Print 4.  PR: •  Event announcements •  PR stunts & celebrity appearances
  32. 32. WHY DUPLAYS: Happy People!•  DUPLAYS contributes directly to the health and welfare of the country and its people. •  Our members enjoy increased: –  Cultural understanding –  Business networking –  Wholesome interaction•  A positive image for your Brand or Organisation Associate with us…•  A growing community (1,000 new members each month) Grow with us…•  DUPLAYS has become integral in members daily lives You can too… •  DUPLAYS is a great point of entry for the 1,000’s of new expats arriving daily Talk to them first…
  33. 33. Contacts: Thank you! Derv Rao 055 224 0184 Nicola Bernhoerster 055 404 8327 nicola@duplays.comDO U WANT TO BE A PART OF IT?