Better Content Strategy & Business Storytelling


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Our September 17 @DUO event will examine how a story-driven strategic foundation is the guiding star for the most effective content strategies and how it inspires more compelling business stories.

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Better Content Strategy & Business Storytelling

  1. 1. Content on a Mission: Better Content Strategy & Better Business Storytelling SEPTEMBER 17TH - 6:00PM - 8:00PM
  2. 2. Content on a mission. Positioning your business as an agent of change. A story-driven strategic foundation based on a service- driven mission, cause, or point of view, functions as a guiding star for content strategy and leads to more compelling business stories.
  3. 3. Better Content Strategies Start with why. Content on a mission makes a brand/business meaningful to the audience by talking about WHY it does what it does. A welcome relief from talking about what the business does or how it does it (or 5 more ways others should do it). Mission driven content is more interesting, engaging and relevant. And a heck of a lot more sustainable approach for content creators.
  4. 4. Better Business Stories Hint: they aren’t about you. Truly strategic business stories help other people come to grips with different aspects of a business environment that is rapidly changing around them. Strategic stories provide people with a template for taking action in uncharted waters. A template they can trust that will lead to success. Alas, many brand and business stories are still “all about me, more about me and back to me.”
  5. 5. The Service-Driven Mission Using the business platform to inspire audiences to work together to change things for the better. A mission gives people who want what you want -- but who don’t necessarily want to lead the charge -- a good reason to follow you. Support you. Engage you. And share what your business is saying and doing with others.
  6. 6. Helena B Communications Content Strategy and Story-driven Communications for Creative Firms. Helena Bouchez is a communications consultant and business storyteller known for her ability to help clients clearly define their business’ service-driven mission and point of view and articulate it in a distinct, compelling and authoritative voice that will resonate with executive decision makers. Follow Helena on Twitter @helenabouchez Connect with Helena on LinkedIn | /in/helenabouchez
  7. 7. Duo Consulting Changing the way organizations market and communicate online. Duo Consulting creates Drupal-based, content-rich digital marketing site and enterprise social networks accessible through desktop and mobile platforms. Our belief- Content leads clients. We help businesses and organizations create websites and social business portals that use content to attract and inform visitors. Follow Duo Consulting on Twitter @duoconsulting Connect with Duo Consulting on LinkedIn