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Project presentation

  1. 1. A2 Media Communication and Production My Pitch By Tom Dunne
  2. 2. WelcomeThis is my Idea...
  3. 3. Defining first car culture locally!
  4. 4. Client researchThe brief:•You have been commissioned by the Northern Echo to produce a newmagazine or newspaper product. You product could be in any style orgenre, but it must be self financed through sales or advertising. Youmust also produce your magazine for a specified audience segmentwithin the 16 to 25 age group.
  5. 5.  Who are my target audience? Age: 17-20 Gender: Male Socio-economics: B-D Tribe: Boy Racers Occupation: students/ Apprentices
  6. 6. My target audience have a fairly light magazineTwo main brands specifically for „Boy Racers‟ are two consumption, this could be a set back for me, but also it could becompetitor magazines, these are very well known in the a opportunity because there is not enough good car magazinesscene on the market. Especially ones that target young drivers.
  7. 7.  Audience Constraints Constraints Age: The 17-20 year old target audience is risky as the content they want to see totally contrasts with the content mainly any other target audience would want to see. I will have to use Mature language but in a informal way, to satisfy all audiences. Gender: The Gender I am mainly focusing on the male gender as my primary target audience but I am aware that there are some women keen to modify there car so I cant be too bias within my article. Socio Economics: This helps me get an idea of the type of cars and products I can include in my article and not be to bias towards people who have more or less money. Tribe: The tribe I am focusing on is Boy Racers. Boy racers come with many negative perception from many other types of people I will need to be aware of this when writing my article, Maybe add more intelligent language? Educational status: Most of my readers will be students, but my target age includes more than students for example young workers or people on apprenticeships.
  8. 8.  “To the outside world modified cars are simply deemed „Boy Racers‟, whether they are tuned or heavily styled”This is a common Perception on boy racers, my journalists will need to be aware of these perceptions and include more intelligent language within the stories. “ Car modifiers, set on having fun and not taking motoring, or life, too seriously.” Boy racers are not all thugs or Chavs, there are a few that give people who modify there car a bad name but the majority of the time, the cars are so precious to the owners after spending so much time and money on them they could not think of anything worse than flying around putting there cars at risk.
  9. 9.  The press complaints commission deals with the complaints from the public about editorial content in magazines and newspapers. Codes I need to be aware of: Discrimination I dont want to discriminate the different groups or tribes of people, race of people, religion or gender that will be reading my magazine also I cant discriminate where my readers will be from. Privacy If I am interviewing a police officer or a council I will have to keep there identity and there image private especially if it is something that might anger my target audience.
  10. 10.  My magazine Genre I have chosen is Motoring. Or more specifically Car Modification. I have been Influenced by owning a car myself as a young driver and I have been keen to modify. There are no competitor magazines on the market that is specifically aimed at 17-20 year olds who are keen to modify there cars on a student budget. So I have found it hard to get good inspiration and helpful tips on how to get into the world of modifying.
  11. 11.  My Genre research has helped me come up with various ideas and contacts for when I come to put my magazine together for my final product. I have gained various ideas from looking into other magazines from shoot locations to layout and everything in between. These Magazines are the two market leaders and are most commonly read across my target audience.
  12. 12.  From Competitors I have learned that the motoring magazine genre has a massive demand for advertisements in there magazine almost ¼ of the content in the magazine is taken up by advertising. I have also learned that in the magazines language choice is very informal and it represents the not taking life too seriously quote, there is lots of male humour within the magazine. Style layout and content are all very professional, The Content is in depth and the journalists clearly know what they are talking about when it comes to cars, The style of the magazines are all very unique and they are all very stylish to look at, Layout are all very distinctive they all seem to follow the same theme throughout.
  13. 13. My Magazine Competitors My double page spreads (left) could be improved substantially to make it look as good as the competitors (right). 1. The shots could be improved by using specialist lighting. The shot on the right contain simple photography and locations the lighting really emphasises the car. 2. The font used I think is better in my article as it has more relevance. 3. colour schemes in the professional shoots defiantly are m ore appealing to the eye especially compared to my second article. 4. Layout, the professional double page spreads use the page much better than I do especially in my second spread.
  14. 14.  Audience Feedback, Mock ups Mock up 1 Mock up 2 “The content is really informative it gives good detail on the car; it covers all areas that you would expect to see in a magazine of this genre it also appeals to a reader of our age as it is informal and contains some elements of humour.” “The language used is appropriate it is informal this is the type of thing that the readers want to see especially the genre of people this magazine is aimed at. The text could be improved if less informative detail was used and maybe more humour could be applied.”
  15. 15.  BudgetingFinal costing total: £5888.56Total income from advertising: £10,350Magazine sales at £1.00 per magazine: £3,000This will give my magazine a total of £7,461 profit each month when the magazine is issued.
  16. 16. First Car Rate CardpositionsOutside Back £1100Inside Front £1000Inside Back £1000OptionsVarious alternatives for clients are offered as-well as directadvertisements. For exampleSponsorships are available on our car/show features alsoshop review sectionRatesClassified Column cm rate £15Full ColourDouble Page Spread £1600Full Page £900Half Page £500Quarter Page strip Solo Position £450Quarter Page £350Eighth Page £200Column cm rate £18
  17. 17. The website and the motto for the magazine I have used a specific are printed at the top of colour scheme on the the page, this makes the front cover and contents magazine look that bit page to match the more professional. colour of the main feature car, this continues onto the contents page. Gaps in between each photoThe title is bold and red it stands I think adds a moreout from the gold and black it professional look and addslivens up the page and makes it more space to the page andmore gets all of the cars in that I am featuring.
  18. 18. Layout of the contents page is designed to be easy to digest, the large images on one side with theColour scheme mirrors the page numbers and then listed,colour scheme used on the other page references and afront cover, it adds a bonus section.professional look to themagazine.
  19. 19. This double page I decided to use thespread is covering a top half of the page asfeature car i chose a image I think itthe layout because looks really well withit makes the car the text below andcentre of attention, smaller detailedthe colour scheme images the samethroughout thedouble page spreadwhich I thinks looksprofessional. In the final piece there will be more text and the text will be a smaller font to give a more informative article to the reader.
  20. 20. This is my second flat planThis flat plan is moreinformative so there is not The layout will be the samemuch text and colour going but I will fit more exampleson, with the font in place of cars down the sides andthe page will look much the colour scheme will bebetter. Also the font will be red and white.slightly different it will befrom I will also include prices of the cars new and how much they are at the moment this will really help the readers when it comes to buying there cars.
  21. 21. What I want to achieve from thisproduct? From this Product I want to help and advise people who are thinking about getting into the world of motoring, or more importantly for young people getting into modifying their cars. My USP is that there is no other magazines on the market that specifically aim there products on advising young drivers and especially the young drivers of the modifying world.
  22. 22. Thank you for your timeany questions?

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