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Get Going Workshop - Web 2.0 Expo


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How to build and test your web business idea without programming with deeper dives into how to conduct customer interviews and thinking creatively to build early prototypes.

Slides presented during the workshop at Web 2.0 Expo 2011 in San Francisco.

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Get Going Workshop - Web 2.0 Expo

  1. 1. Get Going!Elizabeth YinJennifer Chinco-founders of LaunchBit
  2. 2. In high school, we decided tobecome internet entrepreneurs
  3. 3. We believe in the “Lean Startup”philosophy and execution Eric Reis (nytimes) Steve Blank (nytimes)
  4. 4. Most startups fail because theydon’t find product/market fit Maximize Product/Market Fit Scale Up Profit
  5. 5. Finding product/market fit needsboth offline and online testingOffline Testing Online Testing Customer Landing Early Interviews Pages Prototypes Product/Market Fit
  6. 6. DoingCustomerResearch
  7. 7. Talk to a range of customers… notyour mom! ?
  8. 8. Post an ad on Craigslist to findlocal people willing to help you Cindy Alvarez
  9. 9. Start by asking questions to helpyou understand user behavior What are the most frustrating aspects of ABC? May I ask you why ABC is frustrating?What is the process you gothrough today to do ABC? If you had a magic wand to help you with ABC, what would it do? How much would you expect this magic wand to cost?
  10. 10. In subsequent interviews, presentyour solution for feedback So, you said ZYX of ABC wasfrustrating, what if the product Would you use it? looked like this? Do you have any friendsHow much would you expect whom you think could this to cost, if anything? benefit from this? We’d love to learn from your friend, mind making an intro?
  11. 11. Organize your answers andanecdotes into broad categories
  12. 12. Form teams and prepare customerinterview questions (15 min) 1. Form teams and choose a web idea 2. Write customer interview questions – What is most frustrating about ABC? – May I ask you why ABC is frustrating? – What process do you use to do ABC today? – What would a magic wand for ABC do? – How much would an ABC magic wand cost?HANDS-ON PRACTICE
  13. 13. Don’t be shy! Interview someone ona different team (2 x 10 min) 1. Pair up with someone near you 2. Have one person interview the other for 10 minutes 3. SwitchHANDS-ON PRACTICE
  14. 14. Regroup and analyze what yourgroup has learned (20 min) 1. Determine the scope/magnitude of the pain point 2. Identify the key attributes and differentiation points of your solution 3. Start to imagine your first prototypeHANDS-ON PRACTICE
  15. 15. Break
  16. 16. Case Study:WedConnect
  17. 17. We had an idea to connect onlinebrides to affordable vendors
  18. 18. 3rd party tools can help you test aprototype quickly Website Builders “Behind the Curtain” Marketing Channels
  19. 19. In 5 days, we had numbers toevaluate The Wed Connect Bounce Rates 87% of 68 people 56% of 16 people 21 Signups* Quick math:  Charge wedding vendors $2 / lead * 21 leads = $42  Costs: $0.44 * 68 people = $29.92  Potential profit: $0.58 / person * It doesn’t have to be statistically significant!
  20. 20. Qualitative feedback taught usabout the customerGreat initial numbers but a frustrating business
  21. 21. BuildingYourPrototype
  22. 22. Think creatively in order to buildyour first prototype Image Credit: Hammacher Schlemmer Can you explain your product in 1 sentence?
  23. 23. Aardvark went off to see thewonderful Wizard of Oz
  24. 24. Food on the Table started withreal, live “concierge” service Pencil/Paper Coffee shops
  25. 25. TikTok and LunaTik raised moneyfor iPod nano watches
  26. 26. Yahoo! began as a manuallycurated collection of links
  27. 27. What if you wanted to build anewspaper from social media?
  28. 28. Brainstorm a strategy for buildingyour prototype (20 min) 1. Based on your interviews, what is the 1 key feature? 2. What tools can you use to build it? 3. (Optional) What marketing channels would you pursue?HANDS-ON PRACTICE
  29. 29. Let’s hear some ideas! Share how toexecute your idea (3 min each) 1. In 1-2 sentences, describe your customer’s pain 2. Describe how your idea solves it 3. What tools will you use to build your first prototype?HANDS-ON PRACTICE
  30. 30. LaunchBit helps new entrepreneurslaunch their web businesses Next class starts April 11 10% off with code W2E, expires April 1
  31. 31. Build and test your idea withoutprogramming – Get going! Got questions? Feedback index cards Mailing list: Blog: @launchbit