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DUPLAYS Employee Engagement gets your employees healthier today.

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  1. 1. Employee Engagement Program
  2. 2. Objective – Employee Engagement Program Engage employees in sports and fitness activities to encourage a healthy lifestyle, social interaction & general well being at work What is an employee engagement program? •  •  Mix of sports, fitness and team building activities Developed for employees of all ages, nationalities & fitness levels How is such a program beneficial? •  Company Cares – employees appreciate the company investing in their health and well being •  Reward Recognize – employees get a chance to plan, lead, execute and celebrate success outside the office •  Break Boundaries – improve inter-departmental working relationships with increased interaction outside the office DUPLAYS 7-day Survey: •  •  •  Measure interest levels for activities with a quick online survey Give employees 7 days to vote for their favorite activities Discuss results (sample) of the survey and design a program sample  
  3. 3. Product Matrix – Employee Engagement Program DUPLAYS will create a calendar of activities which allows for all employees to participate in some form of exercise. 1.  Sports Program: for employees who are passionate about recreational sports 2.  1 Day Program: to engage employees in team building exercises or sports day 3.  Wellness Program: for employees who would like fitness and knowledge sessions 4.  Premium Package: incorporating a complete sports, wellness and team building program Choose one or multiple options Each activity to take place in different formats Sports Program Choose  from  16  sports  and  enter  a   team  in  a  corporate  sports  league.   Enjoy  regular  playing  :me,  an  hour  a   week  for  for  10  weeks.  Open  to   companies  of  all  sizes.   1 Day Program Organize  an  olympics  event  for   your  company  for  the  sports   enthusiasts    or  an  inclusive  team   building  with  ac:vi:es  based  on   your  company’s  core  values. Premium Program Create  a  tailor  made  premium   program  consis:ng  of  sports,   fitness  and  team  building.  Great   idea  for  an  incen:ve  program  for   employees       Wellness Program A  great  mix  of  fitness  sessions;   yoga,  zumba,  aerobics  or   knowledge  sessions;  stress   management,  smoking   cessa:on  and  healthy  ea:ng.   DUPLAYS provides: Venue Staff Equipment Trophies Scheduling Optional Food & Beverage Apparel Sound & Light Stage
  4. 4. Example  –  Sports  Program   Weekly  outdoor  session  of  DUPLAYS  leagues     Men’s Women’s Mixed Activity List Football Netball Bowling Softball Cricket Touch Rugby Tennis Golf Basketball Basketball Squash Swimming Badminton Volleyball Bowling Table Tennis DUPLAYS to provide: Facility Staffing Equipment adidas shirts Schedules Trophies & Medals •  Weekly Sport Leagues – 1 team entry into each sport league operated by DUPLAYS •  Sample calendar per week Sunday Dubai Basketball Monday Tuesday Wednesday Football Beach Volleyball Basketball Thursday Friday Cricket Saturday Men’s Women’s Mixed
  5. 5. Example – 1 Day Program 1 Day Beach Team Building – Value based activities Activity Name Game Perfect Employee Collage Memory Lane Great Puzzle Save the Egg Core Value Ice breaker Breaking Barriers Team Identity Taking ownership Speed of Execution Innovation DUPLAYS to provide Venue Staffing Equipment & Setup adidas shirts Food & Beverage Audio Examples of team building exercises Collage: This activity helps team members release their creative juices while developing a clear collective vision for becoming a team. Each team is given a sheet of flipchart paper, a bunch of magazines, scissors, markers, and glue sticks. Team have to cut images and words from the magazines to create the vision they have for their team, glue them to the flipchart paper. Teams have to explain their masterpiece and hold them up for everyone to see. Save the egg: This activity helps teams solve complex problems with limited resources. Teams are given assorted “egg protection materials” such as pipe cleaners, rubber bands, cotton balls, chewing gum, foam rubber, etc to design an egg protection device. The device is then tested by dropping it from the top of a ladder, the device is successful if the egg is still intact.
  6. 6. Example - 1 Day Program 1 Day Sports - Olympics Activities DUPLAYS to provide Cricket Football Volleyball Basketball Tennis 100m & 200m Long Jump Relay races Venue Staffing Equipment & Setup adidas shirts Schedules Food & Beverage Trophies & Medals Outline I •  Overview: There will be a total of 8 events over the course of 5 hours Outline II •  Photos: dedicated photographer to take pictures of all players •  Transportation: will be provided by company •  Opening ceremony: all participants to be welcomed and briefed •  Format: each team sport will have group games and top teams will qualify for the knockout stages. Each individual sport will have qualifiers and finals. •  Food & Beverage: each participant will receive a snack box after the event. Water will be available throughout the event •  Closing ceremony: trophies and medals to be given to the top 3 teams and individual for each event by the management and closing speech
  7. 7. Example – Wellness Program Weekly In-house dedicated session Fitness sessions Description General Fitness Instructor will lead moderate exercises to concentrate on strength, flexibility, stamina and weight loss through exercises like Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics Knowledge sessions Fitness Assessment Non-invasive measures like body composition, BMI, blood pressure, postural assessment Fit for Work Demonstrations of stretches and postural improvements for the body, back and neck at the office. Health Awareness What is Diabetes/ Cholesterol/Smoking Cessation – Preventative methods Management of diabetes/ Stress/Cholesterol. Using exercise to lower risks of prevalent diseases. Holistic Wellness & Food Optimal foods for daily consumption and hydration. A look at the foods that should make up your day. Relating current conditions to optimal foods. DUPLAYS  to  provide:   Trainers   Facility   Equipment   adidas  shirts     •  Sample 10 week wellness program calendar Week 1 Dubai Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Fitness Assessment Yoga Yoga Fit for Work Yoga Yoga Health Awareness Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Aerobics Aerobics Holistic Wellness
  8. 8. Logistics – DUPLAYS Employee Engagement DUPLAYS will be in charge of all league and event operations Facilities, Staffing, Equipment, Apparel, Trophies & Medals Facilities Staffing Equipment & Apparel Trophies & Medals Accessible indoor & outdoor facilities for football, cricket, basketball and other sports Qualified referees and administrators for organized leagues and one day event All sports related equipment; balls, bats, rackets, score sheets etc as well as shirts for participants Giveaways for all winners at the end of the league or event  
  9. 9. About DUPLAYS - Information Pantone 375 U CMYK (60, 0, 100, 0) RGB (111, 190, 67) HEX #6FBE43 Who we are •  Founded in the UAE in 2007 • is a platform for sport enabling users to search & sign up to play in a league or activity •  Our mission is to accelerate the discovery of sport in communities & facilitate sporting connections •  DUPLAYS has grown from 400 members in Q4/2007 to over 40,000 members as of May 2013 •  DUPLAYS is the largest provider of sport leagues for adults in the UAE What we do •  People struggle to find a network of fellow sports enthusiasts à DUPLAYS provides a feature-rich website to facilitate organized activity •  MENASA countries in particular have highly fragmented sport communities à DUPLAYS is positioned as the online resource to discover sport •  Engendering a culture of community sport yields immediate tangible benefits for a population’s health and welfare à DUPLAYS is aligned with government initiatives to improve health by organizing sport for all skill levels at a grassroots level Mission To become the leading sports platform in the world and be at the centre of the sport ecosystem in each market we enter. Pantone BLACK 6 C CMYK (69, 64, 71, 82) RGB (21, 19, 10) HEX #15130A Company Snapshot: URL: Industry: technology + sport event management Full-time employees: 19 Part-time employees: 70+ Founded: Q4 2007 Market presence: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Doha, Riyadh, Delhi (Gurgaon) Financial Information: Company stage: growth Capital raised to date: seed: $300,000, Series A: $800,000 Accounting System: Peachtree Management Team: Ravi Bhusari, Co-founder & Director of Business Development Derv Rao, Co-founder & Director of Specials Projects Brian Sigafoos, Partner & CTO Investor: MENA Venture Investments, Beco Capital, Wamda Capital (Abraaj)
  10. 10. About DUPLAYS – Client List DUPLAYS is the largest corporate sport provider in the UAE. DUPLAYS and Oxy – April 2013 200 participants, 1 Day Oxy sponsored university football tournament DUPLAYS and Easa Saleh Al Gurg – April 2013 100 employees, 10 week sports league and wellness program DUPLAYS and Petroleum Pipe – April 2013 50 employees, 1 Day team building beach event DUPLAYS and Abdul Wahid Rostamani – Mar 2013 500 employees, 10 week sports league and wellness program. DUPLAYS and First Gulf Bank – Mar 2013 850 employees, 10 week sports festival program DUPLAYS and Eton Institute – Mar 2013 50 employees, 1 Day beach team building event DUPLAYS and Weatherford – Mar 2013 50 employees, 1 Day cricket tournament DUPLAYS and Transmed – Feb 2013 100 employees, year long sport and wellness program. DUPLAYS and EMAL Emirates Aluminum – Feb 2013 30 employees, year long golf program. DUPLAYS and SEHA Abu Dhabi Health Services – Jan 2013 17,000 employees, year long sport and wellness program. To see our full listing of corporate events :
  11. 11. Contact us: Nauman Muhammad Manager– Corporate Wellness +97155 2240187 DO  U  WANT  TO  BE  A  PART  OF  IT?