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Modern application built from scratch: API Platform FTW


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Scenario: You had an awesome idea. A brand new business. So you have to test it‘s adherence to market… as soon as possible. How? Fortunately we have Symfony and API Platform. This session will cover main topics to build a real world project on top of REST and GraphQL APIs with modern authentication while delivering clients and documentation. Barely touching PHP code for that.

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Modern application built from scratch: API Platform FTW

  1. 1. Modern application built from scratch API Platform FTW Anderson 'Duodraco' Casimiro • Innovation and Engineering Manager @ TOTVS
  2. 2. Agenda What you mean with Modern Application? Where do Symfony fits into this? Could you imagine an awesome app? Building it’s API, brand new way Let’s take control?
  3. 3. What do you mean with “Modern Application”?
  4. 4. A limitless one API Driven Secure Performative Scalable
  5. 5. A limitless one Unleash the power of your API RESTful/RMM Authentication Documentation GraphQL Progressive Web App
  6. 6. PHP 7.2.12 EXT: pcntl, pdo_sqlite, posix, curl, mbstring
  7. 7. Let’s get started Setting up the project composer create-project symfony/skeleton my-api
  8. 8. API Platform Am I cute huh? =3
  9. 9. .env
  10. 10. Let’s see our awesome TO-DO APP
  11. 11. Relational Model
  12. 12. GraphQL
  13. 13. GraphQL
  14. 14. GraphQL
  15. 15. Authentication JSON Web Token
  16. 16. /config/packages/ security.yaml
  17. 17. Hmm, let’s use our JWT Token
  18. 18. Client Admin
  19. 19. Told you I’m pretty cute! =3
  20. 20. Everyone has the same blood color @duodraco Images from