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Published in: Education
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  1. 1.  Who we are: Apsara Dance Studio is established in 2007 by two founders: Ms. Ara Hwang, ambassador of Belly Dance in Vietnam and Hang An, one of pioneer in Salsa Community in Vietnam. Currently, it is managed by new board of managers. Apsara Studio is proud to be the first and the best dance studio in Hanoi which has a group of professional trainers from Vietnam and Oversea, great venue with modern and classic design, having fully equipped. Our target is to make sure: you can develop your talent you can enjoy and have fun you all can dance Objective: To be best dance studio in Hanoi where offer • you a variety of good quality dance classes from classic to modern, • unique and most creative choreography with great performance to your events
  2. 2.  Quality  Friendly  Quantity  Consulting you all kind of dances  Caring  Enjoying after classesTargeted members: Passion about dance Young executives, professionals Kids (high income family and respect art) Corporate groupOur achievements:
  3. 3.  Color: purple Meaning: Hindu mythology. Apsara is god of dance, is supernatural beings who appear as young women of great beauty and elegance that are proficient in the art of dancing. Why we choose: because we heritage from previous two founders Where/How to use: Every documents that .. sends out to customers, partners, students, … need to have our logo We can choose between these two logos:
  4. 4. Couple dance Salsa Bachata MerengueSingle danceClassic: Ballet Folk dance JazzVariety of Modern Jazzdance: Modern dance Contemporary Belly dance On the floor Hip Hop jazzFitness: Zumba Latin Dance Soft YogaMeditation: Reiki
  5. 5. Tien/Giang/LinhGiang Linh Finance Front desk Instructor (Phuong/Trang) Supplier
  6. 6.  FAQs Operation manual for daily (internal) Studio policies CS policies [or can mix with studio policies] Forms: For customers (feedback form, schedule (internal/external), … For marketing purpose (email, name card .. Finance