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A Pocket Guide to ESN Features


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What features go into a solid Enterprise Social Network? Use this e-book as a roadmap to understanding popular features to help you evaluate your ESN strategy.

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A Pocket Guide to ESN Features

  1. 1. A Pocket Guide toEnterprise SocialNetworking Featureswww.
  2. 2. A Pocket Guide toEnterprise Social Networking FeaturesWhich features go into a effective Enterprise Social Network?Creating a compelling ESN requires a thoughtful strategy. You can’tjust heap every feature onto a website and expect it to work for yourorganization. You need a bird’s eye view of popular features fromwhich to choose.Consider this a categorized reference book of those features.Use it as a roadmap to help you evaluate your own ESN strategy.www. • @DuoConsulting
  3. 3. User ProfilesUser profiles are biographical and activity-based datasets that identify each employee on your ESN.• User Name & Password• Profile Pic• About Me• Contacts• Activity Feed• Backend Controlswww. • @DuoConsulting
  4. 4. GroupsGroups narrow the scope of conversations, creatingrelevant places for discussion on specific topics.• Departmental: Sales, Account Management• Team: Content Marketing, Product Management• Project: Website Build, Social Media Campaign• Social: Lunch Group, Softball Team• Committee: Board of Directors, Event Planners• Open Forums: Process Improvements, Product Ideaswww. • @DuoConsulting
  5. 5. Content HubsContent hubs are places where ideas, opinions, news,pictures and other information are created, shared,viewed and modified.• Newsfeeds• Group Forums• Blogs• Profile Pageswww. • @DuoConsulting
  6. 6. Private CommunicationPrivate communication features simplify one-on-onecontact, both in traditional email style and real-timeconversations.• Direct Messaging• Live Chatwww. • @DuoConsulting
  7. 7. EngagementEngagement features encourage more interactionbetween members of your ESN.• Notifications• Leaderboards• Personal Stats• Reminders• Featured Contentwww. • @DuoConsulting
  8. 8. SearchSearch is critical for an ESN, where a lot of the valuecomes from quickly finding archived conversationsand other relevant information.• Tags• Categories• Search Boxwww. • @DuoConsulting
  9. 9. CollaborationCollaboration tools simplify how employees worktogether across your ESN.• Document Collaboration• File Sharing• Asset Management• Project Management• Calendars• Pollswww. • @DuoConsulting
  10. 10. Backend ManagementBackend management features are administrative toolsthat help you gather organizational insights and keepyour ESN on the right track.• Analytics & Reports•WYSIWYG Content Management• Drag-and-Drop Layout• Member Directorywww. • @DuoConsulting
  11. 11. Improvement Toolswww. • @DuoConsultingEvery effective ESN simplifies the process of makingfunctionality improvements as time goes on.• Application/Module Development• API Integrations
  12. 12. Thank Youwww. • @DuoConsultingDuo has been involved in the strategy, design, development and deployment ofseveral enterprise social networks and business community sites. Based on ourexperience, our clients’ successes and the evident social business momentum,we continue to focus our efforts building custom enterprise social tools fororganizations like yours.If you’re looking to cultivate a happy, healthy internal culture that spursinnovation and saves your organization time and money, talk to Duo aboutyour next initiative.Call Michael Silverman 312.529.3010 or email at msilverman@duoconsulting.comto chat about how Duo Consulting can make your enterprise more social.