5 Things You Need To Know About Mobile SEO


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In the past 3 years, mobile searches have skyrocketed. Have you ever noticed that the search results on a mobile device are sometimes different than a search on your desktop computer? Ryan will discuss some of the latest trends in mobile search, and how to optimize your website for mobile SEO friendliness. He will also discuss the recent Google Panda update and how that will affect content development moving forward.

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5 Things You Need To Know About Mobile SEO

  1. 1. 5 Things You Need To Know About MOBILE SEO nus s bo ! Learn more about the latest Google Panda updatePlu rial and how it has affected content development m ate Ryan Kelly, Founder & CEO Pear Analytics | WebContent Conference 2011 | Chicago
  2. 2. #1 Search engine websites are the number one site visited by mobile users. Full Length TV Programming Magazine Travel Related Retail Social Networking Search Brand or Other Health Info Finance Related CouponManufacturerVideo Sharing Message General Reviews, Blogs, Boards Engine Consumer Source: The Mobile Movement Study, Google/Ipsos OTX MediaCT , Apr 2011 | Download it here
  3. 3. More than50%+ fifty percent of mobile searchers will make a purchase.Source: The Mobile Movement Study, Google/Ipsos OTX MediaCT , Apr 2011 | Download it here
  4. 4. ninety five95%+ percent of mobile searchers are looking for something local.Source: The Mobile Movement Study, Google/Ipsos OTX MediaCT , Apr 2011 | Download it here
  5. 5. 1 What Google Says About Mobile 1. Google can differentiate between smartphones and traditional mobile phones. 2. Google has two bots: Googlebot for desktop browser webpages and content, and Googlebot-Mobile for mobile content. 3. Google says they “expect smartphones to handle desktop experience content so there is no real need for mobile-specific effort from webmasters”.(!) 4. Google “may modify your webpages for an improved user experience”. 5. If you use a mobile sitemap, only include mobile content URL’s. 6. Google doesn’t care if you go with a separate URL structure and redirect for(!) mobile content (i.e. m.mysite.com), or serve mobile optimized content from the same URL using different style sheets. SOURCE: GOOGLE WEBMASTER CENTRAL BLOG, FEB. 22, 2011 “MAKING WEBSITES MOBILE FRIENDLY”
  6. 6. 2 Use a Mobile Stylesheet, Not Subdomain1. Create a mobile stylesheet for your traditional site and name it “handheld.css”.2. Block things you don’t want rendered using the “display:none” attribute.3. The iPhone won’t automatically pull the “handheld.css” stylesheet. Create adifferent one for the iPhone and call it “iphone.css”.4. The subdomain redirect option for mobile content can split your SEO benefitbetween 2 URLs, and Google is likely to rank your traditional page anyway. “rel=canonical” www.site.com m.site.com www.site.com www.site.com “301 redirect” “iphone.css”
  7. 7. 3 Google May “Transcode” Your Website1. Pages are “stripped” to optimize download time.2. Single pages could be broken into multiple pages.3. Transcoding services could create duplicate content, and dilute link popularity.4. Use this “no transform” directive in your header to prevent transcoding: <meta http-equiv="Cache-Control" content="no-transform" />
  8. 8. 4 Mobile Content vs. Traditional Content1. Ideally, mobile search engines would see you have both kinds of content, and wouldrank your mobile content first.2. Not the case (yet). Mobile content is at an algorithmic disadvantage since it’s newer,has fewer links, etc.
  9. 9. 5 Get Mobile Data in Your Analytics1. See what devices are hitting your website in Google Analytics.
  10. 10. Bonus! How the Panda Update Affected Content 11.8% 40%+ OF ALL SEARCH RESULTS AFFECTED TRAFFIC LOSS FOR MANY SITES 1. Use original content, not aggregated or syndicated from somewhere else. 2. Write content that answers people’s questions - not justs words on a topic. 3. Ensure the piece includes compelling added value over the original when quoting or using other sources. 4. Include links and other forms of significant engagement, such as social sharing. 5. Make sure you have valuable content across the entire site! AFFECTED AND WANT GOOGLE TO RECONSIDER? SUBMIT FORM HERE
  11. 11. download this presentation here:BIT.LY/PEAR-MOBILE