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Raleigh SEO Services Overview


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As a Raleigh SEO company we help local businesses connect with their local communities through both traditional and local SEO services which help search engines like Google connect the dots on how your business is related to different searches that users make online.

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Raleigh SEO Services Overview

  1. 1. Raleigh SEO DunnTek 5448 Apex Peakway #370 Apex, NC 27502 (919) 589-2535
  2. 2. DISCLAIMER Nothing herein is intended to tell you how to execute an SEO campaign. This is not a training program or “how to” manual. The only purpose of this presentation is to present high level concepts about Search Engine Optimization. DO NOT TRY THIS YOURSELF – CONTACT A QUALIFIED SEO PROFESSIONAL FOR ASSISTANCE WITH YOUR SEO NEEDS. No warranty or guarantee of any kind is made, nor is this material guaranteed to be current, applicable, or suitable for any particular application. Subject to my terms as posted on my website at
  3. 3. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO helps improve your website’s visibility to search engines like Google by helping them understand how your website is related to the searches that users make online. Different people may give you different definitions, and some people attempt to trick Google by using “black hat” SEO techniques.
  4. 4. SEO 1. On-Site Factors within your website 2. Off-Site Factors around the Internet The real trick to SEO is how you bring all of these things together.
  5. 5. Website H1, H2, H3 Keyword Density Minification Page Speed Mobile Friendly Host Reliability Site Structure Interlinking Image Filenames Alt Tags Rich Content On-Site
  6. 6. Backlinks Anchor Text Topical Relevance Page Authority Trust Flow Rich Content Domain Authority Citation Flow Link Profile Citations Blogs Bookmarks Off-Site
  7. 7. Things to Avoid • Keyword stuffing • Thin, useless content • Spammy backlinks from low quality sources • Buying 30,000 banklinks for $5 - and thinking it’s going to both get you and keep you on Page 1 • Artificial link-building • Rapid changes • Trying to make every tiny little thing super-optimized
  8. 8. Key Tips • Focus on PEOPLE, not search engines • Don’t over-optimize your website • Write in a natural way for human beings to read • Create long-form quality content meant to help real people solve real problems, and include pictures and videos • Keep your keywords and search engines in mind – but don’t obsess • Focus on quality, not quantity • Be patient
  9. 9. Guiding Principle • Create and distribute good quality content while giving yourself proper credit in the process • See SEO as a way of simply helping search engines understand how that content relates to user intent
  10. 10. Where you can get into trouble • SEO is a lot like working on cars • There are a lot of pieces • They need to be put together correctly • Some minor maintenance tasks can be relatively easy • More complex tasks require specialized tools and years of experience • It’s easy to take a wrench, start turning bolts, and take it apart one piece at a time • It’s a different thing to be able to put it all back together so it works
  11. 11. How a Professional Can Help • Reduce chance of getting into trouble • Special tools to perform a competition analysis • Help you pick search terms appropriate to your business goals • Artfully put together on-site and off-site factors for a healthy overall presence that gets results
  12. 12. Thanks, and Good Luck! • If you run a small business in North Carolina, visit me to learn more about how my Raleigh SEO service can benefit your small business!